Visa to Amsterdam for Russians: features of registration, documents and recommendations.

Visa to Amsterdam for Russians: features of registration, documents and recommendations.
Before you begin to talk about all the nuances of design, it should be noted that there is no such thing as a visa to Amsterdam. Everyone knows this. To get to this city, you will have to issue a visa to the Netherlands. Her production takes an average of 6-10 days. Therefore, you just need to collect all the necessary documents, submit them to the embassy / consulate and wait.
What should I know?
Before proceeding with the issuance of a visa to Amsterdam, it is necessary to submit biometric data. That is, go through fingerprinting. And also make a digital photo. Recently, this is a necessity. It is encouraging that the biometric data have a validity period of 59 months. Only children under 12 years old, people with disabilities, as well as heads of state and their spouses are exempt from the obligation to undergo these procedures.
Where to make a fingerprint? Either in the territorial departments of the interior, or immediately at the consulate.
By the way, before submitting documents for the production of a visa to Amsterdam, you will need to pass a preliminary entry for admission. In the list the person indicates his / her name, and if he goes on a trip not one, then it will be necessary to indicate the data of all others (including children). It is also worth noting that, at the discretion of the visa officers, any applicant can be invited to conduct a conversation.
List of main documents.
So, in order to obtain a visa to Amsterdam, you will need to submit to the consulate:
Application form. Two color photographs (besides digital). International passport. He must remain valid for another three months after his return from the Netherlands. Document with expired Schengen visa (if any). Photocopies of the civil passport.
This is the main package of documents, the collection of which is not difficult. But, in addition to the above, you will need to produce something else. But this should be told in more detail.
Confirmation of the visit.
A visa to Amsterdam for Russians is issued not only at will, but on a specific basis. If a person intends to go there for tourist purposes, he will still need to add the following package to the above package of documents:
Confirmation of hotel room reservation. Also, you need to specify all the information about the hotel (address, phone number). Confirmation of your financial security. An extract of the bank account is suitable. On it there should be an amount calculated taking into account that for the day of stay in the Netherlands one person should have at least 70 euros. That is, if he goes to Amsterdam for 10 days, he will need to deposit 700 y. f. Better & ndash; more. Tickets there and back. If you plan to travel on your own transport, you need to show a green card (insurance) and travel itinerary. Certificate from the place of work. It should contain data on the enterprise where the applicant works, his position, the date of appointment to it, and salary. Students must present a certificate from the dean’s office.
As you can see, and this list does not include any documents that could not be obtained.
Requirements for photos.
They should be noted with special attention. Since often in the issuance of a visa to Amsterdam for Russians are denied because of the fact that their photos do not meet the requirements.
So, the picture should be taken no earlier than six months before the submission of the questionnaire. Its standard format for photographs on documents is 3.5 by 4.5 cm. The face size should be 3.2 by 3.6 cm.
The head is level, the slightest turns and inclinations are unacceptable. The applicant looks strictly at the camera, not smiling and not showing any other emotions.
The photo must be colored. Black-and-white photographs do not accept. The image quality should be high, the same applies to paper. You also need to remember that photos with bends, stains and other “maims” are not acceptable.
What about the background? It should be either light gray or blue. Other colors do not fit, even white.
And, of course, the applicant must be without a headdress. Also glasses are forbidden in large frames, with sun-protective or colored glasses. It is better to remove them altogether. Owners of outlandish hairstyles or fringes need to remove hair so that to open the face completely.
Features that you should be aware of.
Well, as it was already explained, a visa is needed in Amsterdam, and for its registration, there is no need for anything supernatural. Moreover, there are some nuances that can & amp; simplify life & raquo; applicant.
If, for example, a person does not have a sufficient amount of money, he can simply provide a sponsorship letter from someone. The wording in it is usually the following: & laquo; I, Surname, Name, sponsor the trip of my spouse, name, year of birth, from _______ to _______. All costs associated with the trip, I fully assume & raquo ;. Also indicated is the contact phone number of the sponsor, address and attached a copy of his passport.
In addition, you should know: to apply for a visa to Amsterdam independently, you do not need to apply to the Netherlands Embassy. It is allowed to apply to another consulate. Main & ndash; get permission to enter the Schengen area. Ana territory of which country & ndash; this is not so important.
The price of the issue.
So, whether you need a visa to Amsterdam & ndash; quite clear. Now you can talk about its value.
The consular fee has remained unchanged for many years & ndash; 35 euros. It is paid immediately and in case of refusal is not returned. It happens that a person needs an express visa. The maximum period of its registration & ndash; three days. But for the urgency you have to pay, so the price is from 35 y. it grows to 70 euros.
The following persons are exempt from payment of the fee:
Children up to six years. Students and students. Citizens going to relatives living in Amsterdam. Scientists who go there to do scientific work.
All the rest need to be paid.
Information is not for tourists.
There are people who are not going to travel to Amsterdam. What kind of visa do they need then? There are two options. First & ndash; visa “D & raquo; also called national. It is issued to people who intend to stay in the Netherlands for more than 90 days on good grounds (for example, in connection with work or for the sake of reunification with the family). The national visa can be single entry (single entry within six months) and multiple entry (equal to the residence permit).
Naturally, to draw up such a document, much more documents are needed. Anyone who goes to Amsterdam to work, you need an official invitation from the employer. Previously, it must be found and persuaded to take the foreigner in place. However, this is a completely different topic.
In addition, there is a visa & laquo; A & raquo; – transit. It is easiest to obtain, since it is issued to people flying through Dutch airports to those countries that are not part of the Schengen zone. However, even such a visa is not needed if a person does not plan to leave the so-called transit zone during the flight & ndash; territory of the airport.

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