To go to Canada in hockey

To go to Canada in hockey h1>
Over the past 60 days, never went out.
In this issue:
The veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs took two gold in Vancouver.
The tournament in Nizhny Novgorod will be broadcast on TV.
“Torpedo” – HC MVD. The beginning at 18:55.
HC MVD & ndash; “Spartacus”. The beginning at 14:25.
“Neftekhimik” & ndash; HC MVD. The beginning is at 14:55.
The final match. The beginning at 16:55.
Tyurkin: we went out on the ice to win.
Sagymbayev: the Slovak collection will be devoted to grinding the game.
MHK “Wings of the Soviets” took revenge from the “Russian Knights”
0: 1 & ndash; Kuchin (Tulyakov, Panarin) & ndash; 14:58.
2: 1 & ndash; Grudakov (Mamikanyants, Kuchin) & ndash; 36:04.
2: 2 & ndash; Kartoshkin (Levin) & ndash; 45:44.
2: 3 & ndash; Tulyakov (Panarin, Kuchin) & ndash; 46:07.
3: 3 & ndash; Kuchin (Davydov, Grudakov) & ndash; 49:40 GB.
4: 3 & ndash; Davydov (Tymoshenko) & ndash; 50:51 GB.
5: 3 & ndash; Fedoseev (Golikov) & ndash; 59:40 PT.
Goalkeepers: Sushkov (Saprykin 31: 43-60: 00) & ndash; Serdyukov (00: 00-58: 50, 59: 40-60: 00)
“Gasovik” left three players viewed.
The leadership of the MHL visited St. Petersburg.
A.Popov will continue rehabilitation after a shoulder injury.
Johansson: A. Radulov has no equal in the power struggle.
Ramo: we have a very good line-up.
Toresen is happy with the partners in the link in “Salavat”
On August 10 Minsk “Dynamo” will fly to Switzerland.
Minsk “Dynamo” sent Bashko to the farm club.
“Cupid” beat “Severstal” in Finland.
Neslund intends to continue working in hockey.
Bykov: our conscience is clear.
Backstrom: in Vancouver we will be satisfied only with gold medals.
“Gazprom-OGU” was the last at the memorial of the Slaughterhouse.
2. “Nitra” (+ 2-1 = 0, washers 14-6, 4 points)
3. “Falcon” (+ 2-1 = 0, washers 11-8, 4 points)
4. “Called” (+ 2-1 = 0, washers 9-7, 4 points)
5. “Tychy” (+ 0-3 = 0, washers 4-13, 0 points)
6. “Gazprom-OGU” (+ 0-3 = 0, washers 4-16, 0 points)
Yashin: I really like it in St. Petersburg.
Poggi will sign a contract with “Anaheim”
Heathley refused to come to the children’s hockey camp.
Forward “Chicago” Kane was arrested for attacking a taxi driver.
Ribeiro: I was worried about Crawford’s style of work.
Thoresen: I play hockey in order to win.
The NHL explained why it is against Balsilli.
The NHL intends to eliminate the disagreement of the owners of “Tampa Bay”
“Atlas” will play with “Ak Bars”
Junior national team of Russia defeated the “youth” of Norway.
1: 0 & ndash; Ewell (Holsted, Exnes) & ndash; 10:30.
1: 1 & ndash; Barbashev (Governors) & ndash; 15:49 GM.
1: 2 & ndash; Kulikov (Yakupov, Amirov) & ndash; 28:44 GB.
1: 3 & ndash; Postnikov (Podzinsh, Potekhin) & ndash; 29:17 GB.
1: 4 & ndash; Stepanov (Telegin) & ndash; 30:13 GB.
2: 4 & ndash; Ewell (Savik, Olsen) & ndash; 46:58 GB.
2: 5 & ndash; Grigorenko (Potekhin) & ndash; 47:07.
2: 6 & ndash; Galimov (Postnikov, Kulikov) & ndash; 53:41 GB.
2: 7 & ndash; Kulikov (Isangulov, Postnikov) & ndash; 57:11.
Goalkeepers: Wood & ndash; Suchkov.
Kapanen will not play with Atlant
Nemchinov: there are proposals to exchange Parshin and Shirokov.
Paremuzov: the process is going on, there is nothing more to add.
Kotov: Hudler will play for Dynamo in two weeks.
Komarov: I always wanted to play in Russia.
KHL chooses between “7TV” and “Sport”
Viktor Kozlov: in the team, no indulgence does.
Duchesne: fees “youth” help get into the NHL team.
“Chicago”: we will support Kane.
August 12 “Tractor” will introduce Abid.
The prosecutor’s office will conduct an additional check on Cherepanov.
“Bars” and “Seagull” had two friendly matches.
1: 0 & ndash; Vildanov (Rasulov, Kabakov) & ndash; 11:28.
1: 1 & ndash; Baskakov (Vyakhirev) & ndash; 25:54.
2: 1 & ndash; Sadriev (Fathutdinov) & ndash; 60:46.
Goalkeepers: Popkov & ndash; Korovayev.
1: 1 & ndash; Sadriev (Donets, Arkhipov) & ndash; 13:44.
1: 2 & ndash; Baskakov (Mishchenko, Vyakhirev) & ndash; 37:38 GB.
