What to see in Morocco: the main attractions of the country.

What to see in Morocco: the main attractions of the country.
Morocco is an ancient and picturesque country in the north of the African continent.
The development and culture of Morocco was markedly influenced by the colonial past – the country was the colonial possession of France. But here there are quite conservative indigenous peoples, and the influence of civilized Europe is whimsically and exoticly intertwined in Morocco with ancient traditions and way of life.
Morocco for a European – the quintessence of exotics. And they come here just for her.
Tourists in Morocco are valued – as a source of income.
Perfect service is not available anywhere.
In Morocco, those who appreciate real exotics above comfort fall in love forever.
What to visit in Morocco: rest on the ocean.
Most of all, the Atlantic Ocean is impressive. He is wild, sober, not too warm water is strikingly different from the comfortable Mediterranean Sea.
It is this savagery and power, long high waves and fresh winds that attract surfers from all over the world to Moroccan beaches.
However, most of the beaches in Morocco are far from flawless.
There are many local residents who are pretty affectionate, noisy and not too neat.
Wealthy locals prefer to travel to beaches located far from cities, where there are neither tourists nor poor people.
Argadir and in the vicinity of Tangier you will find the best beach vacation, where everything is much cheaper.
In young Agadir there is something to see, besides – it is quite a modern resort city, with an almost European level of service.
Local people here are not so intrusive, the bazaars are not so colorful.
Experienced travelers say that Agadir is not quite Morocco, but simply a Europe-oriented resort.
The ocean has a marked effect on the weather in Agadir. In the morning there is usually a fog that dissipates only by noon.
The first part of the day can be devoted to excursions, and on the beach to spend the afternoon hours. Tangier is also famous for beach holidays. The beach line here is one of the longest on the planet, its length is more than 40 km.
But, in the city, on the beaches there are too many local beggars and not very clean.
Wonderful, clean and not crowded beaches are located outside the city, a few kilometers to the west.
You can visit the historic grottoes, in which, according to myths, once rested the famous Hercules.
In between the beach activities, it is worth visiting the beautiful old Mendob Palace and Mendubia Park. Casablanca is considered the industrial and economic capital of Morocco.
Visitors prefer to swim not in the ocean, but in swimming pools located on beaches and embankments.
What to see in Casablanca? We recommend visiting the huge mosque of Hasan II, the minaret of which is known as the highest in the world.
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Desert and mountains.
In Morocco, you can look into the bottomless eyes of the great African desert – the Sahara.
In the desert you can go for one or several days, in jeeps or camels, but, despite the exotic, it is extremely tiring:
animals move slowly; specific smell; riders are very shaking when driving.
Much more convenient jeeps.
It is better to book a tour for 2-3 days. The road deep into the desert is long, and with a short excursion you will not have time to really see anything when it’s time to go on your way back.
Two-day excursion usually includes acquaintance with life and a life of Berbers, and also an overnight stay with an opportunity to admire an incredibly beautiful starry sky.
The mountains in Morocco are beautiful. The Atlas ridge closes the hot Sahara from the fresh ocean winds.
On the high mountains lies the snow, and at the ski resort of Ujaimeden you can enjoy skiing with a view of the desert.
In addition, lovers of mountain tourism can go for a walk.
Imperial cities of Morocco.
This four includes:
In these cities live the true spirit of Morocco, its inexpressible flavor and concentration of exoticism.
However, not every European will have this exotic taste – local residents have their own ideas about aesthetics and hygiene.
This is especially noticeable when visiting Medina – the old city center.
And she’s just teeming with dubious personalities.
In the former capital of Morocco, it is worth looking at Medina, wandering the streets of the Old City, looking at the famous quarter of tanners.
Gate Bab-Dekaken; Arsenal, in whose building the factory is now located; Royal Palace.
In the markets of Fez, you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts.
The most popular things:
leather comfortable slippers-grandmothers for men and women; leather padded stools for interiors in Arabic style; articles made of copper and wood.
The ottomans are not packed, so they are easy to carry.
The historical center of the city is the traditional Medina.
The more civilized and clean part of the city is the sleeping district of Geliz, where wealthy citizens live.
the Bab-Gerim Gate; the ruins of the once magnificent palace of El Badi; the palace complex of Dar el-Gdaoui; the residence of the incumbent king is the palace of Dar El-Makhzen; Museum of Fine Arts in the Palace of Dar es Said; beautiful fountain Ashrof-u-Schuf; a wonderful palace of Menara, surrounded by the garden of the same name; ancient fortress walls.
