Variants of moving to the Czech Republic.

Variants of moving to the Czech Republic.
So, you have a desire to move to the Czech Republic. You begin to work out and calculate the options for action. Judging by the frequently appearing questions on the work visa, most of you are the first thing that comes to mind & # 8212; this device is for work in the Czech Republic. Questions about the possibility of finding a job here, indeed, comes to me very much. Honestly, I’m a little tired of responding to them the same thing. Both physicians, designers, psychologists, and teachers write … people of different professions, and everyone asks one question – just how popular is their specialty in the Czech Republic. Therefore, it will be logical to begin our explanation with this option.
Just want to say, if you do not have any unique and sought-after specialty and do not have a solid experience on it, then think about working visa discard, do not even consider this option. Why? Let’s reason with reason. In order to apply for a work visa, you need a permit issued by the Czech Labor Committee (Urad prace). To get this permission, you need a specific employer. Therefore, you need to find this very employer. How to do it, being in some corner of the CIS without the knowledge of the Czech language with a diploma, for example, the same psychologist? You just imagine for a second. Can you imagine it? Me not. This is one side of the problem. Another is that this very employer must so much want to hire you, that it is necessary to prove in the Labor Committee that all the necessary documents are to be collected, that he needs a foreigner for this particular vacancy, to pay a duty for the state … There arises a logical question – what level should be a specialist, so that the employer so fussed about him? Can you imagine that this entire procedure is performed for the same psychologist, for example? Me not. And you?
Another thing, if you have a profession in demand, you can try to get a Blue card. It is issued to highly qualified foreign citizens, who are in demand in the Czech Republic. I will not write about it in detail, there is a special website on which everything is clearly written in Russian. But, again, to get it you need a specific employer who wants to take you to work and enter into a labor contract for a period of 1 year.
In conclusion of my narration about this way of moving, I want to say that since the crisis began, the Czech authorities have been protecting their citizens from unemployment in every possible way and working visas have not been received, especially for Ukrainian citizens. There are generally failures to all.
Another way that consider planning to move is to study in the Czech Republic. In the majority, this method interests young people up to 30 years old. Although there are not a few older people who are interested in whether there are age restrictions for studying. Just want to say, there are no age restrictions for studying in Czech universities. And refusals in the study visa are very rare, it is very necessary to try very hard at the interview, so that they refuse. But is this a good way to emigrate? First, this visa is tied to an educational institution, i.e. expelled from the university – you, if you do not have time to change the university, you lose your residence permit, because You lose the reason to be in the territory of the Czech Republic. Secondly, a student visa is issued and extended for one year only. This means that every year you will have to apply for an extension. Well, in the third, in order to obtain permanent residence, students need to live here not for 5 years, as for the rest, but for all 10. But there are certainly advantages to this method. You will speak well and understand the Czech language, you will be able to work legally during your studies and, finally, there are real chances after learning to find an employer and get a job. Czechia is interested, that graduates of its HIGH SCHOOLS remained to work here.
Answering numerous questions from readers, what is the most realistic option for moving to the Czech Republic, I always answered – through the registration of the company. Yes, after the adoption of the new law on foreigners, it became more difficult, and many failures, and it became more costly to maintain the firm, but, despite all this, nevertheless, the Czech Republic remains the most accessible country in Europe for relocation.
Another thing, if the goal is & # 8212; to have a firm and a Czech residence permit just for a Schengen visa. There are many such people. I answer their questions unequivocally – there have passed those days when it was possible to keep a dummy company here, take zero balances, have a residence permit, and stay at home from time to time or travel around Europe. Actually, the new law on foreigners was created precisely with the aim of weeding out such people and this is correct. Agree, this is true and the Czechs can be understood. After all our brother with fictitious zero firms has divorced here, though a dime a dozen. Now this option turns out to be very expensive way – for the sake of simply Schengen such costs are not justified.
Another category of people against whom this law is directed is those who had a firm here only to work on the side. This was possible until recently. They signed a contract with a third-party company for the provision of any services, and they actually worked a full-time working day with their “uncle”. Now, with amendments to the laws, in particular, to the Labor Code, this is the situation when under the cover of entrepreneurship a person actually gets employed on the side is prohibited. For violation there are significant fines. This is regarded as illegal employment.
In order to have the right to apply for a long-term visa it is necessary not only to register a company, but also to appoint yourself as a director. If you do not do this, you will need a work permit, and this is difficult plus the chance to receive a refusal will increase.
If a family is being sent, I always recommend that the spouses appoint themselves as directors, and that they apply for a visa for the family reunion at the same time with their documents. What documents are required, I will not specify, they are described in sufficient detail on the website of the Czech embassy. For a family reunification visa, only close relatives can claim, and this is the spouses and their children under 18 (if they study and are dependent on their parents, then – up to 25 years). I often ask questions in this regard how you can transport your parents. Only a single parent older than 65 years is eligible for a reunion visa. You can, of course, include your parents in the founders and appoint directors, but there will be a high probability of refusal.
