Vietnam – a tip.

Vietnam – a tip.
My NOT a tourist life in Vietnam with two children (4 and 1.8 years old) for 3 months. Many photos.
Hello. Now I want to share with you one of the most extreme experiments in my life (maybe so far)
Preconditions – approaching a significant date in my life (40 years), suddenly realized that I can no longer work with the same reward and pleasure in a large corporation, which has already given up almost half of its still very young life, I really wanted changes and trials. Even more sharply realized that I do not give my young children due attention, spending 10-11 hours at work.
A gift – my children and my husband made me a royal birthday present, agreeing that I am going on maternity leave again (the last time I went to work when my daughter was only 4 months old) was to take care of her younger daughter, of the year.
A year before that, we had rested in Vietnam in Muy. my husband has long wanted to take the children there for the winter.
The beginning – and here in advance we make a visa through a friend who has been living there for 2 years. Without a visa, you can stay 2 weeks. The minimum visa is given for a period of 3 months, the cost is about 30 $. We buy tickets for our whole family, since there was an action of Aeroflot, tickets were costed by.
15 000 rub. to Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City. The purpose of the trip was the resort place Mui Ne.
The road is very difficult for young children, but portable, especially if the children were already in closer places and flights. Both my children made their first trips to Vietnam, before that, they did not go further than the dacha outside Moscow). 9 hours flight to Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City and 5-6 hours by bus or taxi to Mui Ne.
We chose a taxi to be more mobile and independent with little kids. The cost of a taxi from Saigon to Mui Ne.
90-115 $, depends on where to take and negotiate, it’s easier to book at the hotel, it will be a little more expensive.
At what hotel, you ask – at any, which you book, because I recommend a day to rest in Saigon after the flight, before moving to Mui Ne, for young children the transfer on the same day is very hard, tested on a 3-year-old son, the second time I did not risk.
There are 3 hotels in Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City that I can advise recommend for trips with children, names and why-in detail:
Housing – in Mui Ne We did not throw things from my friend and began to look for Guest House. In February, high season in Mui Ne, a lot of kitesurfers and surfers, tk good wind and weather, so that finding a home immediately is not easy, it is advisable to book in advance. This is possible, because Guest Houses began to appear on various hotels booking sites. Especially I needed a house with 2 bedrooms and in a certain area. In the end, we found Guest House, but not at the best price). The average price for a good house is 350-500 $ per month, we found it for $ 850, but bargained for $ 650, but the question was what needed urgently and exactly in that place). Therefore, bargain necessarily, Vietnamese like to immediately inflate the price, but easily make concessions when they see the benefits (for example, payment in advance for 3 months). Also in Mui Not most live in one-bedroom Guest Houses (the average price is 200-300 $ per month).
Two weeks later my husband left and my real tests began.
Products – with the shops there are not bad, the main is in numerous shops (pasta, milk, vegetables / fruits, yoghurts, tea, coffee, biscuits, butter, etc.).
What is not in the local shops – it’s sausages and cheese (except for melted), their Vietnamese do not eat apparently. See below where to buy.
Also, meat and fish are only in the market, I want to say separately: I could not get to the meat and fish rations for 3 months, my friends, who were stronger, could smell the smell NOT for the faint-hearted, although vegetable and fruit rows, normal. Prices are ridiculous by Moscow standards, for example, forks of cauliflower or broccoli somewhere around 15-20 rubles. for our money, the fish are also very cheap and fresh.
Also in the market, I bought dairy products from Dalat, a local company founded by the French in the mountains, for children. Excellent live yogurts and milk. Ironically, the price of milk is comparable to the prices in Moscow, yogurt is cheaper (1L – 120rub) Dalat is generally a sightseeing place, read about it in the reviews of other travelers, they are on the site.
There is absolutely no cereal, such as buckwheat, manga, (oatmeal can be found, but I did not try, because I brought my stock), carry my cereal for children.
In 30 minutes by taxi or bus, there is the city of Phan Thiet, where there are 2 large supermarkets (Coop mart and Lotto mart) where you can buy sausages, sausages, cheeses, excellent minced pork, ready-to-fry cutlets (very tasty), well And all the rest. On the last floors there are good entertainments for kids, but she was not there herself, this is according to the reviews of friends.
Diapers, soluble cereals are various well-known firms, you can not carry. Baby things are very affordable, starting with babies.
