Ukrainians in Bulgaria.

Ukrainians in Bulgaria.
Ukrainians are buying real estate in Bulgaria.
The other day the first channel showed a story about the fact that Ukrainians buy real estate in Bulgaria and even get a job here.
I do not even want to talk about work. Well, there is no such thing in Bulgaria: yesterday I arrived, and today I got a job. Unless you are an expat. But expats, as a rule, do not buy themselves a real estate in the country where they work – they are provided by employers or paid for by hiring. These people are coming here to work, and not to live. And those in the story – to live.
It’s already tired to repeat that it’s not here (work) – it’s time that you can not work for emigrants – these are two, but why read here and that salaries are low – I can not believe that the salary of a chef in a restaurant is lower in Kiev than in Burgas. By the way in Burgas it is on average 400 euros. And the characters of the plot, they say, moved to Bulgaria for a quiet life and work, because in Ukraine it does not exist. So in Bulgaria it’s the same. Only without war will you forgive us.
I even feel sorry for these people, who were shown in the plot. This is either wickedness or the light of illegal immigrants. Well, maybe this is one in a thousand, to whom the employer has made a permit, well, then I take off my hat before such luck and luck and I will immediately say that this does not concern the majority in any way.
And, in general, I’m not here about the job I wanted to say, but about nedvizhku.
It is necessary to know that the buyer and the requester are completely different things: everyone is interested, but they are buying units, so, most likely, we need to clarify here that Ukrainians are more interested in buying real estate in Bulgaria than all the others. But not more than all buy. Especially at the moment.
Of course, if you take the number of requests from October 2012 to October 2014, the interest of Ukrainians in Bulgarian real estate is gradually increasing.
However, it is only 10% of the total, and not the majority as stated in the story.
In general, interest in Bulgarian real estate by Russian-speaking buyers is noticeably decreasing. It is a fact.
This is confirmed not only by the statistics of Yandex, but also by the total number of transactions this year in relation to previous years. With each year, sales are getting smaller, rent is higher, the value of transactions is decreasing. (I judge by the number of transactions of familiar agencies and developers) This is due not only to satiety in Bulgaria, but also to the general economic situation – bad, so to say, and unpromising. People who are rich in the fall of the ruble (and there are others) are unlikely to invest their profits in Bulgarian real estate. And this is clearly not the Ukrainians who are forced to flee from the horrors of war and poverty from their country.
Also I want to remind about favorite realtor tales about what is now “more than yesterday” and their other mantras, regardless of the present state of affairs. At all times at the beginning of the season everyone is shouting that everything is gone, and at the end of the season they are shouting again that everything is somehow special. In fact, in neither case, there is no truth – this is business.
And if one of the realtors this year had 10 sales and 8 of them to the Ukrainians, then it is more the consequences of the fact that he himself is Ukrainian. In this sphere, the country is very developed in Bulgaria. Earlier, says a realtor from Izmail, and now from Bulgaria, so many Ukrainians were not here. And you? And when is it before?
Personally, I can say that when I was my realtor (five years ago), Ukrainians were no less than all the rest. There were few Russians! I still liked to joke that of all the Russian-speaking emigrants in Sofia, I’m one Russian – the rest are Ukrainians, Belarusians, Jews, Armenians, Kazakhs, etc.. And about the coast, I, in general, keep quiet – there is a solid ghee and sho on beaches and shops in the summer. And there are still Ukrainians without ghe and sho – from Moscow, but the emphasis still betrays.
Therefore, without exact figures from official sources, it can not be asserted that “Ukrainians are buying real estate in Bulgaria,” and even in overwhelming numbers.
The characters of the plot served as an information guide for a lengthy story, about how everything is everywhere vague, but “in Ukraine is even worse.”

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