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How cheaper to get to Kiev?
How to get & # 8211; section in which we will offer you the cheapest options to get from point A to point B by public transport. Sometimes, the savings can reach 70%.
It is given: it is necessary as cheap as possible to get from Minsk to Kiev.
Attention! The prices are given before the devaluation! ($ 1 = 3000 rubles)
Logistics movements in this case can be the following:
Consider the first option.
The easiest way & # 8211; get on a direct train. However, pleasure is not cheap & # 8211; about 110 thousand Belarusian rubles (
36 $). Easier & # 8211; does not mean cheaper. The journey takes 11-12 hours.
The second way, which is much cheaper, is the Minsk bus # 8211; Kiev . The bus goes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, leaves in the evening from Minsk and arrives in the morning to Kiev. The price for it is about 60 thousand (
Minsk-Moscow 22:45 & # 8211; Kiev AV 9:35.
Now the combined routes begin.
Minsk & # 8211; Gomel on the train to get to 4 am in Gomel. Next, we sit on the bus with, about which we wrote above. The price to Gomel from 12 thousand + 28 thousand bus Gomel & # 8211; Kiev. Total & # 8211; 40 thousand or 13.5 $. Travel time: 12 hours, 1 transfer.
86MINSK & # 8211; KIEV SKORY & # 8220; WHITE STORK & # 8221; company Minsk-Pass. 21.25 Gomel Pass. 1.31.
Gomel AB 04:10 & # 8211; Kiev AV 09:35.
The most extreme option, which is often offered as the cheapest: Minsk & # 8211; Gomel on the train (from 12 thousand) + Gomel & # 8211; Chernigov by bus (from 15 thousand) + Chernigov & # 8211; Kiev on the minibus (30 hryvnia, 12 thousand). Leaves around 40 thousand, but this is # 8211; 2 transplants, in addition, you need to buy tickets for the bus to Chernigov, often which simply does not happen. If it does not work out, the diesel # 8221; at 6 am for 16 thousand before Chernigov. Travel time & # 8211; about 14-16 hours.
Now the second option is & # 8211; through Kalinkovichi.
On odd days a wonderful train, called & # 8220; Brest & # 8211; Kiev & # 8220 ;. The beauty is that it has a common car, which arrives in the morning to Kiev. Tickets to Kalinkovich & # 8211; from 12 thousand, Kalinkovichi & # 8211; Kiev 38 thousand. Total & # 8211; 50 thousand or 16.5 $. The same train is convenient to get from Brest, Pinsk, Luninets. In addition, you can get to Brest and there immediately take the train & # 8211; choose a regiment and go from end to end. Will be about 70 thousand.
806MINSK & # 8211; GOMEL DIESEL-TRAIN Minsk-Pass. 16.29 Kalinkovichi 21.05.
373B BREST & # 8211; KIEV PASSENGER KALINKOVICHI 01:20 & # 8211; KIEV PASS 08:27.
For fans of extreme kinds of rest the following variant will approach: Minsk & # 8211; Baranavichy & # 8211; Udryck & # 8211; Zdolbunov & # 8211; Kiev .
and.Inst.Kult. & # 8211; Baranovichi-Paul. and.Inst.Kult. 7.25 Baranovichi-Paul. 10.06.
Baranovichi-Paul. & # 8211; Luninets Baranovichi-Paul. 12.02 Luninets 14.31 02:29.
Luninets & # 8211; Udryck Luninets 14.51 Udryck 16.25 1:34.
Udryck & # 8211; Exactly 18:00 Zdolbunov 22.30 4:30.
Travel time: 23.5 hours, the price is 7000 + 6000 + 12 UAH + 30 UAH = about 28-29 thousand (
9.5 $). Cheap and angry.
Thanks to these methods, you can save up to 4 times (if you have free time and great desire). Adequate people will choose ways to get to Kiev cheaper, allowing you to save 2 times.
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Do not take pictures of what is not interesting, whatever it is. I am critical of everything, I show incontinence in the comments and assessments, I do not pretend to be objective. They say I write and photograph well in automatic modes:)
Day before Kiev to go on trains & # 8211; great option for the summer 🙂
Sometimes it’s better to pay than to save. “Miserly pays twice”. To suffer with transplants! I sat in the beads or on the train and drove off. And then they would have thought up the train to go. ” very cheap and very extreme!
Recently, this variant was found in Kyiv:
From Minsk to Korosten on the train Baranovichi & # 8211; Zhytomyr in the common car costs about 50 thousand from Minsk the train leaves at 0.43 and at 9.51 in Korosten. Then you can go by bus to Kiev or wait for a direct train to Kiev which at 11.20 it leaves and to 15 arrives in Kiev, it costs no more than 20 UAH. Total we have: 15 hours of travel (counting the transplant) only one transplant and 50 thousand + 20 UAH = 58 thousand. This varinat is much more convenient than Minsk-Gomel-Chernigov-Kiev and even more convenient than Minsk-Baranovichi-Udrytsk-Zdobnunov-Kiev .
