USA 110: the first difficulties of the emigrant in a new place.

USA 110: the first difficulties of the emigrant in a new place.
A story about the difficulties faced by most emigrants in the first months of life in the United States.
Today is January 8, 2013. I go to work and we’ll talk on the way, what difficulties there are, in this case it was about the students of our school, what difficulties they had in the first weeks. And then you’ll see the video like we meet them at the airport, or they are the first couple of days in the country and they have such enthusiasm: birds sing, the sun shines, the air is clean.
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What difficulties do people have? I think this is a difficult question, in fact, because everything is individual. The fact that one person will cry from what difficulties he has, and tell horrible stories about what he overcame in his life, another will say: “I would have such problems.” I remember when I came to the United States 22 years ago, I had a friend, he lived in the US for 10 years …
Come on, I’ll start a little further. I studied at the Institute of Communications in Moscow. And in Moscow those years there were tacit restrictions on the livelihoods of the Jewish population, in particular, there were restrictions on admission to universities. In Moscow, where it did not go, there were still universities where you could go. We had a lot of people from Ukraine, who simply had nowhere to go. My wife is from Kiev, so they have all the class left somewhere, but not the point. I studied at the Institute of Communications, I was there, in fact, because there was nowhere to go. The positive side of this was then that the whole institute had parted, and we were all here. There were people who left immediately, even before the beginning of the Afghan war. I just graduated from the institute in 78, and in 79 I entered the army in Afghanistan. There were people who stayed for a couple of years. They just brought in troops to Afghanistan, further it is not clear what was happening, the exit that went before this powerful stream of 50 thousand a year, here’s how now, the lottery from around the world, suspended, and people moved: like and no refusal, and no positive solution . Among the guys who finished the institute with me, there were a few people who got into this wave. And this wave left at a time when President Reagan came, that is, elections were held. Elections were at the end of the 80th year in November, in January he took up his post, and the Soviet Union, as if in goodwill, released several thousand people. And there were a few guys who studied with me at the institute.
And so I came here, and they have been here 10 years. Imagine what happens to people in 10 years? They have already taken place such. And one complained to me, says: “You know, I’ve been trying to get a license for driving a plane for a year now.” And then he has a problem, and there he has a problem. Private small here is (the plane), people are addicted to some. And I listened to him, I thought “you must, people can not buy milk for children.” I give it as an example. The person says: “What problems did you have here and there?”. One says – the problem, and the other – I did not even understand what the speech is about, where the problem is, what is the problem.
Indeed, there are some common things. I will try to focus on them. Although we understand that the problems depend more on people than on external circumstances.
The first problem is that people do not speak the language. Very often this is due even to the fact that he thinks he owns (he watched movies and read books), and he has a full feeling that he does not feel bad, and suddenly he comes and understands that he does not understand anything. It is very quickly overcome if it is really more or less grounded. We need to get used to this new situation, it will pass quickly. In general, this language shock is very strong.
In addition, the very first problems are problems when you do not know where and what to buy. I remember, for example, we came, we go – a huge supermarket. Simply huge! There and then, and this, and the tenth, but we need a pot of green peas. We looked for half an hour this jar of green peas. In San Francisco, it was the case, and there the woman comes with a cart, and she has this bank. My wife says: “That’s it, that’s what I want.” “. And suddenly the woman turns around and in Russian she says: “Ah, there, below, on the bottom shelf, you will see.” Such things. You do not know where to buy a knife for opening a can, you do not know how to ask, you have no one to ask.
There is such a typical problem: you are going to some people, they are ready to meet you, and there is a very big dissonance between what you expect from these people and what they think is enough for you. That is, very often people go somewhere, and they have a full feeling that someone will take care of them, that someone will provide them, that they are completely covered. I do not even know what to compare with. Dairy rivers, kiselnye shore. And the people who live here and work every day say: “Well done, I’ve come. Here you live, here you have it … “. And let’s go. Everyone is busy. And the person says: “How. “. Especially it was: when people began to allow guest trips about 15-18 years ago, people come, they are engaged in (they have not seen each other for a long time, you know), then they say: “God, America! Everyone throws, they come, they are told: “Well, well done,” and went to work. And they thought that they would come and they would continue to entertain them, like after 10 years, when for a week came on vacation. The phrase “Do not confuse tourism with emigration” from these stories occurs. It was so common, typical. People were offended that they do not do much, somebody should be there and so on.
A significant part of the problems is due to the fact that people are not ready to solve problems independently. They find all the reasons why they can not, should not or something. Of course, there are the closest and most understandable problems for a beginner. For example, you need to make a phone call, and talking on the phone is much more difficult than just. Guys, you are going to the country, you know that it is English-speaking, after all, you will learn English something. And if, say, just scary, but nothing, cross fear. We are all so: scary, but you do. Why do you do it? But because there is nowhere to go.
There is a problem for people who come with money in their pockets. I do not mean a million, but thousands of 30-40-50. They have a feeling that they have money, and they can afford it, and this, and this, to make it comfortable. It’s not bad, no one says that you need to sleep on the wooden floor and nails still get stuck, but the focus should be to earn, get on self-sufficiency, as soon as possible. Instead, people have some fetishes.
