Whom will they take to study in Brazil?

Whom will they take to study in Brazil?
You can join a foreigner at a different stages of university preparation for studying at a Brazilian university. Bachelors are accepted by persons who enter through the interstate programs of socio-economic development, educational cooperation, as well as under contracts concluded between universities.
In the magistracy get a little easier: the specialty or direction of training for your previous diploma should have a Brazilian counterpart. Their requirements for the contingent are developed for postgraduate education.
However, in general, entering a Brazilian university is easier for a resident of some Latin American country, the Caribbean or Africa, than for Eurasians. However, some Asian residents still have an advantage: China, India, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, Thailand and East Timor are part of the PG-PEC program, whereby Brazil even pays scholarships to students who come from there. In general, the percentage of foreign students here is small.
So, if some states (USA, Canada, etc.) go to study natives of almost every corner of the world, then in the university audiences of other countries such diversity can not be found. Brazil, which once gave the right to proudly be called Brazilians from the very beginning of a very diverse national composition, has not yet shown such flexibility in the field of education.
And it’s not in some specially designed entrants obstacles. It just so happened. This non-English-speaking state, where in the language of Shakespeare and Obama is mostly spoken unimportantly, of course, has the right to teach any students in their own state language & ndash; Portuguese, but Portuguese is not owned by every foreigner.
And the less in the country of training courses in English, the less widespread interest in local education, such is the world pattern for any educational proposals. And let it be understood, in particular, in UNESP & ndash; University of Sao Paulo Julio de Mesquita Filho, 50% of the postgraduate programs of which are translated into English within the framework of the new project, the trend has not yet begun.
Of course, in Russia and in the world there are always those who wish to organize their individual admission to foreign universities, regardless of existing agreements or their absence. This is also not excluded, and determine such a candidate for a student seat will help in the commission for international cooperation (it is, for example, at the University of Sao Paulo).
However, interesting & laquo; pieces & raquo; Options for the foreigner can be found in the universities themselves & ndash; and they will be discovered if you apply diligently to study the contents of the Brazilian university sites, which can take a lot of time. But as a result, you will find, say, a master’s degree in nursing in one of the southern universities, to which you will be received with & laquo; old good & raquo; TOEFL or IELTS, and a similar exam for the Brazilian version of the Portuguese CELPE-Bras will be graciously allowed to pass a year after the start of the training.
However, in their search does not necessarily take into account all Brazilian universities in a row. You can focus on the rating of their internationalization & ndash; fresh, from 2013 year. What universities in Brazil (by analogy with the universities of Russia) are recognized as the most hospitable in relation to foreigners today?
1. Federal University of ABC.
2. University of Sao Paulo.
3. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
4. Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.
5. University of Brasilia.
6. Campinas State University.
7. Federal University of Minas Gerais.
8. Federal University of Santa Catarina.
9. Federal University of Fluminense.
10. Federal University of Bahia.
International activity is also available in other universities – & ndash; just wanting to get there will need to show more of their own initiative. And the higher the level of education you are applying for, the higher your research experience will be appreciated: in this country of contrasts, where there are still many illiterates, they like to study, revere people’s involvement in knowledge and respect academic zeal.
Who has mastered the Portuguese language, who honestly understands science in his homeland and grows up as a scientist of international level in his youth, who is able to study the situation by registering directly with the teachers of the university of interest to him, in order to receive the procedure will be a matter of technique.
Sasha Soloviev.
“Education is what remains after that, when everything that has been taught is forgotten.” A. Einstein.
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