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Model market: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
I already wrote a short article about Dubai. But recently stumbled upon the stupidest questions and answers about modeling in Dubai, and whether or not it is worth going to work there as a model. It was extremely inspired me to shout once more in all ears that the 21st century and burn your stereotypes!
People travel, build a business, exchange experiences and services, huge amounts of money go, and this is where the UAE is taking part, and not the smallest! Plus to all Dubai is a tourist city!
Dubai is a city where natives are only 10%, all other visitors. Models go to Dubai, do what? – Work! And there are only newcomers working there, so you will rarely encounter local ones. Work mainly Europeans and Americans, they have a lot of privileges in this country, but I will not write about it, quite another topic of the conversation. There are also a lot of Hindus and Filipinos, mostly they occupy low posts. // This I generalize for if I go into details, then the article will not be about modeling. / Similarly, they come to work in Dubai and models. Therefore, hence the logical conclusion – the models encountered with local Arabs are extremely rare.
In Dubai, a lot of events are held. Arabs are very fond of gawking and buying, so everything is for them. That is, we should not be surprised that we will have to work hard on all kinds of promotions and events, stand and smile beautifully! (That models do not like scary). And ATTENTION, you will never be forced to look vulgar or wear too open clothes! It’s against the law! But there is a chance to get on the cool Fashion Show, and work on eminent brands. A lot of exhibitions of cars, yachts, other vehicles, because Arabs are just crazy about them! For one exhibition day on the car show model can earn 2000 dirhams (= 500USD). It is also possible to make magazines and remove excellent look books, the cost for the work done, too, varies from 1500-10,000 dirhams. In Dubai, modeling, like everywhere else – a lottery, so someone as lucky. You can take several thousand dollars for 1-2 months, and you can leave absolutely nothing.
Dubai is a tourist city, therefore in the subway, on the streets of Marina, Downtown, JBR, restaurants, clubs, lounges, malls and so on. you will see people in shorts, T-shirts, sleeveless dresses, semi-transparent dresses, girls without bras and other things to an unusual Arab country! But it is better not to be influenced and take an example from such people. I will separate clothes for trips to castings and for independent walks:
& # 8212; the casting should be dressed presentably, as well as all the castings of the world, but do not forget that you are in the Arab country. Shorts in a ban, short skirts are the same, an open neckline is the same story. Get used to the fact that you always need to take some kind of cloak with you if the dress opens your shoulders (it still saves you from cold conditioning in the rooms). If you wear a skirt, it can open your knees, but only your knees! Skinny Jeans are also welcome. Also, beech and heels are always with you.
& # 8212; But going out on their own needs another question. Where are you going? In the mall-shirt with closed shoulders and NO shorts, there are too many Arabs and this confuses them. In the restaurant, club, lounge – YO is your choice, whatever you want. More precisely, how do you want to be perceived ;-). Going to the beach, the pool is your will, but there are strict rules that you can not go anywhere outside the beach in a swimsuit. For nudism, obscene behavior – welcome to the police station!
The contracts that sign the models to this day have become the same as the majority in the European and Asian countries. That is, contracts for 1-2 months, where the agency buys a ticket, makes a visa, takes care of accommodation, gives pocket money in the amount of 200 dirhams (= 55-60USD) per week. The model also goes to castings, gets a job and works. The percentage ratio is standard 50% -40% -10%, most of it goes to models. It is necessary to take for granted that the agency is taken to keep your passport for the entire duration of the contract. This is a normal procedure in Dubai in all organizations, even in large corporations. The main thing is to get a signed receipt from the agency that in case of loss of passport or other damages, they bear the financial responsibility for its restoration. This is also in the order of things!
In general, you can understand that frankness is not welcome in the UAE, but if you are a decent and cultured model that respects other people’s rules and religion, then it will be easy for you. And no one will ever think badly of you. It is necessary to prove to all nationalities that Ukrainian and Russian girls are not easy prey and not avid for money, but if in your understanding it is not bad, then this is the choice that everyone has the right to.

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