To whom in Iceland live well.

To whom in Iceland live well.
Iceland is an amazing country, attracting tourists with its unusual and mysterious. Only in her freedom of views neighbors with conservatism, sheep more than people, and the son of a hairdresser can become president. The experience of traveling around Iceland and its features is shared by the writer Eugene Melnik.
Iceland is one of the most mysterious places on earth. This is the place where elven rights are legalized in the constitution, and postmen and police play football better than guys who can squander 250,000 euros for champagne overnight.
Perhaps now you will want to learn more about the Land of Ice and Fire, or maybe even begin to postpone your salary in order to someday go to this mysterious island. And there will be a lot to postpone, as the prices in the country of sheep and dead ends are among the highest in Europe.
Products and prices.
Iceland is known for its high prices for food. A liter of milk here costs a little less than a euro, a kilo of potatoes – 1 euro, bread – 2 euros. At the same time, meat prices are fantastic. For example, one kilogram of pork is sold for 14 euros, chicken – for 17 euros. But this is not the worst thing.
If you want to boo with some blond lady in a restaurant, you should take a loan, because for a dinner of three dishes you can easily lay out more than a hundred euros! But there is an alternative – go to local fast food and eat for “some” 15-20 euros.
But the souls, exhausted by narzan, it is better to stay at home. Icelanders are known for their ability to get drunk. In this morning, as if nothing had happened to go to work. But your head may begin to ache after you become familiar with the cost of the “fiery water” in Iceland.
A bottle of ordinary wine will have to pay around 15-18 euros, beer – 2-4 euros. The stronger the drink, the more expensive it is. So a bottle of mutter can cost more than a bottle of good, but easy French wine.
When simplicity is better than stealing.
Vegetables in Iceland are also very expensive, as they grow in greenhouses. Vegetable stalls are just on the street, only they do not have sellers. On the plates are written prices, and next to it there are scales and boxes for money. Yes, yes, people themselves come, weigh, put money in the box, take change and go further. It’s not easy to believe in this, so it’s better to go to Iceland and see for yourself.
The doors in the houses here are also not locked, but this is not the most unusual. It is interesting that a completely unfamiliar person can go into a lonely house lost in the mountains, and he immediately gets drunk, fed and sleep will be put. At the same time, if you are a prominent man, and there is only one defenseless woman in the house, the alignment and attitude will not change – it is checked on your own experience.
Freedom of view.
The freedom of thinking about certain taboo topics in Iceland is legendary.
For example, it is well known that one of the prime ministers of Iceland, Johanna Sigurdardottir, was known as the first person in history to steer the government in the status of an open bisexual. Such a free attitude to the orientation is not surprising, because it is absorbed with the mother’s milk.
How? There are many geothermal sources in the country, which are visited not only by tourists, but also by local residents. Take a shower before visiting them is necessary.
There are showers in Iceland, although they are located in public places, most of them do not have doors and walls. And the fact that Icelanders usually ask the name of a partner only after sex, and even then it is not always known, probably, to many.
A nation of multiplatforms.
In Russia, the concept of a “multinational” is usually associated with a life-tortured person who turns on several jobs for the sake of the family’s food. Strangely enough, Icelanders also have something similar.
Here, people do not order themselves designers and do repairs themselves. Every second Icelander considers himself a great artist, a creative person. For this reason, many things that include sometimes sewing clothes, selecting furniture, arranging a home, they do solely with their own hands.
But this is not all. In Iceland, a comedian musician can become an outstanding politician, the son of a hairdresser – the president, and the general director of the bank – a fisherman. Famous for the whole world commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson is not even a professional commentator, since the main place of his work was the football club “Reykjavik”, where he served as assistant coach.
And the son of a hairdresser, President Oualavri Grimsson, has been in office for 20 years. At the end of the fourth term, he wanted to resign, but citizens did not let him.
Iceland and its music.
Music in Iceland is not only self-sufficient, but also influential in the context of world culture.
In 1997, the iconic Sigur Ros formed here. Their music is called “magic”, “heavenly”, “divine.” They play a mix of ambient, post-rock and minimalism. The band’s leader Jonesi Birgisson is known for his unearthly falsetto, as well as for being an open homosexual and playing the electric guitar with a bow. At the same time, of all the participants, he alone has a corresponding education.
Icelandic compositions are often used as soundtracks. If you are told something about the names of the films Vanilla Sky, Immortals: War of the Worlds, Penelope, Slumdog Millionaire, it’s time to listen to the track Hoppipolla.
Iceland is a country of amazing proportions.
Gary Lineker (the legendary English footballer) admired the fact that Iceland has more volcanoes than professional football players.
There are actually more volcanoes – 126 against 120. There really is a lot more “than people”, so it’s not surprising that people master many different professions. For example, sheep are larger than homo sapiens, 420,000 vs. 332,500.
But even more in Iceland are charming birds of dead ends, which are as many as 4 million!
On the other hand, there are absolutely no ants on the island, and scientists do not know why.
On conservatism.
If you look from the outside, Iceland can seem an extremely liberal country. Doors in houses here do not close. As a welcome guest, take any person from the street. There is no army in the country, almost the police. The products are on the street without any sellers. Naked man in a public place is a familiar phenomenon, and sexual orientation does not have conservative social markings. But in fact, Iceland is one of the most conservative countries in the world.
Get a residence permit here is extremely difficult. Moreover, Icelanders are so meticulous that they even have a special language commission. For what? If a foreign word is introduced into the language, the commission is engaged in creating a local equivalent for it. For this reason the Icelandic language is almost the only one, which almost does not have archaic forms, words with an emasculated meaning and other relic phenomena.
In what language did the Skalds of the Eldest Edda write 1,000 years ago, this is also read in the same way now. Iceland is very zealous for everything national, here everything is literally shrouded in tradition. In each encyclopedia it is written that the local parliament (Althing) is considered the oldest in Europe – it is 1,000 years old. And the Icelanders wanted to join the EU, but changed their minds.
In general, if you decide to splash in the geysers, and admire the northern lights – stuff your suitcases with Icelandic crowns and go on a trip! However, in this country it is better to use credit cards, since it is not accepted to pay cash here.
Interested in how waiters live and other attendants without tips? Yes, they live well! Leave a tip in Iceland is considered an insult.
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