What programmers need Canada?

What programmers need Canada?
It is believed that IT professionals will simply be able to work in Canada, much easier than professionals in other professions. But programmers can have different qualifications and knowledge, so not everyone is so easy and simple with a job search.
In my opinion and from personal experience, in Toronto it’s easiest to find a job for PHP programmers. They are required most of all, but the payment is very often much lower. There are several companies that are willing to pay PHP programmers around 80 thousand dollars a year, which is very much even for Toronto. In most cases, if a company is looking for Web developers with PHP knowledge, then the salary will most likely be from $ 30,000 to $ 60,000.
If you plan to move to Canada with the knowledge of the PHP programming language, finding a job will be relatively easy, but most of the proposals will be from 30 thousand to 60 thousand dollars a year. More than this amount offers very few employers.
The second most popular are C # and Java. It’s hard to say which of them is more popular, but programmers with knowledge of both languages will also find work relatively easy and their wages will be a little higher. Experts of average rank receive from 70 thousand a year and above. Good specialists can count on 80-90 thousand dollars a year.
Here it should be mentioned that these amounts are for Toronto. In other cities, wages may differ, not only in a smaller, but also in a larger party.
I was once called from a recruiting company that was looking for a PHP programmer for a salary of 100 thousand dollars a year. It is very much and similar sums give units. And it would seem necessary to agree to this work, but this work was 60 kilometers from Toronto and almost 90 kilometers from my house. It would be too difficult to travel such distances every day.
Such salaries in remote areas from the central cities of Canada are not so common, and to get them you need to be a really good specialist so that companies agree to pay such money.
The worst things are for programmers with knowledge of the Delphi programming language. I rarely work with such knowledge, and so far I have met only two companies that would be looking for experts in this field. And in both cases, as a second language required to know C # and have experience in migrating applications from Delphi to C #.
Recently, the ability to develop applications for iOS and Android is gaining popularity. These two platforms are very popular in North America and most support them. All banks have applications for working with accounts directly from the phone and a lot of sites create specialized applications for reading news or just to work with site data. In this regard, growth in mobile platform developers is almost constantly growing.
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