To Kaliningrad by car from Moscow how to get there? Do I need a visa?

To Kaliningrad by car from Moscow how to get there? Do I need a visa?
Traveling on your car is interesting and exciting. The plus is that a person is the master of his own time, does not have to adjust to a group and can stay at a certain point for the required time. What is the best way for those who want to get to Kaliningrad by car from Moscow?
Informed & ndash; means, is armed.
In a trip on your own car through foreign countries there is an element of adventure, but if you carefully think everything over, it is minimized. It is enough just to calculate the route, the budget, the time spent for each stage of the road, the actions to be taken during the movement and at the stops, get acquainted with the list of documents and collect the necessary package.
The trip is able to pass without complications and deliver a lot of fun in the process. In order for the Moscow-Kaliningrad trip by car to be successful, it is required to find out in advance the information on the routes to be traveled, intermediate stops and overnight stops. The prudent person will attend to the preliminary drawing up of the plan.
Speed of movement.
Getting to Kaliningrad by car from Moscow is more difficult than moving on the territory of the Russian Federation in the usual way. We have to cross the borders of several countries. Transit through Belarus does not cause special complications, while getting to Lithuania, it is required to produce documents.
To get to Kaliningrad by car from Moscow without a visa, without violating the law, will not succeed. We will have to contact the customs, pay taxes and follow other standard procedures. Only then is the trip considered complete. Counting the time of travel, take into account the bureaucratic subtleties, since they will have to tinker with a little. It is important the number of people in the car.
When this is purely adults, and the aim is to resolve issues of a business nature abroad, it will be possible to drive 1 thousand kilometers per day. It is desirable that at least a few people know how to drive. One can simply not master all the way. Have to stop and spend extra time on vacation.
Also, the slowing down factor is the presence of children in the cabin. In this case, the frequency and duration of overnight stays increase. Going to Kaliningrad by car from Moscow for tourist purposes, usually people pass no more than 450 kilometers for one move because of the large number of walks, hikes for exhibitions, excursions and museums. Much attention is paid to interesting places that are found along the road.
How to reach Kaliningrad from Moscow by car.
From the capital of Russia it is desirable to start on the Minsk highway. When the border is reached, you can accelerate to 120 kilometers per hour. Then take a turn on the M2 road and move in the direction of Vilnius. The journey Moscow-Kaliningrad by car continues along the highway towards Kaunas. It is important not to lose sight of the turn to Warsaw and continue to move to the town of Marijampole. There they turn to the west. Next city & ndash; this is Vilkaviskis, bordering the Kaliningrad region. Only 150 kilometers separate the traveler from the cherished goal.
How to prepare for the trip.
Before you go to Kaliningrad by car from Moscow, it is worthwhile to calculate in advance how many times and where a person is going to spend the night. This will determine the monetary costs of the whole trip.
If the savings are not the goal, and a person has the opportunity to rent a luxury room, everything is much simpler. Someone really can afford it, as well as dinners in posh restaurants. Then the route Moscow-Kaliningrad by car can be overcome carefree, and it will bring a lot of pleasure.
However, by no means all relate to the issue of money so carefree and are forced to think through every step to ensure minimal spending. And there is no need to squander more than necessary, if there are reasonable ways not to do so. Departing from Moscow early in the morning, which can not do everything, for dinner a person passes about 400 km.
Parking facilities.
Drovino is well suited for stopping in 147 kilometers from the capital. Thanks to such places, a trip to Kaliningrad by car from Moscow has great aesthetic and cognitive value. There is an opportunity to admire the source of the Moscow River. Also a good overnight stay is available in Safonovo. You can get there by moving another 307 km along the road. This place is suitable for those who do not go out in the morning.
Larks who want to drive a Kaliningrad car to Moscow are perfectly located in Smolensk. It is an old city with an interesting past, to which from the capital to go 400 km. Attention deserves its history and attractions. After getting to know them and spending the night, the path continues. After that, it is best to stay in Minsk, to which there are 300 km.
