Visa to the Czech Republic for Russians.

Visa to the Czech Republic for Russians.
Do you want to issue a Czech long-term visa? Prepare documents and eliminate all possible reasons for refusal to help you specialists of the agency Ripid. We know everything about the procedure for issuing visas for Russians to the Czech Republic, we have a successful experience of helping our compatriots move to the EU countries and are able to circumvent bureaucratic restrictions legally.
The grounds for obtaining a visa to the Czech Republic.
Legislation of the country provides the following reasons for granting permits:
� Employment in a Czech firm. A work (work) card is issued to a foreign specialist on the basis of employment in one of the Czech companies. It is a project of the European Union, in which one document combines a residence permit and work in the Czech Republic. When you leave, the visa is not canceled, and the employee is given 1 month to find a new workplace. This is actually a 100% option, because the Czech labor market now needs foreign labor. In addition, this is an excellent start for the future residence in the country: in the future you can transport the whole family, get permanent residence or citizenship of the Czech Republic and live with all social guarantees, like a European.
� Obtaining a license to conduct business. This is similar to the IP status for Russians. A visa to the Czech Republic is issued without the creation of a legal entity. It is enough for a business owner to have a license for the type of activity that he carries out. The Czech consulate gives such visas reluctantly. In addition, the entrepreneur will have to pay a tax (even if in fact he does not conduct business) and make an advance payment for health insurance for six months in advance.
� Participation in a legal entity and holding a position of director in this company. Note that the very fact of registering a company, as well as obtaining an entrepreneurial license, is not yet a sufficient basis for granting a long-term visa to the Czech Republic. More chances to get a short-term permission to stay in the country. Later, if the company carries out real entrepreneurial activity, the authorities will become more loyal and will be more likely to issue a Czech visa.
� Training. If you entered a local university, included in the register of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, then the invitation from the educational institution will be a sufficiently valid reason for issuing a visa. This is one of the simplest options, especially when it comes to young people.
� Family reunification. Such a basis is applicable if the spouse, parents or child live in the territory of the Czech Republic. However, there are significant limitations associated mainly with age. For example, after elderly children, only elderly parents or people with disabilities can move to the republic.
How to get a visa to the Czech Republic?
The Consulate of the Czech Republic is dealing with applications. At the same time, there is no possibility for Russians to obtain a visa in the EU countries or in any other state. It is necessary to apply to the consulate in the territory of residence on the basis of permanent residence or residence permit in the country of citizenship. To obtain a Czech long-term visa, you need a package of documents:
� two color photographs;
� an extract from the bank account;
� certificate of criminal record;
� documents proving the purpose of the trip.
The last point, of course, is the most complex, and there are no universal solutions for Russians here. In each case, the list of necessary papers should be selected personally.
How to increase the chances of obtaining a long-term visa to the Czech Republic?
Do you know the most common reasons for refusing permission for a long stay in the country? How to bypass the hidden filters that inspectors use to undesirable emigrants? The absence of any optional, but important documents leads to failure? All this can be known only by specialists who have considerable experience in this field.
Services for obtaining a visa to the Czech Republic for Russians.
We helped many people safely issue a long-term visa to the Czech Republic on various grounds. Our clients receive the following services:
� Consulting support. We are well acquainted with the numerous nuances of issuing visas to the Czech Republic for Russians. We know which documents are needed, which services will have to be contacted. We carefully study the situation of the client and help you choose the type of Czech visa that is most suitable for him. For hired employees, this is a working visa, for businessmen it is entrepreneurial, for young people it is a student visa.
� Assistance in collection and execution of documents. The list of documents is always individual and depends on the type of Czech visa and other characteristics. Having analyzed in detail the documents available to you, we will say that it is still necessary. Our consultants will tell you where to turn for one or another certificate, where it is profitable to arrange medical insurance. Our assistance in collecting documents confirming the purpose of the trip is always individual: we know which papers are more weighty, how to convince the consulate staff of your value for the Czech Republic.
� Assistance in preparation for the interview. This stage of registration of the Czech long-term visa is alarming and doubtful for most people. How to behave before officials? What to answer their questions so as not to be refused visa? What to tell about yourself and your family, but what better to keep silent about? The answers to all these questions are known to our managers. With our help, more than a thousand customers received long-term visas to the Czech Republic. Long before the interview we will tell you about its main points and possible issues, we will help calm down and tune in to the right way.
� Support in cooperation with the Czech consulate. We will not leave you alone with the officials of the visa service, ready to help with any questions. The result of our cooperation will be a Czech long-term visa. Our main goal is not only to help the client in obtaining the coveted permission for a long stay in the Czech Republic, but also to make this process as comfortable as possible. We will save you from solving bureaucratic issues.
Find out which way to apply for a visa to the Czech Republic for Russians is suitable in your case – order a return call and get a specialist consultation.

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