Visa to Qatar for Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians in 2018.

Visa to Qatar for Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians in 2018.
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Reception and registration of a visa in Qatar.
Only the person who was born here can become a citizen of this state. Nevertheless, you can come here as a tourist or get a job in some hotel, boutique, restaurant. Foreigners wishing to visit this amazing place should know that for this they need a visa, although in some cases it is possible to come to Qatar without it.
The national flag of Qatar.
Today, in the context of the economic crisis, the attention of many citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan attracts a small Islamic state of Qatar. Its residents may not work at all, and at the same time comfortably live on social payments, to which the government spends almost all the “petrodollars”.
Rules of entry for Russians.
Of course, it is most convenient to travel with a ready-made entry permit. It can be done at the embassy, which is located in the Russian capital. in 2018, Russian tourists will need to prepare for presentation to the embassy the following:
International passport. 3 photos 3,5 * 4,5 sm. 3 questionnaires filled in English or in Arabic. In this case, the personal signatures of the person who submits the application must be present in the questionnaires. Paper that certifies the fact of booking a hotel or an invitation to a resident. In the latter case, a copy of the confirmation of his identity is necessary, as a passport, as a rule. Also such an invitation can be given by an official legal entity or a person with a residence permit in this eastern state.
This is how a visa looks to Qatar.
In addition to all of the above, Russians need to consider the following nuances:
Tourists who do not know if they need a visa for Qatar for the child should take into account that children under the age of 16 are recorded in the visiting document of one of the parents (usually the mother). The consulate always carefully checks the fact of a person’s material independence, therefore it is desirable to prepare also a proof of the fact that you have enough money for a trip and stay in the country. To do this, you can show a certificate from a bank account, a credit card or cash (about 1400 dollars). Documents for departure at the consulate are considered and processed for approximately thirty days, so they should be submitted in advance, so that at the time of departure everything was ready and you did not have to worry and get nervous.
View of the capital & # 8212; the city of Doha.
How to obtain permission in the embassy to citizens of Ukraine.
As there is no Qatar Embassy in Ukraine, Ukrainians draw up all the necessary papers in the Moscow consulate. But if the period of stay does not exceed two weeks, you can simply present a tourist voucher and an invitation from the hotel. To receive an invitation, you need to book a hotel room two days before the trip, telling its employees all the necessary information about yourself.
If the period of stay in the country is more than 14 days, then in this case a visa is required in Qatar. Documents for obtaining it will be required the same as for residents of Russia.
Reception of permission upon arrival.
For Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Kazakhs, as well as for citizens of the Russian Federation and some other states, it is possible to obtain an entry permit upon arrival at the airport. In this case, tourists are able to significantly speed up the procedure for issuing all the papers directly at the airport without visiting the consulate. For this it is required to send a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs several days before departure.
All incoming documents are processed by the host country. Belarusians are able to make a visa on arrival only if they plan to stay in Qatar for no more than one month.
Registration of permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The receiving party requires the following information from the travelers:
Passport data. Purpose of arrival. Your religion. Specialty and place of work. Date of previous visit to the country. Estimated length of stay. Flight number.
Some people do not know if a visa is required for transit, and therefore worried before the trip. Without it, you can do only if the transfer to the next passenger flight is planned no later than two days later.
Airport in Doha.
It is necessary to remember that by law, it is impossible to leave the transit zone, therefore, the passengers spend time between flights at the airport. Tourists wishing to visit the city must think in advance about obtaining permission to walk. The exception is passengers traveling to Oman who have a passport in their passport that they can visit this country – they do not need a transit visa to Qatar to leave the airport.
Rules of entry for foreign workers.
If you do not know how to get a working visa to Qatar for Russians, then in this case it should be borne in mind that residents of Russia, as well as Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, who come here to work, must discuss in advance all the details with the potential employer and provide him with the required intelligence. If the receiving party has all the necessary information available, then the design can be carried out online.
Submission of the application provides for such actions:
Filling online application. Presentation of required information about yourself. Confirmation and submission of application. Payment of required fees if the application is approved. Printout of the finished document with a note that allows you to cross the border and carry out work without hindrance.
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