As for denials on visas, yes there are more of them. The Czechs are cautious. And the logic in decision making is difficult to understand. For example, a person with a real business in the Czech Republic is refused, and people who have no idea what they will do, & # 8212; give a positive answer. It seems that a positive response is given to every third, fourth … I do not know what kind of account. But the one who is more persistent, the visa will receive in any case. According to statistics, those who are being re-submitted have much less refusals, but from the third submission, the chance to get a visa is significantly increased.
Most of the questions concern the topic of finance and expenditure. I will write about this in my next article.
Good afternoon. You wrote.
For a family reunification visa, only close relatives can claim, and this is the spouses and their children under 18 (if they study and are dependent on their parents, then – up to 25 years).
Excuse me, but where can I see links that regulate the above, in particular that if the dependent is a child under 25, then it can be applied for a visa?
How is it where? In the Law, of course. I used to trust only the original source. And you?
Law on the Residence of Aliens, � 42a.
Povoleni k dlouhodobemu pobytu za ucelem spolecneho souziti rodiny na uzemi.
Zadost o povoleni k dlouhodobemu pobytu za ucelem spolecneho souziti rodiny na.
uzemi9c) (dale jen “spolecne souziti rodiny”) je opravnen podat cizinec, ktery je.
b) nezletilym nebo zletilym nezaopatrenym ditetem cizince s povolenym pobytem,
What is translated: a minor or an adult child who is dependent on a foreigner with residence permit.
Guys! Do not get a Czech visa, it’s only if it VERY VERY STRONG. Do you want to leave Russia? Look for other options where easier. We tried here and Prague # 8212; so much money spent! Now in Serbia and already with the residence permit “# 8212; no problem!
Glory, but how much money was spent?
Oleg, thanks for the clarification! Unfortunately, I was able to reunite only minor children. My son did not receive the documents (he was 22 and wanted to go through as dependent.) They say this applies only to people with disabilities.
I’m sorry. It is unlikely that your son will get a visa.
I correctly understood from your article, if I open a firm & # 8212; I will be the director of it & # 8212; can I get a long-term visa? but what kind of visa is it? and she gives the right to conduct business in the czech republic?
Do not trust! You will not get anything. The Czech Republic does not give anything to anyone. Your probability is 1: 100. We swam, we know. Do not give even those who buy real estate for 2 million euros. One friend so passed recently. I always write about it, at least to help people not to spend money and time for nothing.
Glory to your posts read. Disappointment I understand. But the opinion of those who got and lives now in the Czech Republic is interesting.
I’m not disappointed. I realized that the path was not right. Do not fight at the gate if the door is next door. Well, those who have received now # 187; can and will find, one of hundred, the lucky beggar. Although, after Serbia, for me, he is no longer a lucky man, since there are tremendous opportunities for the development and education of children in the perspective of a high school. And they can then choose any university in the world. And there are no such crowds of homeless people and narcotics, as in Prague. I know what I’m saying, because in Prague, too, lived)))
Glory, do not flog all the nonsense. What homeless people, what kind of drugs? This in Prague is no more than in any European capital. Prague & mdash; very safe city.
Oleg-msk. As for the chances of obtaining a business visa, they are. Yes, now it has become more difficult, but the conditions have become tougher, but there are chances. I know people who came here on business visas recently. Let not from the first time, but from the second, the third visa it is possible to get. There would be a desire. But it is worthwhile to warn that there is less time left for thinking. In the next. year is expected to consider a new law on foreigners and the possibility of moving to the Czech Republic through simply registering a company, it seems, will no longer be. So there is no time for swinging.
But do not listen to people like Slava. This anger comes from a failed move and they are ready to blame everyone and everyone for this, but not yourself, to pour dirtlessly on the Czech Republic, Prague, and salivate on all societies. networks. That such listen. Let them sit in their Serbia. To each his own.
OLEG! The slogan is for everyone to own. is inscribed on the gates of Auschwitz, if not mistaken. I do not have anger and spit I do not splash))) Everything is wonderful! Do not go down to the level of “sitting in your SERBIA & # 187; it does not sound solid. I understand that I sow doubts in the ranks of your clients. I deprive you of income. Do not you worry, because Prague is doing well with the work, right?)) I know that everyone who goes to the Czech Republic for the second, third time, pays for the services of “openers”. 5 years ago you moved. It’s wonderful that you were lucky. Five years ago there was another time. And the interview was not only in Russia, did not it? And the money could be shown to strangers, I was told about this too, about how a bundle of $ 10,000 was transferred for a fee at the entrance to the police, and on the way out it came back. Now it’s really hard to get to the Czech Republic, you noticed this casually. But how difficult is it? 1: 100! To rely on such a probability is like playing roulette, although the probability of winning is higher in roulette. And so listen to me or not people will decide for themselves. Those who thought about emigration people are resolute and courageous, capable of making their own decisions. The only thing that can be missed is # 8212; information. And for this we write. And the choice of making a decision will remain for a specific person. Sincerely yours, Oleg!
