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04 Oct 2017, 15:37.
Re: Residence permit in Cyprus.
06 Oct 2017, 11:28.
Therefore, think 100500 times. I do not frighten or assert, I have briefly described the situation with my acquaintance.
And so, good luck in your endeavors!
Re: Residence permit in Cyprus.
12 Oct 2017, 08:16.
Re: Residence permit in Cyprus.
Nov 14, 2017, 18:28.
Slightly (sorry for this word)) less, something about $ 255,000, is needed if you are going to open an office of an international company on the island, given that the activities of this legal entity will not cause economic harm to the state.
If there is not so much money, you can buy real estate, I’m sorry Lord, it’s easier. In this case, you can qualify for the status of “Visitor”, and the visa, in this case, will need to be renewed every 3 months, and once a year.
If you have an official income outside of Cyprus, which reaches at least 4,500 euros a year (something about 27,000 rubles per month, or 12,500 hryvnia), I understand that% of the deposit in the bank is also considered, then in this case too you can try to get a residence permit in Cyprus. Important! You can not issue a work visa in this case and any entrepreneurial activity on your part will be regarded as a violation of the law. By the way, this is the most common way, among immigrants from Russia and CIS countries.
To understand whether Cyprus really suits you, its rhythm of life, climate and all the other important aspects, you should first live there as a guest. The main legal beauty of a small member of the European Union is that the process of issuing a tourist or guest visa is as simple and quick as possible: everything can be done 24 hours after the documents are submitted. You do not need to come to the consulate (or only if you have questions about your candidacy (most often everything goes smoothly)), just fill in the online questionnaire in English and send it by e-mail to the visa office of the Embassy of Cyprus in Moscow. Wait a day, print it and take it to the airport. Rent a house for 2-3 months, the visitor will not be difficult, the car (they are mostly right-hand drive, in some parts of the island – just right-handers (influence of England, let’s say)) can be rented or bought (for $ 1,500 you can take a fairly reliable machine) and try to live “the full life of a newcomer”, and then decide whether it is worth starting to engage in paper business, “prescribing” yourself in Cyprus.

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