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Devil’s Islands.
Bermuda through the eyes of a traveler.
Bermuda has attracted us for a long time. But since they are the overseas territory of Great Britain, Russian citizens needed a visa. It was not easy to get it, because the passports sent to Bermuda for a whole month. So Bermuda remained for us until now a dream.
And in September 2012, the media are full of reports that the visa to Bermuda is no longer needed. We start to check everything, and it turns out that visa-free entry is possible for citizens of Russia, India and China with a visa from the US, Canada or the UK. We just had a US visa, so we were delighted: finally we will get to these mysterious islands. We flew to Bermuda from Buffalo via New York, with a 2.5-hour dock, United Airlines. And flying back from Delta Air Lines to New York.
By the way, the plane flies to Bermuda, not crossing the boundaries of the so-called Bermuda Triangle. Let me remind you that this is an area in the Atlantic Ocean, in which allegedly mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft. The area is bounded by imaginary lines from Miami (Florida) to Bermuda, then to Puerto Rico and again to Florida via the Bahamas.
Passport control passed quickly, there were no questions about visas.
Bermuda & mdash; a group of coral islands in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean. They were discovered in the beginning of the XVI century by the Spanish navigator Xuan Bermudez and called them the islands of the devil because of difficult navigational conditions.
Today, Bermuda is a self-governing overseas territory of Great Britain.
Despite the large number of islands, the population of the archipelago is only about 60 thousand people, and the total length of roads in Bermuda & mdash; 30 km.
Currency & mdash; Bermudian dollar. The 25-cent coin depicts a phaeton. This bird was almost destroyed by egg collectors, but after the organization of protection, the number of phaetons recovered, and now they again nest in the islands on many islands. When we walked along the rocks, the phaetons circled above our heads: apparently there were nests there, and the birds protected them.
Houses and fences in Bermuda are built mostly of sandstone. The walls are bright, colorful, and the roofs are white and stepped. Such roofs are made in order to collect water and filter it: dirt stays on the steps.
In Bermuda they say: if you come into the house with a dirty roof, do not ask for water to drink. When we drove around the island, people on the roofs of the houses were constantly seen cleaning them. Drains are set in such a way that vertical pipes fill the concrete basements with rainwater. In such tanks, water is kept cold, as in wells. Each owner is personally responsible for collecting water, and if it still does not last until the next rainy season, you need to pay money for water to the government.
The walls of the houses according to the local GOST must withstand winds up to 160 km / h, so they are quite thick here, and the shutters on the windows open from the bottom. Almost all houses have fireplaces, because in winter it is cool.
In general, the climate of Bermuda is soft thanks to the Gulf Stream. During the year, there are sometimes tropical rains and downpours, but the sunny weather prevails. The usual temperature is 20 � -23 � C & mdash; very comfortable.
Rest is best from April to October. But until June, the water in the ocean is not very warm, because it does not have time to warm up. During our stay, from 1 to 10 May, the water was initially 21.3 � C, and then 23.8 � C at the maximum & mdash; for us, it’s cool enough.
The hotel was booked for five months. The choice was small, and the prices are not very low. I wanted, of course, that the hotel stood on the beach and the beach was good. We chose for a long time, but in the end we did not lose out by reserving a room in the Pompano Beach Club. This family-run hotel is located in Southampton County and dates back to 1956. He is already in possession of the third generation of the Lamb family. Here you can feel the home, family atmosphere, friendly attitude of the staff.
Pompano Beach Club is on a hill, rooms in two-story houses, neighbors can never be seen and heard. Nearby there is a large golf course. Free Wi-Fi is available in the rooms and throughout the hotel.
The ocean is very beautiful! The water is clear, with a blue tinge. During our stay, the whole week was full of calm, and even from the balcony of our room we could watch the fish swimming in the water: they were clearly visible, especially the parrots, since they are very bright. Then the wind changed, and waves appeared, but very tiny. On the water you can stroll to the left along the beach: there rock formations, small coves & mdash; in general, the beauty!
When we decided to explore the archipelago, we learned that Bermuda banned car rental. There are many reasons for this: the density of transport in Bermuda for 1 sq. Km. km is one of the highest in the world, frequent traffic jams, with parking problems, left-hand traffic. You can rent a scooter, driver’s license for this is not required, but you must be over 16 years old. A helmet, a lock, a full fuel tank and a luggage basket are included in the rental price. Using a hat & mdash; certainly.
You can get to various places in Bermuda by taxi and buses, ferries go. Taxi cost & mdash; $ 4 for the first mile (1.6 km) plus $ 1.4 for every next mile.
