Where to move from Moscow to permanent residence?

Where to move from Moscow to permanent residence?
We considered the option of a mortgage – the husband is against, says not to pull. We also will not be able to shoot in Moscow. So I do not understand, like my husband normally earns, but we apparently spend the spies terrible, we spend everything to a penny, nothing can be postponed.
Now I’m thinking of leaving Moscow, where housing is more affordable. I have a husband engineer, working as a leading engineer in defense mines, I’m a midwife. I think we can find work with such professions anywhere. But I would not like to go all the way to the hole. And where to? Where the standard of living is less than normal.
My grandmother and grandfather live in western Ukraine. There’s a big nice house, brick. Great site! Such that you can still 4 houses to stand. Mountains, nature. Yes, and my grandmother is a gold man, she would be happy that we moved to them. But there is no work, no education, no medicine. There would be at least a job.
So where would we go? Or sit and do not rock? Silently tolerate and adjust?
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in the Krasnoyarsk! the city is cool, the infrastructure is almost like in Moscow, but everything is much cheaper.
p.s. my dream is to live there in general, but my husband does not want (
3-4 Lyama treshka in a prestigious area, secondary housing.
earn … I did not live there unfortunately, the current was passing through. there is a TC planet, it’s like a mega in our country. Well, prices are the same estesstvenno. but the product is a lot of local – milk, egg bread there – it’s all much cheaper (and tastier.) (I lived 350 km from there) and so + – the same prices. paid medicine is cheaper. in short, something cheaper than something more expensive. then that from Moscow they are taken that long. but you with such professions, I think it will be easy to find a job. You can see the vacancies on Yandex, which can be calculated approximately. and still there cellular communication is cheaper.
consider the nearest cities from Moscow-Obninsk, Podolsk, Kaluga, Balabanovo.
You kind of wrote that the house you built?
I do not even know … I would not have gone far, for example, in the suburbs, you can rent a house or take a mortgage. Work at the husband good, and suddenly there will be no better variant? So at least by car you can get to work)
there is still such an option, many where in Russia people with your occupations are required, upon arrival and accommodation, housing and money are given for work.
To us I do not advise. And about Russia … I do not know, was only in Moscow (I would not want to live there) and in Tomsk (there I do not even want to).
I have a good life))
Here is a good site. In-Fo about different cities. Including the work and the cost of housing.
I have similar thoughts, I want to Sochi, so I looked at the apartments, for the future, the prices are still more or less, though the olympiad on the nose, the sea is near and the mountains and the city are developed, modern.
It’s sad that you live in 4 rooms and your mother does not allow you to exchange. So there would be a good start to buy new housing.
We now live in our own one, but we are cramped: the cot of the son is in the middle of the room. When he goes to school, he needs a job. Have to invent something on the balcony. We bought the apartment at the height of the crisis in a new building. At current prices, it’s a penny for an apartment.
Now we are considering the options for purchasing housing. Firstly, it is only a new building, since it is cheap in comparison with the secondary housing,
Another thing is where is this new building to buy? Moscow is all built up. Five-story buildings are almost all demolished, and the remaining will not be interrupted. It remains an option to buy for the Moscow Ring Road. The husband offered to look at the option of acquiring his country house. The cottage is expensive, the townhouse is cheaper. The difference in price between a townhouse and an apartment is not big. Now I’m looking in what direction to buy and what to do with the lack of infrastructure. But it’s too early to talk about buying. I have to go to work, and then there will be a new village, so I’ll take it right away.
But her husband offers one more option – to go live abroad. Today looked. Treshki in the Canaries, Italy, Cyprus cost 4-6.5 million. We can not even buy one for this money. In Greece, you can buy a mansion for 10. (but there is a crisis and a clear business, there is nothing to do, but the price itself)
In general, now we think. Many say that after the Olympics there will be a crisis. Here, and the ruble has fallen-it can and there will be something. If it happens, the most successful moment for buying a home.
In general, if you have a good relationship with your grandmother, go to her. I would do that if I were you.
Crisis is a matter of time. Maybe it’s true that you should move to Spain. At least relatives live there.
Now my husband changed jobs, another bank, we may move to Yaroslavl, if he is given to develop a bank there, and they will provide us with housing. In general, if there are good conditions! The fact that I do not want to live in Moscow is 100%! Full, sorry, chicken! Just awful! Prices for apartments in general pindets! But we want a kink! Mortgage is also not an option, too long and a lot of dough.
Well, or to Europe. Even this option is considered.
And many people say that it’s good in Belarus! And the people are both stable and calm.
And in Moscow only relatives keep!
Everything depends on how her husband will work. The prospects are great!
But we will leave unequivocally!
Here chocks and Tajiks all populate.
More Koreans and Chinese! In the summer in the park they sit in their straw hats right on the asphalt, they take out the boobs and feed them! Disgusted … The country’s sex in loans! In debt! In mortgages!
People are brutalized, everyone is ready to break up, no mercy and respect (from the metro to the restaurant or the store)! Prices for food and clothing are very high!
With education, too, the guard! Corruption just veiled everything! Starting with kindergarten and finishing with the institute!
It became simply unbearable to live! And no benefits to a young family!
I was born and grew up in Belgorod) Wonderful city) Beautiful, clean, well-groomed. The climate is good. We moved with my husband to Moscow, because he signed the contract first for 5 years, and now and for another 5 (((((((((((We took a mortgage here, because I just got tired of paying for someone else’s.) Although they built in Belgorod We dream of paying a mortgage, renting an apartment and throwing it home)) To relatives and friends closer.
Well, with a small child to move to permanent residence, throw everything, start from scratch … I would not risk it) Before birth it would be easier in my opinion … And you are so interesting about the room for Katya, the engine is ahead of the engine, you have at least six months of joint sleep, is not it so?:)
Why not? While the little one is just moving) then how? The garden will begin, the school.
The city is beautiful, ancient. The infrastructure is developed. This summer, the departments of bershees, dens, etc.)))) cinemas, theaters, philharmonic society, etc.
If we leave from here, then only I would like to.
And now we live in Odintsovo district, in a military town closed. I really like it here. Forest, three ponds. Apartments of course expensive (((
Mom will not miss it.
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