Now about the sea – I can not say that the sea is very clean, but very warm. In Mui There are no places where the sea is not calm, it is the main central part of the town, it is problematic to enter the water with small children, but the more remote part of the city behind BaKe, closer to the old market, is less saturated with nightlife and the sea is very calm. This part of the city, as it were in the bay, there are no kitesurfers, but the serfengists chose this season.
About medicine and illnesses – before the trip I made a medical insurance for children for 4 months (I was away from work). In Mui Do not have 2 clinics, but only ONE works with insurance campaigns, this is the clinic Vita Clinic (Former Name – Medhelp) adres: 139B Nguyen Dinh Chieu – Ham Tien – Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan – iet Nam It is necessary to have a passport and a policy , you first need to activate each insurance case by phone to the support service (this is a separate song with our Russian service for activating the insurance event, I can write some more). Vietnamese doctors are there, but they speak both Russian and English. studied in Russia. Very friendly and attentive. My children remembered immediately, although we were not often there.
The first time was treated with a cough; the eldest son brought a cold from the garden before leaving, drove to listen to the bronchi of both, just in case.
The second time was more terrible (after her husband left, her younger daughter had fever over 38 C, went to the clinic, looked at her mouth, thought that her teeth were actively crawling with all four fangs, the temperature did not pass and she complained more and more often , that my mouth hurts, after 3 days I lifted her lip and was shocked, all in the sores of stomatitis.It’s all went easier in the form of external rashes near the mouth, but still with temperature, washing and treatment. I will not describe the medicine, because this is individually.) I sin on corn, a cat Rui selling on the beach, its a little salt could corrode, and sores virus lay down easily, but might just have picked up the virus. Corn is very tasty)).
Well, the third time already after the lapse of 2 months of living intestinal infection, and picked it up from a Russian girl who has already come to visit with such manifestations. But in the clinic they helped again, everything is fine.
Restaurants – for adults the menu is very diverse, for children you can always find something to feed, but there is no special children’s menu. As a rule, I ordered pancakes with various fruit fillers, pasta, rice with vegetables and occasionally (do not scold) French fries (but it is much more natural than Moscow). Also, children were happy to eat seafood products, such as shrimp and fish, if not very dry, but they refused crabs. The rest did not take more exotic delicacies)
I mostly cooked at home, but in the evenings we went to restaurants. Also near were a pancake restaurant and a vegetarian cuisine.
It seems, and everything has written, if something is missing and there are questions write in the comments, I will supplement the review.
In general, I do not share super enthusiastic reviews about this country: yes, cheap; yes available; yes exotic; yes the sea; yes stunning clean air; yes a good climate in the season, until the end of April, it is humid and not hot; But you need to be cautious, because sanitation is present even on the territory of hotels; happens to be cheated in stores; BUT the children are already remembering Vietnam for the third month. This gave a colossal leap in their development.
It was difficult for me, but maybe in the autumn we will leave again, but I already know more). There is an opportunity to hire tutors in various disciplines, even Russian, tk. there are a lot of constantly living or coming for the season. If, they say, even their local site of Russians living in Mui Ne, but I have not yet looked for it) Dare.
I put a few photos.
A hot winter in an exotic country.
The meeting of the last year of 2016 in our family was not traditionally held in the family circle with numerous relatives and friends, but together with his wife in an exotic country with a hot climate in socialist Vietnam.
Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Tips for independent tourists.
Good day to all! I like traveling very much, and I prefer and recommend everyone do it yourself, without the participation of Russian tour operators. Why?
Independently to Vietnam (May 2014) – a review by a novice traveler + MUCH PHOTO, + lots of useful information: step-by-step instructions on how to open a visa to Vietnam for citizens of Belarus, prices in Vietnam, weather in Vietnam in May, excursions from Mui Ne.
Hello! I want to share my experience of independent travel to Vietnam. This was the first experience of an independent trip without the help of “travel agencies” services, so respected avid travelers, do not judge strictly))) The time of your stay in Vietnam was strictly limited to exactly two weeks of vacation and no day …
This is a heavenly place-Vietnam!
Well, as promised, this review will be about the rest in Vietnam! The holiday was from February 6, 2014 to February 18, 2014. We went to a family of 3 people. I, my husband and daughter are 1,5 years old. This holiday we had planned a year ago, even when we were in China. My husband decided, Vietnam! And I did not resist.

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