There was such a story. A guy from the institute of communication (we are there a lot) comes, there he was some kind of gesheftmaker, some kind of business did not quite legal, it does not matter. He comes, settles at a friend who has been here for 10 years, looks at his house. And the friend’s wife is an engineer, they, in fact, bought the house one year after their arrival. They had two engineering salaries, and in general it’s normal. And the house is pretty, normal, and now he looks at it and says: “After how much did you buy this house?”. They: “In a year.” He: “So, I must buy in six months!”. And he does not understand that an engineer at home is much easier to earn than a person who wants to do business.
A lot of disorientation is in what you want to do. I will bring this story. I have a very close person, a relative, a mathematician, and when he came here, I actually arranged for him. It was many, many years ago, sometime in 1994-95. I met by chance with a big boss from NASO. He was a Baptist and dragged me to a Baptist gathering. They were there in the church with a guitar dolbali rock, it all ended on the beach. We somehow became friends, and when my brother was driving I told him: “I have a brother, a relative, a mathematician, a PHD”, and he says: “You know, we have a position, she’s a volunteer three month, and after that there will be money, we will transfer it to the state and during this time we will teach what we need there. ” I meet my brother at the airport, so, they say, and so, after a week we go talk. And he says: “I’m not going to do it,” and I told him: “And what are you going to do?”. He: “To teach mathematics.” I was very surprised, because for me teaching is still a profession. I have been in this for many years, and I have a pedagogical education. I say: “It’s still a profession. How to teach? “. He is still so introverted, quiet. It took him about a year to escape from this thought of teaching mathematics. He painfully all this was given, not to mention the fact that this position was gone, he flew. As a result, I became a tester, thank God.
I myself came with erroneous ideas, because I was in the USSR engaged in the development of methods of rapid training. And I had an idea of genius, it was published in the journal Science and Life. I have some videos on the channel, where I recorded a lesson, just to stay for the story. And by this method, for several hours we mastered the keyboard of the typewriter blindly. And it’s not the simulators people do – they learned to program a little and the simulator made it up, we did it for the teachers. It was necessary that the teacher agreed and wanted to use it in the lesson. It is very difficult. You can not imagine how conservative the people are, cautious. And we broke this wall. And here I come with this – and no one needs. And I still have no language.
Basically, this coma, which lies in the throat of an emigrant, is connected with the fact that one must part with some illusions from the past. I said something about this topic, but here Marx has a famous phrase, maybe not even his, “humanity, laughing, parted with its past.” You see, when this past is so easy to neigh, and when it’s your present, you try to punch something, but it does not break through when you thought that your life is this, and this is not your life.
I think these are the most difficult things in emigration. Where to find a canner knife – today it is not a problem, today went to the forum, and you were told where to buy what. When we were driving there was no internet, there was no this flow of information, now it’s much easier.
Another very difficult problem is the lack of communication. We all the same lived there. I arrived, I was almost 35 years old. I’ve known for 35 years how many people I knew: I studied at two universities, worked in several organizations, studied at school (I had a lot from the school of warm contacts). And suddenly bang! Just heart-to-heart with no one to shuffle, hang out, make a barbecue. And sometimes, you came, and you and the car really do not, here first time, the first couple of weeks, while you are oriented, it is very important that there was someone nearby.
When I first arrived, it was the 90th year, the very end, there was a recession, and I was still very weak in English, but I’m thinking, I know that I’m thinking, my brains are bright. You take the newspaper, you take it, you take it, and you think: “Why are there no courses to teach me for a couple of months, and I would like to (I did not have any money) to be in debt. I’ll give it up, I’m capable, I’ll pick it up. ” And then, when the “Portnorn Computer Schools” arose, it was the embodiment of the idea that I had in front of. We took 1000 dollars forward, that is, four thousand worth, and we took 1000 ahead, and 3000 – after, for example, employment and so on. This idea has come true. Therefore, from the point of view of how we operate this school, and the question was about the school – “How are your students …?” We put the emphasis on the fact that they arrived, and here a lot of people, and, let’s say, a week goes by , and they can easily get acquainted with 2-3 dozens of people, of whom 5-10 in a week are already close people. They can be from the same places, they can be by age, by the growth of children by something similar, by education. At us as a whole the intelligent public, the excavator did not work earlier. More or less a certain circle, and they immediately fall into this circle. And there are people who came 5 years ago, they also live on this very heel. And if we have a year, let’s say, there are fifty such people, fifty, maybe, and for 5 years, how many have they accumulated here, and they all live here: someone already bought a house, someone in some company works, someone can advise something, they went somewhere together. You do not have a car, the guys grabbed you and drove off. Why did they take it? Because they themselves were in that position. Therefore, for our part, we believe that a significant part of the difficulties of the first adaptation is removed simply because you get to people who sympathize with you. Why do they treat you with sympathy? Because they are also torn from their midst, they are not as cautious as they would if you had met somewhere at home.
I remember when I was a child I went to pioneer camps. Every year my parents sent me, beginning with 10 years. I want to say that in the pioneer camp friendship does not spill water on the first day. You came, met, once or twice and rushed. And here is a plan. You do not need to fight ten times before making friends. People naturally stretch towards each other. Let’s just say that those who do not want to get into a circle, they do not exist for us, we do not know that they exist, they are somewhere in another world, that’s why with people who want, who are interested, aspire, smile, and plus they all have a common task – they have to change the profession, they go to the same classroom. The common cause is very close to people. This is how it happens.
I hope I answered the question. And it’s almost reached the work, so we say goodbye to you. Until next time. Bye!
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