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Mountains, the ocean – beautiful. But you will not be full with them, alas. Prices are the highest in Canada, wages are not the most, unfortunately. Works are less than in Toronto and counties. The village is on the outskirts of the world, in short.
To the sea: There are many lakes around, but there is not much sense from them. In winter it is cold there and badgers are sitting alone. In the summer, even parking can not be found, everything is packed with Asiatic people with shashlik. There’s nowhere to fart, not to get up.
The ocean is there, but it looks more like a huge icy black puddle. If you need a good ocean – it’s necessary to fly to Hawaii any. There’s an ocean that’s needed.
Normal, the country is still immigrant.
It depends on what is considered a local population. White Canadians are not so many, in general, the same as everywhere in America. Percent of 70% of the population are Asians, mainly from Hong Kong. Many Indians. Black is almost gone.
At least six months a year – the rains are coming. When there is no rain, then the clouds. From July to October, the sun comes out and everyone screams how beautiful Vancouver is. Then it goes out again until next July, everyone is depressed.
Not cheap, but decent.
Standard state insurance – about 120 bucks a month. Unlike the rest of Canada, where it’s free. Expanded insurance from companies usually offers teeth and stuff like that.
The quality of medicine is disgusting, as it is throughout Canada. MRT twice waited for one and a half years, during this time you can die three times. Diagnosis is disgusting. Queues to doctors are unrealistic. The only thing they can do is cut off something, please.
The roads are lousy, the level of driving is average. Not Russia, of course, inferior, etc., but there are enough idiots. They turn without a signal, they leave for the road, despite, they cut off on the counter and so on.
Public transport is tolerable compared to the rest of Canada. The subway goes along the street, there is a branch to the Airport.
Departure to other countries: Flights by plane are very expensive from Canada, even by Canada itself. In the world it is generally, thousands of dollars somewhere to fly. To the nearest San Francisco it’s good if you find on the action for 500 on one in both directions. This is not Europe, in short, the edge of geography in terms of travel.
Only if you are a beaver and you go for a ride on the forests and lakes endlessly, then it will be cheaper.
Prices are the most expensive in Canada. Insurance for the car is slightly cheaper than Toronto, and electricity prices. The rest is higher.
For food, if you normally eat for two – a piece a month.
Travel 150 bucks on the metro and buses.
In the restaurant to eat 30-40 bucks for one and a half dishes if you take, excluding sushi. Sushi is cheap and a lot.
Entertainment – any museum, where there is nothing to look at, will cost 15-20 dollars per entrance. Aquarium – 40. Pass on the suspension bridge – 40.
Life is expensive, in general.
Working with North America is everything. Therefore, it is difficult to find a normal job. Finding a job here is a whole cult. IT people are easier than the rest, but it’s hard too.
The salary level is junior: 40-60k maximum. The average is 60-80k. Signori tomatoes – 80-110k. It’s dirty.
Housing is expensive. Less than 900-1000 bucks a month there will be some tin. Good starts from 1.5k per month and higher. To buy in general lawlessness. Vancouver is in second place in the world for the inaccessibility of housing for the population, thanks to Hong Kong, who is on the first. House on the outskirts can easily cost 1-2 million bucks.
In general, it is safe. There are a couple of areas unpleasant, but there’s nothing to do.
Of the women on whom you can watch it is Asian. Those at least keep an eye on themselves, often good figures, though specific to the exterior.
Mens canadians are white. a typical Canadian is like this: worn-out monsters on your legs, a bunch of hair hastily made on your head, all in some hanging rags like cabbage, in leggings or workouts, flaky nails, fat sides and ass. In short, an amateur.
Apparently, therefore, you can see here a lot of white men with Asian women. More to them to choose not from whom in Vancouver.
The Internet, like all telephony and mobile communications, is expensive and backward. The feeling that this is Russia about 15 years ago. Most recently, only paid incoming incoming SMS and calls.
A typical plan with a gigabyte of date per month will cost 80 bucks a month, if not more.
Home internet also.
The economy, it seems, is more or less now. In 2010 there was a crisis, now it’s a little better than that.
A beautiful city, with a wonderful location and nature around, but the weather and the cost of housing leaves much to be desired.
To the sea: The sea is at hand, plus there is a ferry to move to the islands.
Positive, there are minor incidents, but not so many.
There are a lot of Asians, mostly Chinese. If you look for work, it’s better to immediately analyze the situation about this, because they have clannishness, and it may turn out that you are one among the wolves.
Mostly rain, but sometimes there are breaks. The temperature is quite comfortable – in winter from 0 to +10, in summer around 25.
Especially did not encounter.
In principle, there are no special problems, people understand that this is a city of immigrants, and do not condemn if you have an accent.
The roads are good, public transport is quite good, you can not have a car at all. Gasoline is too expensive (up to one and a half dollars per liter). The average level of driving is very low, especially when it’s snowing, but there are few accidents, because nobody particularly drives (except for highways, but racers usually drive pretty well).
Departure to other countries: Very simple, Vancouver is a hub to many cities in the world.
Prices are normal, sometimes even lower than Russian ones.
It is very difficult to find a decent job, especially if the qualification is low. On average, newcomers should expect a salary in the region of 60-70 thousand dollars per year (before taxes). Do not be afraid to contact the agency.
Very expensive, rent – starts from 1tys. dollars in downtown may be 1.5 thousand. dollars per one. In the city center, housing costs from a million dollars, many buy in the suburbs, and even there the cost of 400tys. dollars.
The crime rate is low.
With this very, very difficult.
The Internet is expensive, you have to pay from $ 70 per month, but the quality and speed are acceptable.

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