Buses run on 11 routes. They are easy to recognize by pink or blue colors, they are all equipped with air conditioning and go, as a rule, from 7.00 to 23.00. Tickets can be purchased from the driver or purchased at some stores. Buses stop on request and do not take passengers with large luggage.
Pink or blue bars, which stand back to the stops, indicate where the bus is going. Pink & mdash; bus stop in Hamilton, blue & mdash; for buses from Hamilton.
We examined the island in a taxi two times, going first to one side, then to the other, so as not to hasten to consider all the sights and beauties.
First we decided to look at the oldest iron lighthouse in Bermuda & mdash; Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.
In fact, there are two beacons on Bermuda. One can be seen when approaching the airport from an airplane. Just on it they shot an episode from the film “The Abyss” in 1977. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is unique in that it is made of cast iron and is twisted with bolts from separate sheets. There are very few lighthouses in the world! Its height is 177 feet. On the territory there is a parking lot, a cafe, a souvenir shop. You can climb to the very top for $ 2.
A total of 185 steps, and you’re upstairs! It is from here that the amazing panoramic view of the Bermuda coast opens. In the photo & mdash; A view of the western extremity of the archipelago, Dokyard. There is a cruise ship station and the largest fortress in Bermuda. And in that direction the poorest citizens live, but you can not tell from their homes.
The southern part of the island, where the most beautiful beaches.
We go further. Pay attention to the road: there are only two lanes of the roadway, and there is no sidewalk. Pedestrians you almost do not see, because in Bermuda it’s customary to go, not walk.
We arrived in the city of St. George. This is one of the first English settlements in the New World. The city and surrounding fortifications are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Until 1814 it was the colonial capital of Bermuda.
The symbol of the city is the dragon. St. George retained its original appearance, and many historic buildings are still used the same way as 200 – 300 years ago. Royal Square & mdash; city center. It was built 200 years ago.
The city has an unfinished church. Its erection began in 1874 and ended in 1894, when the city council decided to restore the church of St. Peter.
Fort of St. Catherine & mdash; the first building in Bermuda. Since 2000, the building is a museum.
But the world’s smallest functioning drawbridge & mdash; the Somerset bridge. It was built in 1620, and in the middle of the 20th century it was reconstructed. Initially, the construction was bred manually, now & mdash; mechanically.
And here (well, that is not on the beach), we saw a jellyfish Portuguese boat. They write that just from May to September, these handsome men periodically appear on the beaches of Bermuda.
Next, we were waiting for an excursion to the Crystal Cave. It was opened more than 100 years ago by two 12-year-olds who went down into the crevice in search of a cricket ball. The cave is located at a depth of 36 m below the surface of the earth.
It is believed that the cave formed during the glacial periods, when the sea level was lower by 100-130 m. Rainwater seeped through the soil, and a formed underground stream with high acidity dissolved limestone. As a result of this process, voids appeared in the rocks. When the water level in the seas rose, these voids filled with sea water. Now there is an underground lake through which a pontoon bridge is laid. The water is crystal clear. And next to it there is another cave connected to the first one, it’s called Fantasy.
After the caves we headed to the capital of Bermuda & mdash; Hamilton. The city got its name in honor of Sir Henry Hamilton, the governor of the islands from 1788 to 1794, during whose reign the city was built.
One of the most interesting forts in Bermuda is Scher Hill, located on the west of the island. The fort with underground tunnels and a huge moat began to be built by British engineers in 1860. During the Second World War, American soldiers were stationed here.
There is still a weatherstone. If it’s wet, it’s raining, dry & mdash; sunny weather.
From here very beautiful views are opened.
The Royal Naval Shipyard is located in the western part, on a small island connected with the rest of the islands by a series of bridges.
Here you can see the largest fort of Bermuda, built of huge blocks of limestone in 1809 – 1863 years. Now it houses the Bermuda Maritime Museum and the Arts Center, shops, a cinema and a craft market.
A little to the south of the fort there is a port that accepts cruise liners. Here the locomotive is running, which carries people from the cruise terminal to the Clock Tower, a snorkeling park, and stops near the shops.
Well, actually, and we traveled the whole island. For myself, I realized that Bermuda & mdash; it is not only an abnormal zone where planes and ships have disappeared. This island with a long history, beautiful climate, beautiful nature, amazing colors of the ocean, coral reefs and flooded treasures! Mysterious Bermuda has not left us indifferent, and we will definitely return here.

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