Two hours drive north-east of the city, in the Atlas Mountains, there is a beautiful waterfall Uzun, the height of the fall of water is 110 m.
Staying in one of the hotels in the suburbs of Rabat is convenient in all respects.
You will be in the immediate vicinity of the capital. From here it is easier to go on excursions around the country.
In the vicinity of Rabat you can find excellent club hotels with impeccable service.
Sights of the capital of Morocco:
Fortress of the Kasb Udaya. Andalusian gardens. Mausoleum of Mohammed. Museums: archeology, antiquity, ethnography, Moroccan art, natural history.
Not far from it there are ruins of Roman settlements, and under Meknes there is a mysterious underground Labyrinth.
Another city, which is sure to be reached is the wonderful, white-blue Es-Souair.
the city of pirates and romantics; the realm of ocean winds; the cradle of the spirit of freedom and creativity.
Excursions to Essaouira usually depart from Agadir: 2-3 hours by bus – and you are on site.
The path runs through the terrain in which unique argan trees grow and the famous goat-goats graze.
In the shops you are sure to be offered to buy a bottle of expensive argan oil, and in a cafe to try dishes with this product.
Fans of the occult in Morocco will have the opportunity to purchase magic talismans and souvenirs. Occult traditions here are incredibly strong.
Maghreb & # 8212; the birthplace of warlocks and sorcerers from oriental fairy tales – this is Morocco.
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Ten tips based on feedback from experienced travelers.
In Morocco, you need to travel in autumn and winter. At this time it is warm here, not so puffs up the stifling heat.
In the summer months there is actually a dead season – the prices are lower, of course, but the suffocating heat makes all excursions uncomfortable. The local currency is the Moroccan dirham, the rate against the dollar is about 10: 1.
It is not worth exchanging a lot of money at once – the reverse exchange is difficult, and it is forbidden to take out local money from the country.
Exchange only in banks. Banks usually work in the morning (from 8:30 to 11:15) and after lunch (from 14 to 16 hours).
In many places you can calculate cards, but not everywhere. Passage of customs in Morocco – a long and troublesome business, at least an hour, or even two.
There are restrictions on the importation of alcohol and tobacco.
It is necessary to stock up the permission to import a mobile phone. If you rent a car in Morocco – immediately complete Casco.
Local drivers completely ignore the rules of the road, especially moving on mopeds and motorcycles. Accidents happen often. The country is relatively inexpensive if you do not buy the first one.
Local guides will try to bring you to those shops where they get rolled back. At the same time in the shops you will try to foist products of dubious quality at an inflated price of 3-5 times.
You need to bargain everywhere except supermarkets. Taxis are relatively inexpensive, unless you take it to the airport.
In general, if you are going on an independent journey, it is worthwhile to find a Russian-speaking guide on the spot.
In most cases, these are Moroccans who received an education in the Soviet Union, who speak Russian well. Such private guides are often able to acquaint you with the country at a level that no major tour operator will provide. In Morocco, give a small tip, only for really provided services. Bring an adapter with you. In Morocco, there are sockets with a voltage of 220 V and 110 V. It is necessary to stock up sunscreen. A fresh ocean wind somewhat camouflages the furious sun rays, and one can easily get sunburn.
In Agadir, where the fog reigns for the first half of the day, it is still necessary to use sunscreen means – the fog is not a hindrance to solar radiation. It is necessary to be extremely cautious about food and drink, especially to those sold on the street.
Get enough medication for digestive disorders and activated charcoal.
In Marrakech amazingly delicious oranges, tangerines and bananas.
In the seaside cities you can taste the freshest seafood. In general, tourists appreciate the Moroccan cuisine & # 8212; �On the fan�.
What to see in Morocco: the main attractions of the country & # 8221; 2 comments.
My spouse and lovers of exotic holidays. Last year, vacationing in Togo, this & # 8212; going to go to Morocco. Africa in general is a kind of continent. This is an exotic nature, a kitchen, and touching to the depths of the soul the poverty of the indigenous population.
It is necessary to stock up with permission to import a mobile phone. & # 187;
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