What is the “Jews”, their emigration to the state of Israel and the Holocaust. Part 1.

What is the “Jews”, their emigration to the state of Israel and the Holocaust. Part 1.
Favorite by the Soviet people remarkable Jewish singers in the early 1970s suddenly stopped showing on TV, they were branded as traitors to the Motherland, they demagnetized all their records, films with their participation stopped showing. Simultaneously, the total deficit and the rapid deterioration of the Soviet party-economic elite began. After the collapse of the Soviet regime in 1991, the tsunami of Jewish emigration was overwhelmed by the former USSR. And it was also surprising, because Jews were the most organized and well-provided people, always had a fresh penny, working as doctors, dentists, jewelers, hairdressers, sellers, storekeepers and warehouse managers. It was a well-known fact that literally all Jews organized gold, precious stones, bought icons and antiques in order to permanently leave the USSR and have a means to settle in a new place.
Let’s try to understand the & quot; Jewish & quot; problem from the point of view of the American financial system.
Emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel in 1972.
The US default in 1971. The corporate brother refused to pay debts and royalties. Effects.
The US default in 1971, the Jackson Amendment & mdash; Vanik and the tragic fate of Arkady Severny.
The defeat and bankruptcy of the invaders of the planet and the restructuring of their debts under Article 11.
The main building of Moscow University was built in 1953 (1963-65), and around it, as far as the eye could see, there was a vacant wasteland.
When the building of the main building of the Moscow University was almost built, there were rustic villages with logged squalid houses nearby, and this was the beginning of the 1950s (1960s).
So there were “Jews” -high-tech anthropoid clones-biorobots, imprisoned for the payment of reparations and the restoration of the planet, so for “Jews” there are only work and money. & quot; Jews & quot; they are not people, they are living two-legged technologies, the same, for example, as a car, navigator or iPhone, only their software is much more complicated. It’s a big mistake to treat Jews as people and to endow them with human qualities, because their software includes only the options necessary for work. Commercial clones had to be maintained and maintained in accordance with the technical regulations. Create a normal living conditions and provide food was the host.
For each product, the & quot; commercial clone & quot; the license is about the same.
You can calculate the state’s losses if “unsuccessful projects” there were a million commercial clones that are repaid at the expense of the growth of public debt.
For non-payment of royalties to legal owners of commercial clones-Estate Holders the license for their use was suspended, maintenance, maintenance and updating of the software at the proper level ceased. Estate Holders demanded an immediate return of their property back, but on a fateful coincidence, not all clones could leave the corporation of the USSR, became hostages of communist democracy, but their unlicensed exploitation continued until the late 1980s.
There was no settled territory where it was possible to take out such a huge number of clones, since the entire planet had only recently experienced the Great Catastrophe.
The profit from the exploitation of the “Jews” the corporation of the USSR continued to receive, but transferred almost everyone to the “illegal” position.
Since after 1971, the Jews & quot; they got the right to leave the USSR, they submitted documents to OVIR for getting an exit visa, they were dismissed from work, they did not accept anywhere, they refused to leave, were for years in “suspended” without a livelihood and housing. Many & quot; Jews & quot; could not stand: they became homeless, vagrants, alcoholics, interrupted by accidental earnings, ended their lives in a psychiatric hospital or as a result of suicide, many fell under the repressions rink.
The whole problem was that having human status, “Jews” -commercial clones, often lacked basic household skills, could not survive if they were not served and did not provide roofs over their heads. Remember the tragic fate of the brilliant performer Arkady Severnogo, did he earn a little, touring all over the country? But he could not make life and get his angle, because he did not have the appropriate software.
(the return of commercial clones to their rightful owner)
, as well as violating other human rights (commercial clones). Proposed by Congressmen Henry Jackson and Charles Vanik. Only after 38 years & mdash; November 21, 2012 & mdash; the effect of the amendment against Russia was formally abolished by Congress (however, it ceased to act de facto from 1987 and especially 1994)
What is the “Jews”, their emigration to the state of Israel and the Holocaust. Part 2.
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