We issue permanent residence in Spain, opportunities for Russians.

We issue permanent residence in Spain, opportunities for Russians.
Because of the crisis, Russians are increasingly thinking about emigration. Of particular interest is the sunny and friendly Spain, which left many so pleasant impressions of tourist trips. However, resting is one thing, and getting permanent residence in Spain is quite another.
Economic indicators.
The standard of living in Spain, which has membership in the EU, is higher than the domestic one. In absolute terms, it looks like this:
According to UN estimates, in the list of states for the nominal value of GDP per person, Spain ranked 13th. For comparison: Australia – 12, Canada – 11, Russia – 8, France – 5. But it is not the amount of money in the country, but their distribution that is important. According to the IMF estimates, in the ranking of countries compiled on the basis of the purchasing power of the population, Spain was in 33 place in 2014, while Russia – by 45, France – by 25, Canada by 19, Australia by 13.
Prospects for employment.
sales and service personnel – 800 � per month; agrarians – 500-800; builders and working professions (men) – 800-1200; office workers – about 700; specialists after the university, IT managers – 1200-2000.
By the standards of Russia, the inhabitants of Spain earn little, and a high standard of living is explained by low prices. The mentality makes itself felt: unlike the workaholic Germans, the Spaniards do not like to overwork.
What is only the tradition of the afternoon siesta (a long break and an after-dinner sleep), with which the state and corporations are trying to fight. The indigenous population is looking not so much for the highly paid as for the light and comfortable work, leaving the opportunity to live for pleasure. The Spaniards themselves speak about quality, not about the standard of living.
Despite this, it is difficult to find work for natives of Russia in Spain. To officially employ a foreigner, the employer must obtain permission from the Ministry of Labor. This is possible only if the Spanish national does not claim to be in the field. There are also nuances: when employing foreigners, citizens of the EU prefer; if Romanians or Bulgarians pretend to take the place, they will prefer them, and not Russians; without the knowledge of Spanish or at least English, it is almost impossible to find a job; diplomas of Russia are not listed.
Given the unemployment rate in Spain (more than 20%), it is difficult to officially get unskilled jobs to Russian citizens. And if it works, you’ll have to work for a pittance. To formalize the employment relationship, the Spanish authorities are strictly enforced – the fine for illegals is up to 15 000 �. Therefore, even for seasonal work in agriculture, a contract and medical insurance are issued. Unofficial employment hampers legalization: there is often no way to justify the need for permanent residence in Spain.
The cost of living.
Free legal support by phone:
8 (800) 775-65-04 (the call is free)
The price of food products in Spain is 19% lower than in the whole of the EU. Low rents. In the season in the resort area for an apartment you need to shell out from 800 � per month. The cost of long-term rental of economy-class housing in Spain ranges from 200 to 800 �, depending on the location. Public services in Spain are cheap, like anywhere else in the EU. The inhabitants of the south also save due to lack of heating. Cheap gasoline and energy. Residents of the border areas of France go to Spain to refuel. Taxes in the country are average for the EU. Citizens of Russia, like all non-residents, on general grounds pay such taxes: income – on a progressive scale; for the transfer of ownership of real estate; for the performance of notarial and legally significant actions; on property (TS and real estate). In addition, Russian citizens are charged: 25% of profits from deposits and insurance; 35% of the purchase price of securities.
Having a problem? Call the lawyer:
8 (804) 333-68-85 (the call is free)
Labor immigration.
There are such types of work permits:
Type “A” – temporary activities (seasonal work, start-up and adjustment of equipment). Issued for a period of work, the extension is only possible for 12 months. Type “B” (initial). It is issued for one year on the basis of a contract. Has a geographical limitation (province of location of production facilities, office), as well as the scope of work. Type “B” (extended) is issued after the previous permit for 2 years without restrictions on the scope of work. It can be geo-referenced. Type “C” – the right to work without restrictions for 2 years. Extension means obtaining a residence permit and automatic permission for any work other than the civil service.
Self-employed persons can obtain three types of permits – “D” (initial and re-registered), E, F. Qualified specialists of Russia have a “T” type permission. Issued for the duration of the contract with the employer, but not more than 9 months with the possibility of renewal. The employer must guarantee the employment and material support of the employee.
Strong Spanish companies of strategic interest (Empresa de sector Estrategico) have the right to hire highly qualified foreigners. Condition – the salary is from 28000 � / year.
Other migration options.
Obtaining residence permit without the right to work by making investments. To move to Spain, you need to confirm the existence of a substantial regular income from an external source – rent, interest from a deposit, etc. When issuing visas for this program (the first time – for a year), the availability of real estate in Spain, or long-term, . Migration for businessmen with the right to work. It is necessary to open a commercial enterprise and create several vacancies. The residence permit is issued for 12 months. With successful work and payment of taxes, an extension is guaranteed (the first time for 2 years). Residence on the residence permit is limited to the province where the company was established. It is not necessary to work on one’s own enterprise, but the scope of activity must correspond to what was requested. Having lived in marriage with a Spaniard in the territory of the state for a year, one can obtain citizenship. Under the program of family reunion for Russians, a permanent residence permit is available. Buyers of real estate in Spain and members of his family are put Schengen multivision or residence without the right to work for 12 months with an extension. According to general rules, 5 years of legal residence in Spain on any grounds (except for study) in the absence of serious offenses give the right to permanent residence, and 10 years for citizenship.

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