Western Europe goes for the US, like rats behind a pipe. At its perdition (“Parlamentnilisty.cz”, Czech Republic).

Western Europe goes for the US, like rats behind a pipe. At its perdition (“Parlamentnilisty.cz”, Czech Republic).
Today leading commentators and political scientists agree on one thing: the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria were a fatal mistake of the West, primarily the United States, as well as France and Britain.
Despite this, for two decades, the West has not shown any results, except financial costs for wars and a couple hundred, and in the case of the United States, a couple of thousands of killed soldiers …
I will repeat … It should happen.
These refugees are nothing but the first concrete and somewhat harsh consequence of these illegitimate and illegal wars. These are the victims, but in part also the warriors that the West has awakened.
Yes, these refugees, who first scattered in the Muslim surrounding countries, began to change the track. And, attention, while this is only a small part of what else, most likely, will be.
I will say sharply: if Hussein, Gaddafi were not overthrown, if the West had not supported the Islamic state against the Syrian President Asad for five years at any price, then refugees and Germans would hardly come to Germany and the company.
The policy of the West was unforgivable and brutal.
And now we reap its fruits …
But what is important is not only what was, but literally what is tragic, and what in fact can sweep Europe away if it does not immediately come to its senses.
The most dangerous source of conflicts is still the richest and most powerful militarily, together with Russia and China, the US power.
There is no other country in the world that would unleash so many wars, and there is not one other such country in the world that has never, even at the cost of global chaos, shown a meaningful result that would bring the planet closer to the world.
The war in Libya is a total collapse, which opened the way for refugees to Europe. A rather progressive authoritarian leader was eliminated.
Afghanistan? First, the Americans there helped the Mujahideen and armed the Taliban against the USSR, and now it’s only a matter of time before this education explodes … (And there it’s unforgivable that we are still there).
Cynicism is the main distinguishing feature of all this Western policy.
Hysteria begins, and everything: the USA, Germany, NATO, Israel, etc. – resent that Russia wants to destroy stability.
What stability? The one that the cruel and anti-civilization Islamic state offers? The one associated with the fact that just as the West eliminated secular Hussein and Gaddafi, does he consider it necessary to eliminate Assad as well?
I did not see much swinishness. I am ashamed of the West, and I wholeheartedly wish him that refugees flood him like locusts and destroy them.
So far, only a few countries have the courage to declare modestly that it is necessary to unite with Russia and Iran on the Syrian issue. Spain and Austria.
The Czech Republic only whispered about this, and Boguslav Sobotka again fell back in fear when the NATO Secretary General criticized Russia for interfering in the events in Syria.
Does this official understand that if Russia has allied ties with Syria, does it simply want to adhere to them? Probably, this malicious human does not understand.
Those millions of refugees do not choose and will never choose the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, the Baltic states. There have never been so few asylum applications as they are now. It’s even comical, but also fair.
The countries of Eastern Europe did not bomb Iraq or Libya, and today we do not devastate Syria.
This is the case of Western Europe and its teacher – the United States.
If Western Europe wants to be destroyed, it deserves it. If they want, like rats, to go for a pipe in the hands of the US to perish, let it be so.
We, the Czechs, Moravians and Silesians can only follow with pain for these events.
But we were before the EU and will be after it.
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