Which state to choose to register a company in the United States.

Which state to choose to register a company in the United States.
So, you decided to start a new one or expand existing business in the US, in one word – to enter the American market as an American company, finding out that it is not so difficult and fast enough.
Before you at this stage is the question of choice:
Which company format to choose – LLC or C-Corporation In which state to open a company.
The advantages and disadvantages of each type of company will be discussed in another article, now we will talk about several states that are the most convenient and friendly for doing business, namely Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming.
First of all I want to note the fact that the company should be opened in the state where you are going to be physically present, for example, in the form of an office, a warehouse or a store. This is natural. If you registered a company in Wyoming, and you open an office in New York, you will have to get a Foreign Qualification, which will lead to unnecessary costs. That is, if you want to open a company office or a pizzeria in New York, then the company should register in New York.
If your business does not involve physical presence, but is conducted online, such as web design, website promotion, online marketing and other activities, here you should pay attention to the three above mentioned states: Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming.
And now we will try to dispel the established stereotypes about business in these states.
Everyone has a rumor about such a thing as the Delaware Corporation – yes, 5-10 years ago, Delaware was the most convenient for doing business and many famous start-ups were registered there. Delaware is a pretty good staff for doing business, but it’s expensive to maintain:
Unlike Wyoming and Nevada, it has a State Corporate Income Tax. Also, the state tax is $ 350 per year versus $ 50 in Wyoming. Also, in Delever, you will have to submit quarterly accounts, and in Wyoming, the first report is released one year after the company was registered.
Therefore, we recommend that all beginners in the US register a company in Wyoming, as the most “cheap” in service and the most business-friendly state.
You can independently study the comparative table for these three states and make an independent decision.
P.S. Nevada, like Delaware was about 10 years ago the most successful state for a new business, but now the situation has changed – it’s expensive to maintain and as a side effect of popularity, there has been a lot of gaming business open, and as a result – many financial institutions categorically deny service when applying companies with registration in Nevada, although they have no relation to the gaming industry.

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