Visa to Costa Rica.

Visa to Costa Rica.
Visa processing for Costa Rica.
verification of the package of documents registration of an invitation record for filing a form filling out an air ticket / hotel medical insurance.
cost terms and a list of documents.
Our services include:
advice on how to apply, help with the preparation of the necessary documents, hotel reservation and air travel booking support when registering on the embassy’s online website and recording for an interview with an escort to the embassy.
Additional services:
Registration of medical insurance for the period of stay Payment of consular fee Document transfer Delivery (in Moscow for free)
* Consular fees, transfers and insurance policy are not included in the price.
Costa Rica & ndash; rules of entry.
One of the most fascinating countries in Central America is Costa Rica. If in the good old Europe, all the roads will someday lead to Rome, then wherever you are: on highways, dirt roads or trails, you will still find yourself in the realm of waterfalls, rare forests, impassable jungles, lakes formed in craters volcanoes, magnificent beaches. This country will fill you with unforgettable impressions and a desire to visit here again.
In order to visit the country, Ukrainians need to obtain a visa. Considering that there are no embassies of this state in Russia, the document can be issued only in the Embassy located in Moscow. You can file documents yourself or by proxy. If you are not sure of your competence or do not want to waste time on making necessary papers and traveling to the Embassy, please contact our company for assistance. Our staff will advise you on the issues that are of interest to you, will do all the work related to the paperwork for you.
Also, the visa regulations of the state provide for cases in which a visa to Costa Rica may not be issued. Ukrainians with:
an open Schengen visa, a multiple visa in the United States, Canada, valid for three or more months upon return; a residence permit in the United States, the European Union, Canada or a work or study permit valid for six months or more from the date of entry into Costa Rica; a multiple entry visa to Japan with a remaining period of six months or more;
Foreigners have the right to stay in Costa Rica for 30 days without a Costa Rican visa. Otherwise, you should start by opening a visa through the Embassy of the country in Moscow.
Documents for a visa to Costa Rica.
Making a visa to Costa Rica will require you to prepare a package of papers. In order to obtain permission, you need to submit to the consulate:
the original and a copy of the passport for travel abroad, its validity after the return from Costa Rica should be more than 180 days; a tourist form filled out in Spanish with a personal signature of the applicant; photo format 35 x 45; a certificate of employment, it must indicate the position held and the decryption of wages, entrepreneurs file a certificate of a private entrepreneur, tax reports; confirmation of solvency, bank statements, checks and the like; confirmation of hotel reservations, air tickets, tour purchases and so on; certificate of criminal record; in some cases, a certificate of the vaccinations received is required.
On traveling with you a minor, inscribed in the parent’s passport, you must file a birth certificate. If the child is traveling on his own document, a full package of papers is prepared for him, the same as for adults. It is also worthwhile to worry about the design of a notarial permit for the removal of a minor.
Visa to Costa Rica & ndash; processing time.
To get a visa to Costa Rica, you should take care in advance. This state sends all the applicants’ documents for consideration to the migration department and after their positive response a visa is opened. On average, this procedure can take 2 weeks.
Hello, Tell me from Russia there are changes regarding the visa to Costa Rica? Another question if the visa is in China, then how about a trip to Costa Rica on a visa or not? Thank you in advance.
Hello Tatiana! Between Ukraine and Costa Rica there is a visa-free regime up to 90 days of stay. A necessary requirement for entry into the country is the availability of a foreign passport, valid for at least 90 days at the time of departure from Costa Rica. When leaving the country, a consular fee of $ 29 is collected.
Zdrastuyte. I am a Russian citizen. Do I need a visa to travel to Costa Rica?
Hello, Elena! Between Ukraine and Costa Rica there is a visa-free regime up to 90 days of stay. A necessary requirement for entry into the country is the availability of a foreign passport, valid for at least 90 days at the time of departure from Costa Rica. When leaving the country, a consular fee of $ 29 is collected.
what is the total cost of your services (consort, insurance, transfer)
Hello, Natalia! For today, a visa-free regime operates between Ukraine and Costa Rica. Duration of stay up to 90 days.
Hello, do I need a visa to Costa Rica if I open the Spanish Schengen (multi for 180 days) through you? Thank you for the answer.
Hello, Diane! If you have a valid Schengen multi-visa, you can visit the territory of Costa Rica, without an additional visa. Please, we will be happy to help.
Interested in opening a visa in Costa Rica. Is there visa support?
Hello, Tamara! In the near future a specialist of our company will contact you. We will be happy to help.
Hello! I am Ukrainian, working on contracts on cruise liners as a musician, so I can not provide references from the work place. In the passport there is a valid American visa of type c1d, the term of the Schengen visa has expired. Please tell me if I need to open a visa for Costa Rica, if I want to leave for a period of up to a month, and is it enough to open a bank account statement without a job certificate? Thank you.
Hello Marguerite! For Russian citizens who have a multiple visa in the United States, they can enter Costa Rica without a visa for up to 30 days.
Hello, Lyudmila! We recommend that you contact the Embassy of Costa Rica in Poland to clarify the most reliable information.
Good afternoon! Could you help me. I need a visa to Costa Rica. Tourist trip. for 1 month. accommodation with friends. will be an invitation. I will live in Istanbul on a tourist vunge. in September I marry a Turkish citizen. I have no property and I do not work (inheritance). What can you tell me? Thank you in advance!
You need to issue documents in Turkey, we can not help you in this case.

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