Ways of immigration to Argentina for the Russians.

Ways of immigration to Argentina for the Russians.
Argentina is a sunny and picturesque country with an interesting culture, history and traditions. Local residents are extremely pleased with foreigners, and almost 90% of Argentines are immigrants. The government of the state is aimed at attracting foreign citizens. For migrants, the most comfortable conditions and preferential programs are created. Immigration to Argentina for Russians is becoming more popular every year.
Many think that all the blessings of a foreign state will be opened by emigration, Argentina quite strictly regulates the rules for obtaining the status of a resident and citizenship. The residence permit in the country is issued for a period of up to 1 year with a multiple renewal right. Three years of continuous residence in the country makes it possible to apply for the status of a permanent resident.
It should be noted that a tourist visa does not entitle Russian citizens to stay in Argentina for more than 90 days in one half-year. Also, the owners of such a document can not work in Argentine territory.
The benefits of emigration through marriage.
The registration of a marriage with a local or Argentine is one of the ways in which emigration is conducted, Argentina is highly respected by the institution of the family, therefore relatives of local citizens can obtain Argentine citizenship by a simplified procedure. A spouse of a local resident has the right to apply for an Argentine passport after three years of stay in the country.
Also, citizens and children of the subjects of the state can register citizenship. To become an equal member of Argentine society can also be repatriates, i.e. Foreign citizens, including Russia, who have Argentine roots. It is not necessary to give up your original citizenship. The country has a double position of citizens. The term for considering an application for a passport of a citizen under the family program is only 6 months.
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Importance of business immigration to Argentina.
Immigration to Argentina for businessmen from Russia is an advantageous solution. Here you can buy a ready-made operating company or register an enterprise from scratch. Opening a business in the country gives the right after two years to register the status of a permanent resident. To obtain a residence permit in the state for a business program, you must:
make a deposit of 100 thousand pesos; invest 100 thousand dollars in the Argentine bank.
After registration of permanent residence, these funds are returned to the owner. Also under this scheme immigrants can live in Russia, who have a stable legal income of $ 1,200 monthly.
Buying property does not entitle foreigners to obtain residence permit, but the availability of living space is an advantage for the applicant for permanent status.
Employment – as a way of integration into Argentine society.
Immigration to Argentina by professional program to date is the most popular and effective among Russian citizens. Moving on the basis of an employment contract with the Argentine employer allows you to issue a one-year visa and a temporary residence permit. It is worth noting that the agreement on cooperation between a legal entity in Argentina and a Russian specialist should be notarized by the appropriate authorities.
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It is extremely important to have a national dialect. The power is spoken in Spanish, so it is worth starting to learn the language beforehand. Having a residence permit in Argentina, foreigners have the opportunity to work, live, study and be treated legally.
The passport of a citizen of Argentina gives the right to a visa-free visit to almost all countries of the world.

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