We are looking for castings in the USA.

We are looking for castings in the USA.
You have a resume. You have portrait photos (Headshot). You know your type and what roles you could play. Now you need a chance to show your abilities in this production.
One of the depressing facts of the validity of this business, especially for beginners, is that the roles do not come to the actors: actors should go for roles. The only way to get a role is by listening, and once again listening! The actor must himself seek opportunities to enter the industry. Most actors have agents who do most of the search for them, but even with an agent, actors should also continue to look for castings and auditions themselves.
How do the beginning actors find a role that turns them into celebrities? How to learn about new castings? We all need to start somewhere. And to the general convenience of the Internet daily advertisements about hundreds of castings. Some of the resources are paid, but there are many free sites. You just need to know where to look.
Castings in the USA: Paid resources.
The best website for casting in the US is Backstage.com. Since 1960, they have maintained the reputation of “a website about castings that can be trusted,” and are leaders in business.
They daily post ads on castings for cinema and theater, as well as auditions for singers and dancers throughout the country, including both studio and independent projects. The only hitch is that the service is paid: $ 19.95 for a monthly payment or $ 11.66 per month for those who are ready to pay for the year ahead. In addition to castings, they post on the site various articles with useful tips for actors and many other valuable information.
Another useful similar source is Casting Networks. Their site is distributed to casting directors to search for new faces, and also offers a monthly subscription. Actors who have agents can create a basic account for free if they have a valid code from their agency. For actors without agents, various account options for different budgets and needs are offered. At the moment, the base registration costs $ 25 per year, and then you can add the options you need at an additional cost. Perhaps this is the best platform for actors with an agent, although those who do not have them can find an agency through this website, but once again we draw attention to the fact that it will be paid.
Castings in the USA: Free resources.
On free notice boards for casting, as a rule, there will be no information about high-paying projects, but they can be a good starting point for beginning actors.
Facebook is the king of social networks of our days and offers something for every sphere, including announcements boards about casting. In every major city there are groups on Facebook, where industry employees post ads, and also search for actors and crew members. Look for Facebook groups that exist in your city, or ask your friends-actors what groups they use.
Craigslist & # 8211; it’s a platform whose reputation is a little weaker than Facebook, but sometimes you can find a real treasure there. On Craigslist, actors can look for work in two main sections: “Jobs”, the subcategory “tv / film / video”; and “Gigs”, subcategory “talent”. You can find there worthwhile ads, but be careful, knowing that you have a chance to bump into scammers and advertisements for “adults.” Never send more personal information than you need to register for casting, and trust your opinion on the announcement. The information about the organization and the professionalism with which the announcement of the casting was compiled are good parameters to form an opinion on the project as a whole.
Rotate in the environment to find work.
Actors can learn about casting not only from online sources. For example, in schools like the New York Film Academy, not only actors, but also filmmakers, writers, producers, operators, etc., learn from whom you can always ask for advice or find out about upcoming castings. Kinovuz & # 8211; this is an excellent environment for finding professional contacts. Look for students from other faculties who might be interested in cooperation.
No matter how you learned about casting, it’s important to acquire a professional reputation. Believe it or not, the established links on your current project are the best way to find work in the future. Behave professionally and politely, and also be always prepared, then the casting directors, producers and directors will address you again and again.
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