What is this & # 8212; live on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

What is this & # 8212; live on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Back in 1789, British sailors raised a mutiny on the Bounty ship in the Pacific Ocean and settled on the island of Pitcairn, located among the islands of Tahiti. Some of the team left the island after the disputes, and the rest of the rebels went to Tahiti, where they were later arrested by the British and brought to trial.
Those who remained on the island were able to create a community. In 1838, Pitcairn officially became a British territory. Today, 48 people live on the island, claiming that they are the descendants of the rebels from the Bounty.
As the population of the island is shrinking, the once-stringent requirements for accommodation are becoming increasingly mild in order to attract as many new settlers as possible. How do people live today on a small island in the Pacific Ocean …
Any person can visit the island, only getting there is not easy.
The British Isles of Pitcairn includes four small volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. Only Pitcairn has about 50 inhabitants.
Most of the island – it’s rocks and rocks …
… that does not prevent the islanders from being happy.
The municipality of the island in 2004 was declared bankrupt. Islanders strongly depend on tourism, as the main means of income. Since the island is in a remote location, there are very few visitors.
Before the arrival of the rebels, the Polynesians were the first settlers on Pitcairn. Here is a picture of ancient petroglyphs found on the south-eastern side of the island.
On the island there is only one sandy beach, located next to petroglyphs.
And this is the main pier on the island and at the same time a swimming pool and a village beach. Boats and pier on the island of Pitcairn is also a popular place for fishing.
Jackie – she is the representative of the 7th generation of rebel offspring from Bounty. She likes to walk around the island on narrow paths.
Jackie says: “I love Pitcairn and I think that we live in the most amazing piece of the world.”
The island is beautiful in all weathers.
This is one of the few roads on the island. Its locals use it when they ride motorcycles.
After 5 years, 80% of the island’s population will be over 65 years old. In the photo – the oldest resident of the island, 87-year-old Irma on her motorcycle.
This is Emily, one of 8 children on the island of Pitcairn, she is 3 years old. Next year, two teenagers will travel to New Zealand to study in high school.
Sue O’Keefe and her brother Paul said that life on the island is far from idyllic. The island has very high prices for ordinary amenities, for example, services such as the Internet and electricity. The monthly cost of 2 GB of Internet is $ 100, and the payment for electricity is $ 400 per month.
From the house Sue O’Keefe offers an amazing view of the island and the ocean.
“And at night we can lie on our deck and admire the stars,” Sue said.
Photo of Sue and Paul’s house on Pitcairn. When asked about security on the island, Sue said: “Everywhere on the island, during the day and night, I know that I am completely safe from the attack.”
In general, most houses on Pitcairn do not have doors. This is evidence of security on the island.
At Pitcairn, residents receive electricity from a diesel generator. The generator works only a couple of hours a day and turns off at 10 pm.
Most of the islanders eat fresh fish, caught here, near the island. But there are some islanders who do not eat seafood for religious reasons.
The most common cause of death on the island is old age. Photo of tombstones. Most people on Pitcairn live about 90 years.
Life here and now is waiting for the arrival of a ship once a quarter with food. Everything, from sweets to clothes, is delivered to the island from New Zealand.
The islanders are dismantling the next food supply. This is bottled honey.
On the island there is not a single person with full employment. The average annual income is less than $ 5,000.
On the day of birth, the whole population of the island gathers to the person, because people live here as a friendly community. The islanders know not only the names of each other, but all their ancestors.
To receive treatment or more or less serious medical care, the islanders must go to New Zealand. They can return not earlier than in 3 months. “If you’re lucky, you can get treatment for a not very serious illness, such as dental problems or minor operations in Tahiti and return within 10-14 days,” say the island’s residents.
The island of Pitcairn in the moonlight.
And yet the island is insanely beautiful, there is an opportunity to admire the magnificent sunsets and sunrises, being anywhere in the island. That’s how people live on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean …
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