Ukrainians can work without a visa, not only in Poland.

Ukrainians can work without a visa, not only in Poland.
Earlier we already wrote that Ukrainians, simultaneously with the introduction of a visa-free regime in June 2017, were not only able to travel freely, but also to work legally without a work visa. However, not all EU countries have granted such a right to citizens of Ukraine.
Work for Ukrainians on visa-free travel in Poland and Hungary.
In general, it should be noted that initially only Poland (and even then with some restrictions) was allowed to operate in its territory under visa-free conditions at the borders of the krains. From this moment, for legal employment for up to 90 days in the first half of the year, Ukrainians are not required to obtain a work visa, and may work with a biometric passport and an official invitation from the employer.
Recently, Hungary joined Hungary. Leading Hungarian media are actively writing about innovations in the labor legislation of Hungary with reference to the official response of the Ministry of Economy of Hungary. What is most interesting, initially visa-free regime did not presuppose the possibility of employment, but the government of Poland and Hungary just corrected their laws in order to attract cheaper labor.
It should be noted that the simplified procedure for employment in Hungary for citizens of Ukraine and Serbia has been effective since 2016. Those. a citizen of Ukraine could enter the country on a tourist visa, receive an invitation from the employer and legally work in the country. Now the procedure is simplified in the absence of the need to obtain a tourist visa, a biometric passport is enough. The process of issuing a working invitation in Hungary takes no more than 1 day.
The main reason for the changes in the Labor Legislation of Hungary and Poland is & # 8212; The government’s attempt to solve the global problem with a shortage of personnel in the labor market. Like Poland, Hungary today is experiencing an acute “staff hunger” in the spheres of construction, production, IT area. Enterprises of these countries are waiting for seamstresses, electricians, welders, carpenters, builders and engineers.
Interest in employees from Ukraine is confirmed by real numbers & # 8212; only over the past year, Hungary has issued more than 6,000 work permits for Ukrainian citizens.
Where to go to work in Poland or Hungary? Residents of the Transcarpathian region prefer Hungary, on the basis of territorial proximity, but judging from the level of salaries, Poland offers more favorable conditions and wages in Poland are often higher by 25-40% compared to similar proposals in Hungary.
For those who plan to go to Europe to work, but have not yet decided on the direction, it’s worth reading our material & # 8212; is it worth it for Ukrainians to go to work in Poland?
If you have any questions about employment, legalization in the country or job search & # 8212; leave comments in the comments or contact the phones listed on the site.
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