Visa to Japan.

Visa to Japan.
Foreign citizens to visit Japan, usually need to pre-issue a visa. Due to the fact that citizens of the Russian Federation, the CIS countries and Georgia are not allowed visa-free entry to Japan, when planning a visit to Japan, regardless of the length of stay and the purpose of travel, you must obtain a visa in advance at the Embassy or the Consulate General of Japan, applicant.
A visa will be issued if a decision is made on the applicant’s compliance with the criteria below, as well as in the absence of other problems.
Prices for visa services to Japan.
Tourist visa is 90 days.
Citizens of Russia and the CIS.
Tourist visa is 90 days.
Criteria for issuing a visa.
The applicant has a valid passport, guarantees the return of the applicant to his country, or has the right to re-enter the host country. The presented documents are properly drawn up and contain reliable information. The planned activities of the applicant in Japan, as well as his status and period of stay in Japan, correspond to the status and period established by the Immigration Control Act and the Refugee Status (hereinafter the Immigration Act). The applicant does not fall under any paragraph of the Immigration Act, article 5, part 1 on the reasons for refusal of entry.
Required documents.
Depending on the type of visa, the list of documents may change slightly. So be careful. A general list of documents that you may need when you apply for a visa Visa to Japan is presented below.
Required documents for tourist visa:
– Original of the passport. The passport must be signed in two places (children under 14 years can submit a passport without a signature), and must contain at least 2 blank pages.
– Certificate from the place of work, The certificate from the place of work must be compiled on the company letterhead (with the company name, details and phone number) with the signature of the manager, the company’s stamp and the date of issue, indicating the position and salary of the applicant for the visa. The certificate of the individual entrepreneur also requires a second signature. The document must be issued no more than 30 days before the filing of documents.
– Photos 4,5 � 4,5 cm without seals, corners, on a white background, in dark clothes. Photos should be taken no earlier than 6 months ago. Two color photos.
-Copy of the internal passport of the Russian Federation of the main page and the page with registration.
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