What are the ways of immigration to Noregia?

What are the ways of immigration to Noregia?
This country is one of the most difficult for migration. The number of people who make attempts to stay here is subject to strict control. And the conditions for legalization here are complicated. Do Russian citizens stay here forever, and what will it take to get immigration to Norway hastily passed – these questions are interesting to many.
Norway – reasons for choosing.
Even without reflection, many people stopped you choosing precisely on this power as your new home. What are the reasons for this? A lot of them:
High wages; Decent pensions; The waste for a rented vein is compensated; Free medicine and education; A lot of different social programs that ensure a high level of protection and life of citizens.
Also, Norway is a member of the Schengen and the EU. Therefore, all those who are legally entrenched here have the right to move without a visa inside the specified territory and to be in neighboring countries without having a temporary restriction.
How to go to Norway.
Begins emigration to Norway from Russia from crossing the border. You need a D-type national visa for this purpose. It can be issued to you within 10 days at the Consulate of the country.
When you are at the place of your new residence you need to undergo the registration procedure to become the holder of a temporary residence permit. This document is valid for 12 months.
At the next stage, you can apply for a residence permit for you, based on one of the reasons for your move. This document can be renewed once a year before it does not lose its force.
At the next stage, you can obtain a permanent residence permit. Get it you dare, after living 3 years in the country. This status gives you more rights than just a migrant who has arrived. This document also has a validity period, it is from 3 years to 5. The period depends on the reason for your stay in Norway, it is subject to extension for a new period.
To become a citizen of the state, you must have at least 7 years behind you, who have lived here. This time can be reduced if:
If earlier you were a citizen of another Scandinavian country – 2 years; You had a marriage with a Norwegian citizen – 3 years. If you are an underage citizen of any state – 5 years.
When you become a citizen, you will receive a Norwegian passport.
Grounds for moving.
Most of the migrants are attracted not by Norway itself, but by the benefits that the government of the country gives to all who need it. In connection with this, there have been tough measures recently that limit the flow of numerous migrants. How to leave for a permanent residence in Norway? There are several ways to do this.
This basis can be used by anyone who is not afraid of not qualified and fairly hard work. Here there is always a shortage of labor for seasonal work, which among Norwegians is unacceptable.
To get a residence permit for the purpose of work you can:
For job search; If you have a contract with an employer from Norway; If you have a unique profession and are a sought-after employee.
In the first case, you will receive a residence permit for 1 year without the possibility of renewal. All other cases provide for its annual prolongation.
Reunion with the family or its creation.
This basis, initially, is available to those who have relatives living in this Scandinavian country.
Parents, children under the age of majority, the applicant’s spouses can legitimize their being in the country if the migrant can prove their finances. consistency.
Regarding marriage with a Norwegian, you can conclude it both in your home country and with him. In his country, state and church – are inseparable, therefore the wedding is considered as a union of newlyweds.
If the marriage is fictitious, then you will have to make frequent checks, as well as watch your life. Representatives of the authorities should be convinced that the reason for your marriage is love. To obtain a legal status in Norway on this basis in marriage, you need to live 3 years.
education can also cause immigration to Norway from Russia. It is necessary to provide a contract for this, proving that you are enrolled in the lava of the students of the educational institution. Based on this document, you will be able to obtain a student visa and residence permit upon arrival in the country.
As a Norwegian citizen, you will be able to receive education free of charge.
Whether you get this status or not, depends on a variety of conditions. Be prepared that your case will be considered long and closely. Before the authorities start gratuitously and voluntarily pay you benefits, you will have to spend some time in a settlement specifically designed for people waiting for such a verdict.
It is also worth paying attention to your former citizenship. The Norwegian law provides for the renunciation of another citizenship. It is important to know that if you want to legalize your own status with the help of buying real estate, this fact does not affect the permanent residence in Norway.
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