Goalkeepers: Orlov & ndash; Korovayev.
Shalaev: The NHL believes that Hudler has a contract with them.
Yurzinov-senior: you can not refuse from the MHL!
“Kuznetsk bears” will play with “Shakhtar”
The MHL will open its website on the opening day of the season, on September 4.
“Lada” can sign Hoffmann.
The postponement of Shirokov, Parshin and CSKA ended.
Parshin agreed with CSKA, Shirokov disqualified KHL.
Kovalchuk: Many people will surprise their teeth.
“No, for me it did not become a sensation.” People played enough in the NHL, they proved everything to everyone, I did not communicate with Zubov, but managed to read his interview in Sport Express, where he says that he has there is a debt to Russia.
SKA and Minsk “Dynamo” will play at the tournament in Switzerland.
Sedov & ndash; Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Atlanta”
Paremuzov: this is a Pyrrhic victory for CSKA.
The defender of the junior team of the Czech Republic will train in SKA.
Parshin: I was forced to sign a contract with CSKA.
At the gate of others the most dangerous are “Magnitogorsk” and “Ak Bars”
At the memorial Belosokhov, some matches will be free.
Senkevich did not “settle down” in “Motorist”
Shirokov: either CSKA Moscow, or leave. I preferred to leave.
– Apparently, CSKA did not want to lose us and until the very end hoped that we would sign contracts. And he did everything for this. Here Denis also has signed. And I decided to go overseas. I repeat, I have no offense at CSKA, I understand their position. I just made the decision and I leave, and Denis will continue his career in CSKA.
– Yes. But then I faced a choice – either CSKA, or leave. I preferred to go there, because from the very beginning I said that I do not want to play for CSKA and ask for an exchange. NHL means NHL. NHL – is the best league in the world, as they say, right? I want to try my hand there.
“There is a proposal.” I already have a contract at home. Now the details are being discussed, and in the near future I will sign it.
“Ak Bars” will continue training in Odintsovo.
KHL announced the disqualification Shirokov.
Oleg Petrov: almost two days flying from Montreal to Moscow.
Zubov will give a press conference on August 12.
Nemchinov: no one forced Parshin. This is the time limit.
– Yes, the situation lasted a long time. But, of course, we would like to see both players stay in CSKA.
“No one forced anyone.” There are regulations on which the whole league lives. This is. Here, no one forced anyone. This is the rules of the regulations.
– There were only two options. Those that did not suit us. Not satisfied with one thing: those players who were offered to us.
– First I have to talk to Denis myself, and then we will decide. But, of course, we want to see him in CSKA.
– I first need to talk to Denis about this, and then I can say something.
“Kommersant”: KHL can become a calling card of “7TV”
Tsibulskis will try himself in the “Wings of the Soviets”
The KHL made the first commercial for the 2009/10 season.
Riga “Dynamo” managed to keep the best scorer of the club.
“Auto” was the first to apply for participation in the championship of the MHL.
Poggi: I can not say that I fully revealed in “Toronto”
Resurrection “Phoenix” will not abandon the MHL.
V. Kulemin: win in the US & ndash; the goal for the trip will be fulfilled.
Shalaev: Afinogenov and Zherdev, most likely, will remain in the KHL.
Markin: it’s necessary to check the nature of Cherepanov’s illness.
Crawford: working on TV changed my view of hockey.
“Washington” can exchange defender Morrison.
“Krylya Sovetov” KHK will play with “Riga-2000”
Ivanyuchenko: in Podolsk people love hockey.
“Carolina” sued the rapper.
Baranka will not play at the tournament in Nizhny Novgorod.
Taxi driver: this Kane shouted: “Do you know who I am?”
“Atlant” defeated “Ak Bars” with a score of 7: 1.
2: 0 & ndash; Bulis (Mozyakin, Bremberg) & ndash; 34:17.
4: 1 & ndash; Mozyakin (Bremberg, Bulis) & ndash; 46:55 GB.
6: 1 & ndash; Mozyakin (Bykov, Bulis) & ndash; 50:55 GB.
7: 1 & ndash; Kvasha (Petrov) & ndash; 55:39 GM.
Goalkeepers: Egorov & ndash; Tellquist.
Allison joined the HC MVD.
In late August, another arena will open in Kazakhstan.
The hearing on the case of Kane is scheduled for August 17.
Davidson: we do not want to waste time and money for nothing.
Novak and Strbak will join the HC MVD.
Match Riga “Dynamo” with “Timra” was canceled.
Sarayev: if Shirokov returns, his rights will be with CSKA.
Pozhy exchanged for Anaheim
The open training session of “Salavat” turned out to be extremely sincere for the coaching staff, intensive & ndash; for hockey players, curious and long-awaited & ndash; for g. >>>
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Our NHL special about how important and valuable it is to be friends with people who are friends with Bettman – on the example of “crazy” Balsillie, who, apparently, N. >>>
CSKA striker Denis Parshin – about how he was “wrenched” when signing the contract, as he still wants an exchange from CSKA, and that from neg. >>>
The fact that on Thursday was a complete dead end, which makes one remember Byshovts, today ended in full harmony with Chernomyrdin. And let’s congratulate CSK. >>>

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