Glory, on the gates of Aswecim is written “arbeit macht frei & # 187; (Labor will free you), I was there about the time you wrote this post)
As you know, there are other cities in addition to Prague in the Czech Republic, according to my observations, there are at least 4 cities in the Czech Republic that are better suited for living than Prague (if you consider that I’m not a freelancer and not a businessman and I will have to look for a job, if I go to freelance and will not be forced to look for a job, the list of these cities increases every 5).
In order not to be unfounded, the examples are: Brno (the second largest after Prague), Plzen (many international companies), Ostrava (a large industrial city, ecology there so-so, but in comparison with Moscow simply gorgeous), Hradec Kralove (work is, and the city itself is small and cozy) and the list goes on.
Not so long ago my father moved to a quiet area of Prague, and in September my epic will begin)
Glory, you seem to be mistaken with the address. What customers? What are you speaking about? I still strongly recommend that you read my site, it will become clearer. With my answers and articles, I discouraged not one of my readers from this serious step, but who remained determined to go to the end, he was already without rose-colored glasses and knew what was coming. But in your articles I have not seen a single negative, such a splendid Serbia, go all here. At once the spirit of a bottle opener smells, so much I have read here such draft articles, already sick of them. Hence this prejudiced attitude towards you. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry.
My website is not commercial. Those pennies that pay for VIP access go to support the site.
Oleg, in fact, there is nothing wrong with providing you with some services. I do not blame it. I just write that the probability of obtaining the residence permit of the Czech Republic is now minimal. In Serbia, while, the probability is maximum. But this is for now, everything can change within 5 years. There are problems everywhere and each country has its own problems. I wrote about this more than once. In Serbia, an immigrant needs less help, unlike the Czech Republic, again for now. It was this thought I was trying to convey. And if you work in this sphere or not, # 8212; no problem! Everyone has the right to make a decision, who to contact, where to move. Go on a difficult path of failure, or use an existing light version.
Now it’s almost impossible to move on an entrepreneurial visa. But there were also reliable options, for example, language courses. You come, learn the language, then you go to college. But this, of course, is more suitable for young people.
Hello! Tell me please, and is it possible that one spouse staying in the Czech Republic for permanent residence may be forced to obtain a visa for another spouse? Or is it just for invitations?
Good afternoon. Tell me if it is possible to get more information about the opening of your restaurant in Prague. At the moment I have a restaurant in Russia, I am the owner and chef in one person, I have titles gastronomic, diplomas are international. And lately I often think about opening a restaurant in Prague with a possible move to Prague, as I’m used to controlling everything in the kitchen myself and as a chef of my restaurant. Now I’m studying the Czech language. Advise. Thank you in advance.
Good evening. I have a tripartite stay until 2025, and at the moment I live in the Czech Republic. And my girlfriend is in Ukraine as I can drag her to her on a permanent basis.
Hello to all “not sat down”. I want to move to the Czech Republic. The younger I will send there after school to study. with him, more or less, it is understandable. And here with me … The eldest son already lives in Prague, 5 years. He, for his part, is now looking for information, options, ways. And I would still have to decide on the options for moving, so to speak, on the security) Information is never too much.
We plan to buy a house. If you share your knowledge, I will be grateful. Discourage and report on the impossibility and the like – it’s pointless – I have a son there) Therefore, I ask the knowledgeable advice – HOW … I need to move to my son ?!
Inga, why do you ask strangers if you have a son there?
Let the son go to the center of integration of foreigners or to a free consultation (there is with any foreign police) and find out what options are available.
Son to transfer is easier than to go to his son. Working visas now give reluctantly, business visas are even less willing. Educational gives, so you, for example, you can go to the courses for a year to learn the language, and then go to university. Under certain conditions, you can apply for a visa for reunification, but you need to consult with specialists and much depends on your age, occupation, number of relatives and the similar characteristics of your son.
It is obvious that if you do not have a reason to live in the Czech Republic, you will not be granted a visa.
The desire to live with his son and buy a house there is not the reason.
Stanislav, thanks for the advice) I’m not just on the street approached strangers – namely, I asked, perhaps, knowledgeable people. Those who know – different options … It is in this thread that I turned to those.
The son, of course, seeks … learns and asks. I’m just looking for my part. Then we will try in all directions)
If everything was so simple, of course, I was not in this topic))
And about the desire to live with my son … believe me, this is ooooochen serious reason))
The same situation with the Czech Republic. Spent 2 years and more than 100 thousand euros, and the Vunge did not receive …
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