Visa L-1 in the US for businessmen.

Visa L-1 in the US for businessmen.
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Specific features of the visa is L-1. It is designed to enter the United States to conduct business, and is issued for 1-3 years with a subsequent extension. Thanks to her, it’s really possible to get a green card and even citizenship. To obtain such a visa, there is a list of requirements, which we will analyze below. And now let’s take a closer look: what is the L-1?
When you have a L-1 visa, then your family members have the opportunity to purchase a L-2 visa and go with you.
L-1 you will:
open an account with any US bank; take a loan for real estate (give up to 60% of the cost of the premises).
However, you will be able to work only at the enterprise specified in the documents for the visa. In case of dismissal, you will be obliged to leave the country immediately.
The first time permission is granted for 1 year, when the American company you are going to is just opened, and if it already works for more than 1 year, the period can be up to 3 years. Further, an extension is proposed: 2 times for two years.
Attention! After 1 year in the country you have the right to apply for a Green Card (registration $ 1010), and after 5 years – to acquire citizenship.
Who is given the L1 visa?
L-1 is, in effect, business immigration. To implement it, you must have a referral to work in the American branch of the Russian company. It is important not the status of each of the enterprises, but their close relationship. At the same time, in a Russian company, you must work for at least 1 year in the management team and be appointed to the same position in America. A branch can be newly created or acquired, which has already functioned successfully.
There are two variants of the visa: L-1A and L-1B. The first is given to senior managers of different levels, the second for top-level specialists (technologists, chief engineers, financial workers, lawyers).
The main difference between this type of visa and others is that there is no need to convince someone that you have no immigration goal, since L-1 is real business immigration.
Order of registration.
First, the employer (the head or owner of the company) or his representative submits a petition (form I-129) for the visa to the immigration service in the territory of America. Document review can take up to 2 months.
After receiving the approval (Form I-797), the employer must transfer it (or a copy thereof) to you. Then you apply DS-160 for a visa to the consulate in your homeland and attach to it the form I-797.
It is not difficult to pass an interview at the embassy for this visa, since the basic checks are carried out by the immigration service.
Business immigration will be available to you when you collect a lot of documents. But you do not need to invent anything: if your company really thrives and wants to develop in the United States, then you just have to show it to immigration officials.
Consideration in Immigration Services.
The submitted papers must demonstrate:
The presence of an operating company in Russia, established at least a year ago. Existence of representation in the United States. A senior executive who has been working at this position for at least 1 year and is sent to work in a branch located in America.
Now let’s examine the documents that are required to confirm these items.
Evidence of the existence of the company in Russia:
company registration certificate; the constituent agreement of the enterprise with the list of owners; the structure of the enterprise and the position held by you; a document from the bank confirming the existence of an account; company promotional materials.
Documents from the American Mission:
company registration documents; a bank account (enough $ 25 thousand & $ 8212; $ 50 thousand); corporate book; office lease agreement; registration number in the Tax Service (SS-4); business plan; a bank statement for a three-month period; report for the previous quarter or for the past year; structure of representation, and to what position you are heading.
Show additional documents that will make it possible to see real functioning both enterprises: money transfers, transport invoices, contracts, and others. The main thing is that they can trace the line of interaction between the two enterprises.
It is appropriate to show products with your company’s logo (stationery, printed), photos and videos of your presentations.
the recommendation given by you from the company; confirmation of your work experience; list of persons of the management of the firm (you must be present among them) with the indication of posts; an excerpt from the order to create a representative office in the United States and to provide you with a post there; a document confirming your experience in the management position of the main company (indicating the numbers of orders); a copy of the diploma.
In addition, you need to show a picture of wages:
1) all management employees (and you including) in the past 12 months;
2) from your payroll for the same period.
The documents are the basis. May require additional documents to clarify certain data.
Attention! You can be given a negative answer if the company has all the permissive documents, but the office is virtual, there is no open bank account, there is no real activity of the company (cash flow, overheads, etc.).
The more extensive the company will submit evidence of its confident development, including its subsidiary in the US, the more affordable you will be to business immigration. You should be here as an important employee of the company’s management.
Unofficially: it is very good if the company in the first year of existence gave a minimum of three employees and half of them turned out to be Americans.
Examination at the consulate.
We submit such documents:
a foreign passport valid for the period provided with a margin, plus one can take an old one if it has a visa cap. countries; form DS160; Form I-797 (permission from the immigration service); domestic passport; the photo; Diplomas and other documents demonstrating your education (courses, degrees); employment history; your resume (write in English); description of the position held with a list of duties (issued by the head of the company on a letterhead); receipt for tax payment.
Let’s sum up the costs that business immigration requires: you have to pay the tax (today it is 14 thousand rubles) and put $ 25 thousand into your company’s account in America, plus transportation costs.
An approximate plan for acquiring a green card.
For a newly created representative office (monthly):
First month & # 8212; open a firm and apply for a visa. The third is the acquisition of a one-year visa. The twelfth is an extension of the validity of the visa. The thirteenth – the submission of documents for the registration of the Green Card. The nineteenth is the receipt of the Green Card.
For a representative office that functions for more than 1 year (by months):
First & # 8212; submission of documents and a valid visa for 3 years. The third is the beginning of the Green Card. The ninth is the receipt of the Green Card.
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