Visa to Jordan for the Russians: whether it is necessary, how to receive.

Visa to Jordan for the Russians: whether it is necessary, how to receive.
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Ways to obtain a visa to Jordan for Russian citizens.
Jordan attracts tourists at any time of the year. There are sandy Mediterranean beaches, and Red Sea reefs in Aqaba, and healing springs. Business ties with a friendly country are also growing stronger from year to year. If you want to visit this country, you probably wonder whether you need a visa to Jordan for the Russians.
Yes, a visa to Jordan for Russian citizens in 2018 is necessary, as before. There is no visa-free entry. But an ordinary tourist can not easily arrange a visa upon arrival at the airport without any additional documents. Consider what options for obtaining a visa for Russians are possible.
Reception of the visa at the airport upon arrival.
This option is suitable for most tourists and those who travel with a business visit. The only downside is the large queues at Amman airport, which will have to withstand citizens wishing to get a “fast” & raquo; visa. If waiting in queues does not bother you, we recommend using this method.
What documents will be required to obtain an entry permit:
Foreign passport, the validity of which is not less than six months from the date of arrival. A completed questionnaire is a questionnaire in English or Arabic. 1 passport photo. Booking a hotel for the duration of the trip or an invitation from the host party (may be required).
Sample tourist visa.
The process of registration, not counting the waiting queue, takes about 15-20 minutes. The cost of issuing a visa at the airport is 40 dinars or about 67 US dollars. It is important to remember that you can stay in the territory of Jordan for not more than 30 days, and sometimes the permit is given exactly for the period of booking the hotel.
You can exchange currency for local dinars in the Arrival Hall at the exchange office or in the bank branch next to the passport control service. Border guards put a stamp in the passport, where the dates of the proposed visit are indicated. If you fail to meet the deadline, you will have to pay a fine for every day of delay – 1 dinar per day.
If insurmountable circumstances require that you stay in the country, we advise you to apply for an official permit to extend your stay to the local authorities.
Special rules exist for those who do not plan to stay long in Jordan. Before the transit visa was free, but the order of delivery changed. If you wish to leave the airport and walk around the city, you will have to obtain an entry visa on general grounds.
Exceptions are made for those who stay at the hotel at the airport in Amman. You should turn to the “Transit & Transfers & raquo”, located near the passport control area, show tickets for the next flight and express a desire to stay at the hotel while waiting for the flight. Remember that living is also worth the money.
It is important – you can fly only from the airports of Amman or Aqaba. If you plan to leave the country through the land border, this option will not work. In connection with the difficult situation on the border with Israel, the Jordanian border guards insist on the advance registration of the visa.
Problems can also be faced by those who enter Egypt from Egypt. We emphasize that the very fact of having an Israeli or Egyptian visa is not an obstacle to entry. For registration of the visa permission on border it is necessary to pay.
You can save and get a free visa if you arrive in the free economic zone of Aqaba or travel under the auspices of a trusted tour operator. Jordan encourages tourism. Those who have independently booked a hotel for at least three nights, flies to Amman or Aqaba airport on a direct flight and purchases a “single” & raquo; ticket for sightseeing – is exempt from payment of visa fee.
Registration in advance through the Consulate.
In order not to waste precious time of rest on arrival and safely proceed to the hotel, it is better to pre-arrange a visa through the Consulate of Jordan in Moscow. In this case you will get a visa permit for two months.
A package of papers.
Required documents:
A foreign passport valid for at least 180 days after the end of the trip. An application for a visa is completed in English or in Arabic. Download the form in PDF.
1 photo, color, passport model. Invitation from partners or hotel reservation for the duration of the trip. A birth certificate if you travel with children. A notarized permission to leave the child outside the Russian Federation from the absent parent (if the family leaves the non-full staff).
Cost of registration.
The cost of issuing a visa through the embassy & # 8212; 80 US dollars. Term of manufacturing – 3 working days. You can use the visa within a month after it was opened.
As you can see, there is nothing difficult in opening a visa through the Embassy of Jordan. This method is suitable for those who go to work in Jordan or plan to stay there for a long time. Of course, the grounds for obtaining a long-term visa are necessary. The maximum period for which permission is granted to stay in the country & # 8212; multivisa for 6 months.
Traveling with children.
If children are traveling with you, they should be entered in the passport to their parents or have their own passport from 14 years old. If the child has his passport, then the visa will have to be paid. For the children inscribed to the parents, no fee is charged. Do not forget to have a power of attorney certified by a notary if only one of the parents or the next of kin is traveling.
Jordan is waiting for you! Plan a trip to this wonderful country.
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