Visa of the wife or husband in the USA.

Visa of the wife or husband in the USA.
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Examples of fresh US visas received through the Vizaus Visa Center.
Even a legalized marriage with a US citizen does not give you the right to enter the country without appropriate documents. For the visit, you must first open an American visa for your wife or husband by contacting the embassy. But first you need to decide on its type. For spouses, they are allocated a few & ndash; Immigration and nonimmigrant. You can collect all the documents and prepare for the interview yourself or trust the experienced specialists of our company in Kiev. In any case, the process of registration should begin six months before the planned date of departure, in order to avoid unnecessary haste and in time to get the desired stamp in the passport.
Types of visas for spouses in the United States.
A wife’s visa to the US or her husband can be of the following types:
Immigration visas IR1 or CR1; non-immigrant visa K-3.
Visa IR1 & mdash; this immigration permit for entry, which can be issued to the spouse of a citizen of America, if their marriage lasts more than 2 years. This document assumes the move to the state as a permanent resident. You can freely leave the country and return at any time, as well as work and study without special permits. The main drawback is the processing time & ndash; from 6 to 12 months, during which you can not apply for a different type of visa.
The CR1 visa in the United States is issued to the spouse if the marriage lasts less than 2 years. Having received it, you become a conditionally permanent resident of America. This means that if you divorce within 2 years, you will be forced to leave the state and return to Ukraine. This category of visa, like IR1, gives the right to work and study without having to issue additional permits.
The visa of the spouse K 3 to America or the spouse is issued to the citizens who married foreigners and wishing to move to them. This is a temporary residence permit that will give you the right to stay with your family while an immigrant visa is being made. This type is similar to the K-1 bride visa, but it requires additional papers in the USCIS and is considered in the US embassy longer. After receiving the K-3, you will need to file a petition with the USCIS to change the current status to permanent resident status in the United States or to an immigration visa to the consulate. If the marriage lasts less than 2 years, then you will become a conditionally permanent resident and in case of divorce you will have to leave the state. The conditional status can be removed after 2 years, lived in the marriage. Holders of the K-3 visa can work without additional documents, and can freely travel outside the country.
If you have children under 21 and unmarried, they are automatically issued a K-4 or IR2 / CR2 visa. You should only mention this in the petition. Please note that if you are not the only guardian, you will need permission to immigrate the child from the second parent. This rule applies to persons under the age of 18 years.
Stages of registration of the visa of spouses in the USA.
The visa of the wife of the US or her husband takes a long time to form and requires a lot of effort. The process of obtaining consists of the following stages:
Payment of consular fees for registration of an entry permit. Fill out a special online questionnaire. Preparation of a certain list of references and papers. Record for an interview with the Embassy of America and its successful passage.
Each of them should be prepared in advance, because the final result depends on it. You can try to get to work on your own, but if you do not have experience in such matters, it is better to immediately turn to professionals. It should be borne in mind that a refusal forever can spoil your visa history and create unnecessary difficulties in the future.
Documents for the visa of the wife / husband in the USA.
To obtain a visa for a wife / husband to America, certain documents must be prepared. First of all you will need:
certificate of payment of the consular fee; a valid passport with sufficient (1-2) free pages; completed visa application form; papers confirming marriage; photos taken in accordance with the requirements of the Embassy of America.
Also, it will not be superfluous to prepare additional materials:
internal passport; certificate of assignment of TIN; certificate of income; confirmation of the availability of necessary finances (extracts from the current bank account) of personal and spouse; data on property ownership; medical insurance for the entire duration of the visit; results of medical examination in an accredited clinic.
Documents from the second list should be presented only at the request of the visa officer. Their presence will add to your confidence in the interview at the embassy.
The last moment in preparation is the collection of biometric data, without which, since 23.06.2015, obtaining an American visa is impossible. They will be stored for about 5 years. This procedure can not be performed only by children under 12 years old and persons who can not take fingerprints, as well as heads of state, members of national governments and their closest relatives.
Terms of registration and cost of spouses visa in the USA.
The deadline for issuing a K 3 visa in the United States is from 2 to 3 months. The very process of preparation of documents takes from 2 to 7 days, and the rest of the time is necessary to consider your application at the American Embassy and make decisions by its employees. The visa of the husband to the US or the wife of the immigration category IR1 / CR1 opens significantly longer & ndash; from 6 months to a year. In special cases, you can draw up documents more urgently. It is necessary only to provide weighty arguments in the visa center. Help with this can be our competent specialists, but the price of quick receipt will be more than usual. In general, the cost of an entry permit varies from the complexity of your case and the level of support required. In order not to overpay, we recommend contacting our company in Kiev a few months before the planned date of the visit. Make the necessary visas in the United States with the assistance of our team is quite easy. You will need only reliable personal information and following all our instructions.
Discussion (9)
Good afternoon, can I get a visa for my wife if there is a ban on entering the US for 5 years? The ban was received in May 2017, as there was no return ticket.
Good afternoon . I have a tourist visa to America for 3 years. When I filled out the questionnaire for obtaining a tourist visa in the “Family status” column, I wrote “married”, t was afraid of rejecting not married women. Although at that time I was already in Divorce. Now I have a serious relationship with an American citizen and we want to marry and file a visa for a wife. Can the previous lie open? And can this serve as a refusal to my wife’s visas? Many thanks.
Good afternoon . I have a tourist visa to America for 3 years. When I filled out the questionnaire for obtaining a tourist visa in the “Family status” column, I wrote “married”, t was afraid of rejecting not married women. Although at that time I was already in Divorce. Now I have a serious relationship with an American citizen and we want to marry and file a visa for a wife. Can the previous lie open? And can this serve as a refusal to my wife’s visas? Many thanks.
Good afternoon! I and my American fiance are looking for a reliable firm to assist in the preparation of documents for a visa of the wife. On the bride’s visa, he had problems as he tried to issue a visa to another woman from Ukraine earlier. I was refused a tourist visa. We decided to sign in Ukraine and He found a list of documents on the Internet- My passport must be good for 1 year (Exp 2-March-2018 so it needs renewed) * My Birth Certificate * My Divorce Papers ? Should he change his passport? How quickly can we be painted in a registry office? I’ll be waiting for your response. Sincerely, Natalia (I live in Zaporozhye)
Which state in the US will you live in? I’m in California. I will be glad to help you, especially from one city.
Good night Natalia, my name is Catherine and I’m the same from Zaporozhye. I just married to an American citizen on February 17, 02 and I’m waiting for a visa. To marry a US citizen, he must have a passport with him, an electronic return ticket. If he was previously married then the certificate of divorce and all these documents should be translated into Ukr. If you want I can advise the lawyer, he dealt with our documents and he advised us notary who certified all documents. We also concluded a marriage contract under American law and signed it at the embassy in Kiev and the marriage contract by Ukr legislation. We were written for 1 day 16.02 we submitted documents 17.02 a wedding was held.
What is the cost of your services and what are the exact terms of obtaining a visa for your wife k3.
Hello. Tell me please whether you can pay for a consultation. We applied for a visa to K1, while we registered the documents we registered a marriage, we refused to open the visa, explaining that my status has changed, the lawyer did not warn us about it. I would like to receive from you consultation.
We need a visa to the United States marriage want to conclude in Ukraine, there is no way to get a visa of the bride simply help money is not an issue.

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