The next stop is Vilnius & ndash; another place in which you can expand your erudition and become saturated with vivid impressions. The ancient buildings are combined in an interesting way with modern buildings. There remains only one relocation before the completion of the Moscow-Kaliningrad route. How to get there by car, it becomes very clear, if you pre-calculate all these details.
Many travelers are worried about the documentary side of the issue. Everyone is trying to find a loophole in order to spend less time writing papers by going to Kaliningrad by car from Moscow. Do I need a visa, or can I find workarounds and do without it? Registration is carried out for each traveler. The person is identified through a passport or a child’s birth certificate. Also take a medical insurance policy. It is not advisable to take risks and trust that it will not be needed. Situations happen different, and it is better to be prepared for each of them.
In Lithuania, you will need a foreign passport, because it is a European power, which has to be crossed, following in Kaliningrad. The Moscow car is required in most cases by the Schengen visa, however, if the trip is a single one, they also issue a transit one, which is cheaper. The car is insured with the so-called “Green Card”.
When crossing the Belarusian border, the transit fee is paid, and a declaration is filled in at the customs office. These are mandatory conditions, without which a person simply will not be allowed to enter the country. Some goods can not be carried. So before leaving, it is advisable to find out their list, in order not to take them with you. It will be inconvenient, if they will be in the suitcase while checking.
List of necessary papers.
Pre-reinsurance & ndash; a pledge of a successful journey. Then the trip will be calm and cloudless. Thus, the main required documents are:
Passport or birth certificate for each person; medical insurance policy; international passport; Schengen or transit visa; & laquo; Green card & raquo; on the car; a receipt for payment of a transit move within Belarus.
Having these documents, the traveler will not encounter any problems and will calmly reach the destination.
What to do on the road?
Fans of private trips are familiar with the fact that most of the way has to be in anticipation of its end. However, there are ways to make this time pleasant and fruitful, to pass off rationally.
Adult passengers usually devote themselves to reading books, listening to music and audio recordings. Fortunately we live in that high-tech century, when laptops, tablets, netbooks come to the aid, with the help of which a large number of episodes of the favorite series are overcome. They recharge them in places of accommodation: hotels and hotels.
But so a person risks losing the romantic component that the road gives. This method is suitable for those who do not treat the event as an adventure, but perceive it as an inevitable necessity.
How to make the trip enjoyable.
Tourists still want to get maximum impressions and vivid emotions, which is quite real, given the beauty of the countries for which they will have to drive. So the film can be seen at home, and this is not a ritual for everyone.
The best option is an audiobook that allows you to look through the window and simultaneously perceive information. Women often do needlework in the way. Long trip in the car & ndash; The event, during which everyone should be comfortable. Relatives often get bored with each other in everyday life. Now you and your family will have to be in a closed space and not quarrel somewhere along the road.
If there are children in the salon, the task becomes more complicated at times. They can be hard to calm. And it’s good if the child has a calm character. Not everyone can stay in one place for a long time. It’s good to play games in the style of & laquo; Words & raquo ;. They are distracting and suitable for all members of the company, since they do not require inventory and movement.
Importance of communication.
Also a trip & ndash; this is a great time to share interesting stories or read them out loud, rather than apart, with subsequent discussion. If in everyday life everyone runs around their business, not having time for a simple heart-to-heart talk, the right moment has come.
Maneuvering in the modern urban pace, we forget about the charm of live communication. Thinking about what is to be done in Kaliningrad, many people forget that it would be nice to get there first. So the thought of the travel program & ndash; an extremely important task. Kids can be entertained by the designer & la Lego & raquo; or by other games.
Stock up on provisions.
Given that you want to get there as soon as possible, you should stock up on food suitable for snacks, so as not to stop every time someone experiences hunger. Many people, following advice on healthy eating, eat every three hours.
In order not to lose control of the regime, it is better to take with them cookies, waffles, bananas, sandwiches, water and tea in a thermos. Those who are particularly picky in food can take a hearty salad or meat in a plastic sink. With the right organization, the road from boring to necessity turns into a family adventure, when relatives become closer than ever, discussing common memories and anticipating their future pastime in Kaliningrad.
Correct calculation of the route helps to overcome the planned distance with the least inconvenience and waste, typing along bright impressions and pleasant experiences.

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