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Investment program in Canada.
To immigrate to Canada as an investor, it is necessary to show the immigration authorities the experience of doing business and to have money in the amount of 800 thousand Canadian dollars or more. Investors are required to invest 400,000 Canadian dollars in the case before obtaining a visa. This money does not return after receiving a visa and remains inaccessible for five years. After the expiration of five years, investors are paid these 400 thousand without interest. This money goes to the province’s budget, which uses them to create jobs and develop the economy. Investors are required to live in any province other than Quebec. Quebec has its own program for the acceptance of immigrant investors.
All these documents are carefully considered by employees of special centers of business immigration, in particular, for the lack of elements of crime in the activities of investors and their enterprises. It is also important to note that Canadian laws do not allow investments to obtain an immigrant visa by the investor from funds received as a legacy or as a result of donation.
The size of investments and the procedure for their implementation: An immigrant investor must invest in Canada at least 400,000 Canadian dollars. The amount invested is transferred to the accounts of special funds. The creation of these funds is a significant innovation in the “investor” program. It allows the Canadian authorities to prevent often past cases of violations by newly arrived investors of the obligations and conditions provided for by law. The need to conduct complex and costly inspections of the actual fulfillment of these obligations has disappeared.
At the same time, the new program has become, in a sense, more “convenient” for investors themselves. It eliminated the pre-existing difference in the requirements of different provinces to the amount invested. In addition, immigrant investors received more opportunities to choose their place of residence in any province of Canada, whereas previously they were territorially “tied” to the place of their initial investment of their capital. Now such a requirement is retained only in the province of Quebec. Investing in the economy of this province, immigrant investors should live on its territory.
The transfer of funds to special funds can be made immediately after the Canadian immigration authorities accept from the applicant a full package of documents for business immigration and will report on the account to which the investment should be directed. It is also possible that the transfer of funds is carried out later – after the investor receives an official notification of the decision to issue him an immigrant visa. In this case, the issuance of the visa is postponed until the moment when the receipt of the investment in the specified account is confirmed. As a confirmation, the investor receives from the special fund a debt obligation backed by the guarantees of the Government of Canada for the amount of the investment.
In essence, the funds invested by an immigrant investor in the Canadian economy are an interest-free loan provided by a wealthy immigrant to the Canadian side for a certain period of time. The invested amounts are returned to the migrant maximum 5 years after they are received in the accounts of special funds. This period may be shorter if the investment is repaid earlier. However, in any case, the business immigrant does not receive any income from the capital gain invested in order to obtain an accelerated visa for permanent residence in Canada.
If the investor’s plans for resettlement to Canada have changed during the consideration of the application for immigration, then his investments in special funds can be returned. But to claim back already transferred amounts is allowed only until you get a visa. If an immigrant visa is received, it is no longer possible to return them.
Investing in the Canadian economy through special funds, investors seem to “buy” themselves the opportunity to significantly speed up the process of passing immigration formalities. Although the selection of the points system is also mandatory for investors (since they are classified as independent immigrants), they pass through a simplified scheme. If potential immigrants in the professional category are evaluated according to ten criteria, then investors – only seven. In their case, the demand in the Canadian labor market and the presence of relatives are not important. For investors, the time required to obtain permanent residence visas in Canada is much shorter than for other categories of potential migrants.
The help of a qualified consultant allows you to save a lot of time and avoid mistakes that make it difficult or impossible to obtain a permanent residence visa. It is advisable, however, to apply only to those consultants who have the appropriate licenses.
The Federal Investors Program is aimed at attracting experienced businessmen and their capital to Canada. Investors should either:
manage the business and control the percentage of the equity of the business for at least 2 years in the last 5 years prior to the date of filing the application to manage the business with at least 5 full-time employees for at least 2 years during the last 5 years before the day of application.
An investor class investor must own at least Can $ 800,000 of the net worth of personal property and business, and make an investment of Can $ 400,000 in the name of Receiver General for Canada. (We help clients get a loan from the bank so that they do not withdraw from circulation such amount of money for an extended period).
This investment will be appropriately allocated to one of the provinces or territories of Canada, whose governments use these funds to create jobs and economic development. The full amount of the investment (without interest) will be returned to the investor in 5 years. The provincial or territorial government guarantees a full return on investment.
Investors are not required to open a business in Canada. A full return on investment is guaranteed by the provincial or provincial government. The provinces or territories control the investment for 5 years. Unlike the class of entrepreneurs, there are no conditions for entering Canada.
Business experience (experience of doing business).
For the category of business immigrants, as well as for qualified professionals, a scoring system for personal data is installed. At the same time, the pass bar is only 35 points out of 100, which, it would seem, is much simpler than the set of 67 points out of 100. But this ease is extremely deceptive. As the good Russian proverb says, “it was smooth on paper, but forgot about ravines.” The fact is that applicants for the entrepreneur class must first meet the relevant definitions, and then get a minimum of 35 points according to the given selection system.
We categorically do not recommend independently doing business immigration to Canada from Russia. The approach to business immigrants and the requirements for them are very serious. Entrepreneurs must provide not only all documents relating to their Russian business, but also a presentation of the history of their enterprise, submitted correctly and in the right manner; bank statements on the movement of money on accounts; photoimages of samples of manufactured products and so on and so on. All this is far from easy, so you should definitely contact professionals who are familiar with the practice of business immigration to Canada.
Birth certificates Marriage document Diplomas and certificates Inquiries from work places last 10 years Inquiries from the army Information on criminal records Help with the tax police Income certificate Passports internal and foreign Photo Information from the bank about the availability of money and the opening of an account with a Canadian bank (we can do it) where the amount transferred to the investment. The transfer must be made to the Bank of Canada before submitting the application and to provide a contract with the financial institution of Canada on investments in a particular area for five years without the right to use this amount.
More detailed information on this area you can get by contacting our company.
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