Unprotected moving. Accident in Ukraine. Train on fire.

Unprotected moving. Accident in Ukraine. Train on fire.
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Date of the story: 16.10.2010 “Unprotected moving. Accident in Ukraine. “” Train on fire. “Almost every day in Russia there are accidents at railway crossings! And behind these figures – a dangerous carelessness, paid for by human lives! Is it possible to escape if the car in which you are driving stalls on the rails? And what to do when you are rushing at you! – Tested on myself.
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“Binzabaaak, got dark, mothers! oh, zhistyanka, napalam tore up! ”
Dibilizm, if the actor became the presenter, this is the end of the actor’s career.
With his young wife.
Colonel Vasin called his regiment.
And he said to them: Let’s go home.
We’ve been fighting for seventy years,
We were taught that life is a fight,
But according to new intelligence data.
We fought with ourselves.
They drink and eat our death,
Their children go crazy because,
that they have nothing more to want.
And the earth lies in rust,
Churches mixed with ash.
And if we want it to be where to go,
Time to go home.
Turn on the gear and on the starter a couple of meters try to drive.
1. No one and anywhere should be sent to meet the train. Close the rails to each other with a metal rod, a wire for charging the battery or a simple crowbar. In this case, a red signal will flash in the driver’s cab of an approaching train (from any direction) – an emergency braking of the train.
Remember, the DC voltage between the rails is 110 V. The braking distance of a passenger train at a speed of 100 km / h is 800-1000 meters. The cargo is 1500-2500 meters.
Nobody will ever have time to run across the train to meet the train, especially in the winter.

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