What truly are the Poles in marriage?

What truly are the Poles in marriage?
Looking through the possible options for a wedding abroad, many girls look with great hope towards Poland. It is believed that marriage with a Pole will not be much different from life with a compatriot, but it will be more comfortable – the standard of living in Poland is higher, and the Polish husband will treat his wife better because of the European mentality. Let’s try to figure out whether this is really so and that in general it can be a marriage with a Pole.
What is it like to be married to a Pole?
At once I want to note that the attribution to the Poles of respect for a woman is an absolute truth. And it stands out even against the general background of civilized Europe. That’s only connected not so much with the European mentality (although 10 years in the European Union had their influence, of course), but rather with the traditions of Poland itself. The fact is that in the overwhelming majority of Poles – Catholics, and zealous. And if they decide to surround their woman with love, then be sure that they will do it better than many. In this they are very similar to the Italians – another nation honoring traditional family values. Family for the Pole was and will be in the first place.
From this point of view, formalizing a marriage with a citizen of Poland means breaking a serious jackpot. And if you find real love in the Pole, then you can be sure that he will never leave you. Many Poles are approaching the issue of choosing a wife on the principle of “one and for all”. Moreover, Catholicism condemns the divorce in every way and considers it a serious sin. Just like treason, the Pole husband will always be faithful to you. Of course, there is always a black sheep in every herd, but if we talk in general, then the situation is like that.
Before you marry a Pole, you most likely will have to go through procedures to get acquainted with his parents, get their blessing (this does not mean that if the potential mother-in-law has not “approved” you, then there will not be a wedding – just a tradition). And in general – be mentally prepared, that his family will be always nearby and will have a serious weight in solving many issues. Wife and mother are the main women in the life of many men, but this “struggle” among the Poles is one of the most serious.
Traditional Polish weddings can not be called particularly lavish, although the wedding ceremony will necessarily take place in the cathedral in the presence of guests. Just sign the registry office – it’s not at all in Polish. Again, the tradition.
What Poles in everyday life?
The person of the Pole, like many other nationalities, is covered by a whole series of stereotypes. The most common of these is the notorious Polish thrift, bordering on greed. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it is worth acknowledging that this is rather true than not. But, again so, depending on which side to look at. At the stage of courtship, the Pole will not stint exactly – you will not be showered with jewels, but you will not forget about small pleasant gifts.
Planning the family budget, he will most likely take over. And be sure that nothing superfluous and optional will not be there. Economy is what makes a Pole a Pole. However, do not think that he is stingy or wants to spend some money on his own. Just the desire to maximally rationally distribute all funds in their blood. And if you plan to move to it, then at first, when you are not acclimatized, will not be provided with work, this feature will come in handy.
For some reason it is also believed that it is easier for people living in the post-Soviet space from all Europeans to get along with the Poles. Like, the mentality is similar. Actually this is not true. Indeed, for some time Poland was under the influence of the USSR and probably took part of the characteristic features of its citizens. However, Europe on the other hand has had its influence. So in this regard, we can talk about a certain combination: in comparison with Ukrainians, the Poles are much more calm, polite and conservative. Although there is no need to find common language with them.
Features of life in Poland.
By the way, about languages. When planning to marry in Poland and move there for permanent residence, be sure to learn the language. The Poles are patriots, and if the local takes a foreign woman as his wife, then at least she should show respect for the culture of her new country by learning the language. Fortunately, it has much in common with other Slavic languages, and in the Polish environment you can freely speak, most likely, in six months or a year. The greatest similarity between Polish and Ukrainian is that his knowledge will be of great help to you. It is possible that you will be understood if somewhere in the city you speak in Ukrainian. Closer to the border – so for sure.
Poland is a beautiful clean country with a developed infrastructure. Despite the fact that the European integration processes are still going on and they have a certain number of opponents, traces of the stay in the euro zone are already visible: we note the quality of local roads, and much less than we are accustomed to, the number of violations of traffic rules, and much more . There is always something to visit: historical buildings like fortresses scattered all over the country, as well as various natural attractions (numerous Polish lakes, for example). It is interesting to get out there as a couple, and with friends or the whole family.
Since 2007, Poland is part of the Schengen zone, which means that the borders of the whole European Union for the Poles are open. If you want, you can make a trip to one of the neighboring countries or somewhere to a warmer sea at any time – the climate in the country is colder than in Ukraine, and the Baltic Sea is not suitable for bathing.
Even in Poland, various national holidays and festivals are very common – this is another great way to get to know the local culture. All year round, there is definitely a fair with Polish food, music, dances and costumes. We definitely do not need to love the Motherland.
Preparation of documents.
If you have finally decided, and still decided to marry a Pole, then do not forget that you will have to undergo a number of procedures related to the preparation of documents. Although, in comparison with other EU countries, the marriage of a Pole with a foreigner is much simpler. For example, you will not need to issue a special visa for the bride – quite ordinary tourist or working. The list of other documents, in principle, is small:
document with photo, confirming identity; translated birth certificate; translated certificate on the possibility of marriage (confirms that you are free and at the moment not married).
In different voivodships there may be minor changes, it is better to specify the exact list in advance. A month after the submission of the application you will be announced the date of the wedding.
After three years of living together, you can, if you wish, qualify for Polish citizenship. If you lived together, there will not be any special obstacles to you. But, perhaps, several test questions will have to be answered. This is the standard procedure to catch scammers who are engaged in fictitious marriages.
Where and how to get acquainted with the Pole.
The statistics of recent years show that Ukrainians are the most popular wives among foreign women among the Poles. About half of the total number of international marriages in Poland fell on Ukrainian girls. So, if you seriously plan to find a husband and arrange a marriage in Poland, then, most likely, there will be no problems.
The best and easiest way to get acquainted with the Pole for a serious relationship is to use the services of an international marriage agency. The foreigner will not go there if he is just looking for entertainment – there are countless free dating sites for this.
Still you can, of course, make a visit to Poland, but you will not get guarantees of the result – you may get acquainted with you, perhaps, but you can not be sure that your new friend will someday call you to the crown.
A story from life.
It was this mistake that Svetlana made when she, desperate to find her husband at home, went to his search for neighboring Poland. She got a lot of friends, with several of them even had a few dates, but they did not even talk about marriage even at the level of ordinary conversations. For a long time this could not continue and after a couple of months the girl returned home.
Fortunately, Sveta did not despair and made an attempt to make sure that she was not looking for men, and men chose her. She applied to the Kharkov agency Paradise Date, where she was promised at least several candidates from a country so attractive to her. And indeed, after a lapse of a month the girl managed to get acquainted with three serious men, with one of whom, Henry, she decided to continue communication on a more serious level. The girl has already moved to Wroclaw, now actively improves her Polish and prepares for the wedding.
Agency Paradise Date.
The history of Sveta is just one of the points of the brilliant “portfolio” of the agency Paradise Date. This Kharkov company since 2008 is engaged in the selection of couples among foreigners for Ukrainian girls. Thanks to an impeccable reputation and a wide range of services (the girls can count on the preparation of an interesting questionnaire, photo session, the organization of visits and correspondence, an interpreter), the agency manages to obtain the data of successful and held men from all over the world. Germany, France, Israel, Denmark, USA – only a small part of the states, whose representatives are in the database Paradise Date. Each of them has its own story, and unites them only an irresistible desire to find, finally, his soul mate. And how to know if one of them is waiting for you?
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