Where better to go live from Russia for permanent residence: TOP-7 best countries for the emigration of Russians!

Where better to go live from Russia for permanent residence: TOP-7 best countries for the emigration of Russians!
& laquo; Good where we are not & raquo; & ndash; many citizens of the Russian Federation believe and continue to live in the same place, despite the fact that there is no decent work, normal conditions for life and prospects for the future. However, the world is too diverse to be the same everywhere. Yes, there are places worse than Russia, but there is much better where it is worth emigrating with the family and living at your pleasure without fear that tomorrow will crush you with another economic crisis or increasing geopolitical risks. Further, we will tell you where to go to live from Russia for permanent residence the easiest way, and where life will bring pleasure to you and your loved ones, if you so choose and take the risk of taking the first step along the emigrant’s way. To learn about all the ways of moving with a family from Russia, we recommend you read the article “WHERE TO EMIGRATE FROM RUSSIA EASILY TOTAL: TOP-5 COUNTRIES OF FAST VARIANTS + MOVE WITH FAMILY.
Where to go live from Russia for permanent residence: TOP-7 best options for emigration with your family!
We suggest you to consider the reasons for emigration in Russia from the 1990s. In which countries do the Russians leave?
Before proceeding to our rating, it should be noted that it is based on the following criteria:
accessibility in terms of obtaining permanent residence status; employment and the average level of salaries; standard of living (prices, medicine, transport); climate and ecology.
In addition, the tolerance of the local population to foreigners and the possibility of having dual citizenship were assessed. Agree, these factors also play an important role if the question of where to go to live from Russia for permanent residence with the family is being decided.
Northern Cyprus & ndash; how to make a fairy tale happen.
In natives of the USSR and CIS residents, North Cyprus is habitually associated with a tourist island where you can come to a pensioner with your family, soak up the sun on the beach, wander through the ruins of ancient civilizations, eat exotic food, etc. However, recently this country is beginning to be perceived from a different angle & ndash; As a place to immigrate or start a business. And this is understandable, since the authorities of this state are interested in immigrants and are ready to give them a lot of preferences, if they will benefit the republic.
In particular, it is quite easy to get a permanent place of residence for those who already have a residence permit, as well as in exchange for buying a property or starting a business.
And this is not all the advantages of North Cyprus, in addition, it attracts foreigners through:
very low crime rates; tolerance to foreigners; high living standards (average salaries, prices, education, medicine, etc.); low cost of real estate; pleasant climate & ndash; 300 days of sunshine a year!
Regarding the real estate of Northern Cyprus, the prices for apartments and houses in the resort area start with 40 thousand US dollars, 10% of this amount will need to be given to the state, as taxes, and somewhere else as much will go to furnishings. At the same time, foreigners are available to purchase housing in installments.
Note! The authorities of Northern Cyprus do not require investors to confirm the origin of funds, which is mandatory in the European Union.
Latvia & ndash; as at home, but not really.
In Latvia, the lowest threshold of the value of real estate in the European Union, with the purchase of which the authorities grant foreigners and his family residence permit, and after some time of residence in the country & ndash; permanent residence. True, it will have to document the legality of the origin of funds. Regarding the size of the investment, then in order to leave for permanent residence in Latvia it will take 250 thousand euros.
Advantages of permanent residence in Latvia for immigrants from Russia:
almost the same mentality; a large number of Russian speakers among the local population; having the status of permanent residence in Latvia, you can freely travel through the Schengen area; tolerance of the population to foreigners.
Greece & ndash; here we are remembered.
Greece and Russia are linked by friendly political ties and Orthodoxy. In addition, they still remember how Tsarist Russia helped the local authorities solve various military, political and economic problems. That’s why the Greeks perfectly accept citizens of Russia, wishing to obtain a permanent residence or citizenship in their country. However, in the rest, it is a country with a relatively underdeveloped economy (if compared with the leaders of the EU), high prices and a sluggish economic crisis. True, in comparison with the Russian Federation, here it will be better to live in all senses, except for understanding the local language.
In order to leave for a permanent place of residence in Greece, a Russian citizen will need to first obtain a residence permit and live for some time in the country.
You can do it on such grounds:
Marriage with a Greek; reunion with the family; buying property & ndash; from 250 thousand euros; economic activity & ndash; from 300 thousand euro; the employer’s invitation; training in a local higher education institution.
Concerning the advantages of Greece, they are the following:
being in the European Union; many preferences for foreign investors; similar to the cultural environment of the Russian Federation; the best climate and rich historical heritage.
Germany & ndash; locomotive of Europe.
