Where is the paradise for the elderly? The best country for life after retirement.

Where is the paradise for the elderly? The best country for life after retirement.
Warm and sunny weather throughout the year, low cost of living and the desire for adventure make thousands of people in the declining years move to the most remote corners of the globe. This article will describe the best places on our planet in which retired pensioners can migrate, from the Andes mountains in Colombia to the bustling capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. In these five countries, included in our list, you can profitably spend their pension savings. And life here is really cheaper, but its quality does not affect it in any way.
The best countries for retirees: Colombia.
The proximity of Colombia to the equator affects the climatic conditions. It’s sunny for 12 hours a day throughout the year. Add to this beautiful cities with colonial architecture, stunning mountain ranges and amazing beaches – and you will understand why emigrants from all over the world are heading into this South American country.
Colombia & mdash; very affordable country. For example, a three-course dinner for two in local restaurants will cost 55,000 pesos, which is about $ 18.
To apply for a Colombian pension visa, you need to receive a pension equivalent to three local minimum wages (about $ 230). That’s about 700 dollars.
Many people associate this country with the bloody regime of the Khmer Rouge & raquo; in the 1970s. But today a comfortable life here is quite possible. In addition, brighten up your everyday life will be traveling to colorful pagodas, admiring the tropical islands and visiting the main local attractions & mdash; Angkor Wat.
Many emigrants want to settle in Phnom Penh & mdash; the colorful capital of Cambodia. Here, well-preserved historic buildings coexist with new buildings and modern shopping centers.
Tourism in Cambodia is thriving, and here you can swim on kayaks through mangroves in Koh Kong and explore the beautiful waterfalls in Kampot Province, as well as watch the birds in Siem Reap.
Most of the emigrants moving to Cambodia, go here on a business visa, which allows you to work in the country or open your business here. Get it easily enough, and you need to extend it every year. Most recently, the Government of Cambodia announced its plans to introduce a pension visa, for which applicants will need to prove their financial viability. However, the details are not disclosed.
The cost of living in Cambodia is one of the lowest in Asia. Living in Phnom Penh is cheaper, for example, than in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. So, a three-course dinner for two people in Phnom Penh’s restaurant will cost you 60,000 riels ($ 15).
In this country, the emigrants are attracted by excellent climatic conditions, high standards of medical care and a relatively low cost of living. In addition, Costa Rica is famous for its friendly population. Local residents have a calm temperament and have an optimistic outlook on life.
Diasporas of emigrants can be found throughout the country, but many newcomers prefer to settle in coastal areas or the Central Valley, near the capital of the state of San Jose.
Getting a legal status in Costa Rica is easy. Many emigrants of retirement age choose the appropriate visa. The main conditions for its receipt: a monthly income of $ 1000 or a government-guaranteed pension. In addition, you must stay in the country for at least four months a year.
In Malaysia, it seems, there is everything for an amazing holiday: from beaches with white sand and remote tropical forests to the wild fuss of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. This country attracts professional divers and diving lovers with its crystal clear waters and an abundance of tropical fish. In addition, the water temperature here rests at around 30 � C year round.
The cost of living in Malaysia is traditionally described as low. But be careful: many imported goods, from cars to alcohol, can cost here quite expensive because of high local taxes.
Residence permit in Malaysia is easy. The visa is issued for 10 years and applies to spouses and children.
Retirement & mdash; a wonderful occasion to move to Nicaragua. Here you will find beautiful rainforests, kilometers of sandy beaches, spectacular lakes and volcanoes.
However, note that many experts do not recommend investing in local real estate. The thing is that the right of ownership of land to emigrants is difficult to prove in some cases.
The Government of Nicaragua offers an attractive program of emigration for pensioners. New arrivals are guaranteed tax benefits, and the main condition for obtaining a visa is & ndash; a monthly income of $ 600 and above.

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