We make a visa to visit the island of Reunion.

We make a visa to visit the island of Reunion.
The visa for the Reunion for Russians in 2017 is needed. The issuing of visas is handled by the consular service of the Embassy of the Republic of France. Reunion Island is part of the overseas territories of France and is located to the east of Africa, next to Madagascar. The Indian Ocean is washed by the banks of the island of Reunion.
Entry without a visa Tourist entry Travel with minors Cost and terms.
Entry without a visa.
Several years ago, the French government decided to admit foreign citizens to a number of their overseas territories on a visa-free scheme. This option applies to the island of Reunion. A special visa is not needed if the tourist has the following permits:
a residence permit or a long-term multivisa issued by any country in the Schengen area; “Long” national visa of France, issued for one, two years, five years.
Tourist entrance.
For a regular visit to the island of Reunion with the purpose of tourism, it is necessary to provide the employees of the consular service with a set of documents on the following list:
not overdue foreign passport. The document must be active for another three months after the visitor returns home. Passing your passport, you need to make sure that there are still free pages for the visa stamp, and there are at least two of them; you need to remove a copy of the first page and the one where the children are inscribed; visa application form, the language is French or English. For each child, the application form is separate; two color photos on the passport; a full copy of the Russian passport; hotel reservation or letter of invitation from a private / legal entity registered on the island of Reunion; paid tickets to Reunion and necessarily back or their reservation. The dates of departure / arrival by sea ship must be closed; detailed route of travel around the island; paid medical policy for the amount of 30 thousand euros; Certificate of solvency of the applicant: bank statement, certificate of salary, form 2 NDFL, a copy of the savings book. Cash, copies of credit cards, certificates of currency exchange, travel checks the consulate does not consider; all categories of non-working citizens must provide a sponsorship letter, attaching to it financial documents indicating the sponsor’s solvency, and a copy of his Russian passport; it is necessary to make copies of the pension certificate, student’s card, to take certificates from the educational institution.
Traveling with minors.
Children must have their own foreign passport or be entered in the parent foreign documents. After the 14th anniversary, entry is only possible according to your passport. If the child is six years old, his photo must be pasted into the parent’s passport, if his own passport is not yet. In this case, the child visa is also pasted to the parent.
Be sure to take a birth certificate.
When crossing the border with one parent from the second, notarial consent is required. If the child is traveling with an accompanying person without a father and mother, a notarized power of attorney from both parents is needed.
Absence of a second parent as a result of death, serving a sentence, depriving parental rights, etc. must be explained by appropriate documents.
Cost and terms.
The visa fee for the trip to Reunion is about one and a half thousand rubles. Paid in cash at the time of filing. The currency is the ruble. If the package is transferred through the visa center, the amount of service will be slightly more than a thousand rubles. If a visa waiver is received, the money will not be returned.
The minimum waiting period is ten days, excluding weekends and holidays. The temporary corridor before departure should be planned for at least 20 days.
For a trip to Reunion single and multiple short-term visas are issued from one day to two months.
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