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Group: Public Council.
Group: Public Council.
Group: Coordination Council.
The Vatican’s passport is the most impressive and expensive in appearance. On his brown leather cover, the crossed keys of St. Peter and the papal tiara are embossed with gold.
Vatican citizens can also be equated with the spouse of the Vatican, as well as his children, provided that they live together with a Vatican citizen and have obtained permission (authorization) to stay in the Vatican.
The Vatican passport is equated with a diplomatic passport. To get it you need to become a cardinal or legate of the Pope.
To have a Vatican passport means to belong to a unique club. Citizens of the Vatican either permanently live and work in the city, or are abroad with a diplomatic mission for the affairs of the Catholic Church. The privilege of being a citizen depends on direct and permanent relations with the papal throne.
When the connection is interrupted, privileges are lost.
Only one person can not interrupt communication until his death: this is the Pope himself. He has a passport number one, he is an absolute ruler in the Vatican state and the sole authority of the Catholic Church. If you look at his official titles listed in the annual official directory, all doubts about the primacy of the pope are dispelled. Bishop of Rome, viceroy of Christ, crown prince of the apostles, supreme head of the universal church, patriarch of the western church, primate of Italy, archbishop and metropolitan of Rome, monarch of the sovereign city-state of Vatican, servant of the servants of the Most High.
Citizens of the Vatican and residents (without Vatican citizenship)
Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church (56)
Diplomatic staff of the Holy See (298)
Other clergymen and monks: 61 (citizens); 104 (residents, non-citizens)
Nuns: 1 (citizen); 107 (non-citizens)
Lay people (men): 20 (citizens); 7 (residents, non-citizens)
Lay people (women): 21 (citizens); 31 (residents, non-citizens)
Pontifical Swiss Guards: 98.
TOTAL: 556 citizens, 249 residents (not citizens)
Live in the Vatican: 476.
Russian passport of a new type.
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From July 1, 2011 in Russia issuance of passports of a new sample will begin.
Group: Coordination Council.
The seaman’s passport is a document proving the identity of its owner and suitable for traveling abroad. It is issued to citizens of the Russian Federation who are seamen. Currently, the sailor’s passport is subject to cancellation – instead of it other documents will be issued, namely the seafarers’ identity document (which will be the main document of the seaman) and the seafarer’s book. In some cases, seafarers will have to use other documents – namely, an internal passport and a foreign passport. The latest seafarers’ passports, including those issued now, will expire on December 31, 2013.
It is issued to two main categories of Russian citizens:
Persons working on Russian vessels of foreign navigation.
Persons working on foreign vessels of international navigation.
The seaman’s passport has the following properties:
certifies the presence of Russian citizenship (and therefore is issued only to Russian citizens)
certifies the identity of the owner not only when crossing the border and abroad, but also on the territory of the Russian Federation (with the exception of certain cases provided for by law)
is a travel document suitable for crossing the border (with a ship’s role or a certified extract from it), including when crossing the border independently by any transport (rather than on a ship)
contains information about work on ships (the somewhat resembling a work record, although it does not replace it)
Group: Coordination Council.
Seaman’s identity document (SID)
Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of August 18, 2008, No. 628 Moscow, “On the Regulations for the Seafarers ‘Identity Document, the Regulations on the Seafarers’ Book, the Model and Description of the Seal Book Form”
In order to implement the provisions of the Convention revising the Seafarers ‘Identity Documents Convention, 1958 (Convention No. 185), ratified by the Federal Law on the Ratification of the Convention revising the Seafarers’ Identity Documents Convention, 1958 (Convention No. 185), the Government of the Russian Federation decides:
The telephone number is 322-223-322.
Residence permit in Russia.
A residence permit is a status for a foreign citizen or stateless person who gives the right to permanent residence in the Russian Federation for five years, to freely leave and enter its territory. It is issued as a separate document and is an identity card of a foreign citizen or stateless person. You can obtain a residence permit for a period of five years, upon termination of the action it can be extended unlimited number of times. Obtaining a residence permit in Russia.
For one category of citizens, obtaining a residence permit in Russia is the next step to acquire the coveted citizenship of the Russian Federation. For another category of people it is a good reason to forget that there are long lines in the territorial branches of the Federal Migration Service that need to stand up to get into the coveted quota and get a work permit. In other words, a foreign citizen who obtained a residence permit in Russia can carry out labor activity throughout the territory of the Russian Federation in any of its subjects without the appropriate permission to carry out work. It should also be noted and other bright sides of this status, such as obtaining pensions in Russia and the right to freely choose their place of residence without prior approval of the Federal Executive Power.
photos 3,5�4,5 cm.
application form.
the document proving the identity of the applicant.
permission for temporary residence.
a document that confirms the foreign citizen’s availability of funds that will ensure that his and his family members live in the Russian Federation no less than the subsistence minimum.
a document certifying the right to use the living quarters for further residence in it free of charge.
a certificate attesting that a foreign citizen does not have HIV infection.
a medical certificate confirming the absence of a foreign citizen of infectious diseases that pose a danger to others.
Lack of ability to support yourself and your family members within the subsistence minimum.
They are outside of Russia for more than 6 months.
It was this insert, it was the action of certain people (who wanted to make a name for themselves) during the winter events in Moscow in 2010.
And so in general there are official inserts in the general passport, where the first written in the language of a certain region, and then in Russian.
The telephone number is 322-223-322.
The Interpol passport is a special travel document issued by Interpol to its employees for official business trips. Allows you to receive a visa after you arrive in the country. Not all states recognize the document as a document. Some countries, for example, Armenia, recognized the passport of Interpol as a document granting the right of visa-free entry. The first passport of Interpol was received by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anatoly Mogilev. In addition to the passport, Interpol also has an identity card in the form of a card.
Group: Coordination Council.
The all-citizens foreign passport of Ukraine (the new model of 2007) developed by the specialists of EDAPS with the use of modern IT-technologies has 25 degrees of protection against forgery. Its main advantage is a polycarbonate page, on which information about the owner is applied using laser engraving and perforation. Also in the passport is the opportunity to make biometric data about the citizen.
The certificate is temporary, but residence is permanent. for the term of validity – perpetual, but in the note – the obligation to change in 25 and 45 years Paradoxical documents sometimes give out.
Group: Public Council.
Group: Public Council.
No, it is not necessary, but it must be understood that this is a service document and, therefore, its purpose and related limitations. In practice, most often get Schengen in the usual zagran and go on it outside official trips.

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