The first economy of the European Union, a high standard of living, excellent social standards, tolerance of the population, the rule of law and confidence in the adequacy of the authorities & ndash; all this and much more each year prompts thousands of citizens of the Russian Federation, deciding where to go to live from Russia for permanent residence, to make a choice in favor of Germany in order to build their future there. But only this can not all because of the high requirements for applicants for permanent residence and a lot of bureaucratic filters.
high quality of life; an excellent education system and medicine; many opportunities for foreign investors; relatively low crime rate; friendly attitude to the citizens of the Russian Federation.
USA & ndash; through the thorns to the stars.
Probably, it makes no sense to paint the dignity of the United States of America & ndash; about them and so I know everything. It can be said that most of the emigrants would have chosen the US as their new homeland if they had had such an opportunity. But alas, to get the ‘green card & raquo; (permanent residence) in this country has become incredibly difficult, unless you are willing to invest in the American economy from $ 500,000 to open a business in underdeveloped regions or from one million dollars, when it comes to investing in US securities or investing in good developed regions.
Nevertheless, if choosing where to live from Russia, you have the opportunity to settle in the US, do it and realize your American dream.
Canada & ndash; safety and comfort.
Canada & ndash; this is one of those places about which one can say that there is not necessarily to close the door, leaving the house. That is connected both with an excellent standard of living, and with the right to concealed carrying of firearms & ndash; it is very much in the hands of the local population. In addition, this state can boast a developed economy, a stable political system and a friendly population to all foreigners.
In this case, a permanent residence here, unlike Germany or the US, can be obtained relatively simply if you:
want to study at local universities; have an actual specialty; intend to invest in the local economy.
True, in terms of where exactly money can be invested, there are some ambiguities in Canada, as the past state migration program for investors has been canceled, and the new one has not been approved. Although if you decide to invest money in the province of Quebec, it does not matter, because there are their immigration regulations, and the program for exchanging permanent residence for investment is still in effect.
Dominica & ndash; cheap and angry.
If you choose where to move from Russia to permanent residence with your family, so that it’s fast and does not cost a lot of money, then you should move to the Dominican Republic better.
The advantages of this choice are:
accessibility and ease of registration of a permanent place of residence; pleasant climate; visa-free regime; many prospects for the tourism business.
Where to emigrate from Russia with the family: what you need to know to leave Russia for permanent residence in another country.
Before you and your family decide to leave Russia for permanent residence abroad, we recommend that you study the article “EMIGRATION FROM RUSSIA (RF) & ndash; THE BEST COUNTRIES. REAL EXPERIENCE OF THE AUTHOR. You must first plan everything correctly and take into account a lot of nuances, so as not to take with the suitcases the problems associated with the change of the country of residence and not return to your homeland with the “white flag”, losing time, money and nerves.
Make sure that you have no problems in Russia with taxes, loans, communal and law enforcement agencies. You can learn all this without leaving your home, if you use the services of electronic government services and credit history agencies.
Before deciding where to go, check out all the options available to you. Perhaps your initial choice is not available for you for one reason or another. It is best at this stage to compile a list of states with simple conditions for obtaining a permanent place of residence and add to it the pros and cons of each option, as well as personal impressions and wishes.
You should not decide where to live from Russia for permanent residence by correspondence through the Internet or by focusing on the simplicity of obtaining a residence permit. It is best to visit the future place of residence with the family as tourists, but not traveling in tourist areas, and studying simple everyday things: the climate, the attitude of the population towards foreigners outside the tourist zones, the level of security, transport infrastructure, employment of the population, average salaries with the words of ordinary people etc.
Another thing is to check the availability of basic education in the country (the number of schools and kindergartens, queues for a place), medicine and whether there are diplomas in it.
And last, wherever you decide to leave Russia with your family & ndash; study local diseases and vaccinations, not only those recommended for tourists, but also from other infectious diseases popular in the area.
Where to move to a pensioner with a family from Russia without money, connections and a unique profession.
With such a statement of the question, you can go to a permanent place of residence from Russia to the following countries:
If you are not confused by the low standard of living and the specific position of the country on the geopolitical map of the world, then you can also go to live in Transnistria, Abkhazia or Ossetia. But these options are best considered only in the most extreme case.
Let’s sum up.
Summing up about where to go to live from Russia for permanent residence with family, so that it was easier and in a new place there were all conditions for a normal life, we can once again emphasize that now the best and optimal option for Russian citizens is Northern Cyprus. As this island is comfortable to live, high salaries, many business opportunities and a fairly low cost of real estate. Yes, and the prospects for the entry of Northern Cyprus into the European Union add a few points to this republic in comparison with other options.

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