Which country is the best for life?

Which country is the best for life?
Which country, in your opinion, is the best for life. Take into account everything: the development of the country itself, its climate, standard of living, natural conditions, medicine, salaries, power, religion, etc. In the comments, please, justify the answer.
This question torments me for half a year already. Simply I would like to finish my studies and go to another country. But in the world there are a lot of countries, cities and all of them are good in their own way. Therefore, we would be very interested to know your opinion !! ^ _ ^
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Answers (82):
On the part of climate and nutrition, it is better to live in the country where it was born.
Where you feel good, you need to live there. And it’s good there where we do not)))
In Europe, it will be very difficult for you to become yours, there are not very friendly to strangers, another thing is the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – the country of emigrants. But it’s very difficult to emigrate to America, so if it’s not your dream, it’s better to give up right away. And then choose yourself)) You can, of course, and Europe 🙂
And one should never give up, everything is possible! =)
although the climate there is not hot, but temperate .. it’s not cold in winter, it’s rarely hot in summer .. sea.tuman. people. shopping) I like everything there ..) except for full teenagers)
But for your opinion thank you)
Water from the tap can be drunk, everything is calculated for a healthy lifestyle, even if before that never engaged in physical exercises – you will begin 🙂
Calm, beautiful nature.
The only thing, it is necessary to leave at least once a year to the sun, there is not enough here 🙁
In general, Finland is a country for a calm, safe, measured life. And if you need to get a portion of extreme, vivid impressions, then please, the whole world opens before you! But it’s just like a tourist, and live here in Finland 🙂
P.S. Still there is a very high level of education, Finns are smart and well-read. In public transport all read, straight oil painting 🙂
Also, information technologies and innovations are developed (the first place is occupied.
In general, I can tell you a lot of interesting things, if interested – ask, I will be pleased to answer about pluses and minuses 🙂
And about how difficult it is to leave for Finland, I think, almost like everywhere else. The reason may be work, study well or marriage / marriage.
By the way, study here is free! 🙂
Do you really need to study without higher education?
BUT, to enjoy all the benefits, you need to PICK, there are no familiar holidays for Russians in 30 days, maternity leave, the retirement age is 65 years for both sexes.
the largest city is divided by a strait into two parts European and Asian, European enough colorful, the climate is excellent here, you can go through sneakers and a leather jacket all winter long, and the sea even on one side is black with another marble, I generally keep quiet about shopping, the floor of Europe is dressed Here, Antalya’s hand falls 8 hours by car, and in winter Uludak ski resorts are 6 hours from Istanbul, not worse than the French alps, there are also lots of museums, an aquarium, two aqua parks, several parks with a picnic zone, and many other things.
for a tourist visa, you can stay here for two months.

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