A good option. It is possible on the same train and to Zhitomir to get # 8211; from there it is also quite easy to leave.
Minsk-Korosten has risen in price, unfortunately.
Already 67 thousand worth (
Minsk-Korosten 160 thousand.
and a common car that used to look like a reserved seat now is wooden (
Well, about Zhitomir, I think this hook will be more for a kilometer 100 and 2 hours longer to go. But in principle this option is possible.
Zdolbunov – Kiev 01:10 – Kiev 07:00.
Is it a train or an electric train too?
By the way, it turned out that Minsk-Luninets & # 8211; this is a single ticket, it costs 13100 now.
This is such a minimum upgrade for prices.
By the way, who can zanet, the schedule of a similar return route?
Reverse can be estimated.
We choose any train from Kiev to be in Zdolbunov (or Rivne) by 12 days.
12.31 – 16.50 (diesel train of the US,
15 UAH); in the way. 04:19.
Udryck – Luninets – Baranovichi-Paul.
17.20 – 19.12 – 21.52 (diesel train CU,
8000 rubles); in the way 04:32.
22.13 – 0.10 (train of warheads,
7000 rubles); in the way 01:57;
More entertaining and cheaper option: train Kiev & # 8211; Lviv through Kovel. In Kovel at one o’clock in the morning, at two o’clock. diesel to Brest, total at 6.40 am in Brest. Common from Kiev to Kovel & # 8211; less than 20 hryvnia (
I can offer the cheapest, in the sense of free version & # 8211; hitch-hiking. Day on the road and you are already there, though many transplants))
Tell me on the border between Minsk-Kiev and Kiev & # 8211; Moscow will have to stand for a long time?
Watching what to go and how 🙂
I would like to note that when you travel by train to Gomel, and from Gomel to Kiev by bus, know that the bus from Gomel to Kiev NEVER comes on schedule, being late one to three hours is stable. The thing is, apparently in Gomeloblavtotrans # 8221; do not think much about the fact that this is an international route, and that there is a border on the international route, which needs to be left in the schedule.
Successful trips to you!
Thank you for the addition.
The post was written a year ago, much has changed since then.
And tell me who knows how much it costs a bus ticket from gomel to Kiev .. at the moment? and how there they have their places .. maybe so there will not be seats?
With places I will not prompt (I think, will be), the price for passing Minsk bus on the Gomel site is # 8211; Kiev & # 8211; 90300 rubles.
Tell pliz how to get from Kiev to Kalinkovichi or at least until homel first. As fast as possible, well, it’s cheaper of course.
As I understood, the Brest train was canceled. Cheap options to cross the border became one less.
Before Kalinkovich can be so: from Kiev to Korosten on the train, to Ovruch & # 8211; on a diesel engine; further on the train Zhitomir & # 8211; Baranovichi in the general car up to Kalinkovich or Slovechno (Yelsk) from there on diesel.
In Gomel: from Kiev by minibus to Chernigov (30 hryvnia), from Chernigov & # 8211; bus or train Chernigov & # 8211; Gomel (in the evening).
In general, it would not hurt to update the article of course 🙂
From the station Svyatoshin in Kiev are trains to Korosten and minibus every 30 minutes-hour. Whereas at 15 o’clock on Saturdays and Sundays from Korosten there is a bus to Mozyr. As a rule, there are no problems with tickets. In Mozyr somewhere in 19-20 pm, then on a shuttle bus to Kalinkovichi.
At the moment the most normal version is & # 8230; it’s up to the homel & # 8230; and there for 60 thousand on the bus 😉 and do not need a bunch of transplants & # 8230; Through Klinkinkovichi only in a certain summer month the train goes around …
And what kind of bus is this cheap? Gomel-Kiev and only 60 thousand? It can not be like this.
Actually there is such a bus & I myself often go there, up to 70.000 price. Rides from Gomel at 7.50? Very convenient))))) And a ticket to it can be taken in Minsk in advance.
Kiev became one of the most beautiful cities. The article described in great detail the methods of travel. Just remember & # 8211; if cheaper & # 8211; mean longer!
Maria, and you can learn more about the bus Gomel-Kiev and where you can read about everything? Thank you.
I think the cheapest thing is to get to Kiev by hitchhiking. Where you save 50 percent. Have a good trip!
It is best by train, and cheaper and more reliable. Eat any way. And this is the most important thing in the journey. & # 8211; get to the purpose of travel.

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