Why Amur citizens go to America?

Why Amur citizens go to America?
By the nature of my work, I often have to look through job advertisements that are published in local print and online publications. There are many interesting, sometimes even unusual. As, say, one of the last ads I found on one of the regional sites. It read: “Work as a nanny in the United States. Offers a German company Schaefer-Reisen (Munich), working together with the American on the basis of the contract. Its main direction is advising on issues of temporary employment in the United States (New York), women and men under the age of 65 years. ”
Next, the list of proposed works was indicated: for women – childcare (babysitting), cleaning of apartments, housekeeping, sellers in “Russian shops”, work in dry cleaners, and for men – cleaning supermarkets, loaders, specialties, work at gas stations. Earnings – from 2000 to 2300 dollars a month. Private houses have a private room with a TV and a telephone. Accommodation and meals are free of charge. The cost of a rented apartment is 280-300 dollars.
Not bad, I immediately thought. In Russia, in the same Blagoveshchensk, people in such jobs receive fewer times. But for rented apartments we have to pay much more! To find out about everything in detail, I decided to call the number indicated at the end of the cell phone.
No one has returned yet …
A woman answered my call. As it turned out later, my interlocutor was 55-year-old pensioner Nadezhda Golyshchuk, who lives in Zeya and wished to be called simply by name.
– I found an announcement about the work of a nanny in the US, is it still relevant? I asked her my first question.
– Yes. How old are you?
“Um … You may have difficulties.” This work is most often taken by older women, from 40 years and up. And you are too young, little experience, and you can take your husband away. You are better suited to other options for work: the seller in the store, an assistant in the pastry shop or a dry cleaner. Salaries – from 2200 dollars a month.
– So, but nothing that I do not know the language well?
– Of course not! You will still be accommodated to Russian-speaking employers. And if you are still taken to a nanny, your masters will be Russian emigres from the intelligentsia – doctors, lawyers, businessmen. Tell me, are you not married? Do you have children?
“No,” I answered mechanically, but then, for safety, added: “There is only a civil husband.”
“Alas, that’s not going to work,” Nadezhda said in displeasure. – You will need to make a certificate of marriage and the birth of children. You can forge them in a firm in Vladivostok, with which we have been cooperating for several years, I’ll give you her phone later. Otherwise, the consul will not open your visa and will not let you into the country. He needs guarantees that you will return to Russia. And you need documents that you have property. If not, they can also be faked.
Also, from the conversation, I learned that in this way, about 20 Amur residents left for the states, as well as several people from Neryungri and Khabarovsk. Mostly all women under 30 years. Although there were men, it seems, two: one of them on arrival immediately found a job as a cleaner in the supermarket, the second is working at the gas station. According to the pensioner, all emigrants are well settled in New York and do not want to go back. They live there already a year or two, and who and five years. All accomplished their main goal – they improved their financial situation. And some women even managed to marry Americans.
At the end of the conversation, Nadezhda explained to me that she was not aware of all the details of employment in America, in more detail I can tell everything about her relative, the manager of a German firm. I had to give her my home phone number.
A month and a half to collect.
In the evening of the same day, I was actually called directly from Munich (I had an international number on my phone). Dina Kogan, the manager of the above-mentioned firm, led a conversation with me in pure Russian.
“Did you really decide to go to America?” She asked me her question.
“Yes, I thought it all over and decided,” I said convincingly.
Hearing this, the woman willingly began to explain to me what I must do now. At first I had to send 850 euros (32,810 rubles) to the company account in Munich with the help of MoneyGram international money transfer services. And also send to their e-mail the data from the first page of their passport. In a couple of weeks, an invitation to a guest visa from America, namely, from New York, on behalf of, supposedly, my friend who lives there, will be required to come to my home address by express mail. It will indicate when and under what circumstances my acquaintance with her happened.
After that, I had to collect the remaining documents: a certificate of the availability of real estate, a marriage certificate and the birth of a child. And in my case, first of all to make them. The cost of each such “document” would cost 3,000 rubles. Then I was waiting for a trip to the embassy in Vladivostok to open a visa. All this was given a month.
– In general, the guest visa is only 20 days, but if you like the consul, then he will prolong it to you for a year, – the manager warned me. – We send people on guest visas, because they are cheaper – only 5000 rubles. Working visas are much more expensive. When the annual visa expires, it can be extended, but this will be done by your employer.
To get to the states it was necessary to fly Blagoveshchensk – Moscow – New York. Such routes in Russia are carried out by only two airlines – Aeroflot and Delta. The cost of all one-way tickets is $ 400. At the airport in New York, I will meet a man named Victor – the director of an American firm that deals with temporary employment.
“He will immediately take you to his hotel where you will spend the night, it will be free, and the next day he will drive by interviews,” continued Dina Kogan. – You will find work, that’s for sure, but for the first time to the first salary, and pay it in America for every week, you need to have at least another 200 dollars.
– Tell me, are there any risks on my part? – I finally decided to ask about the most important thing.
– Of course, no! – exclaimed interlocutor, apparently, my words offended her. – Our activity is absolutely legal! We will not deceive you, we will not kill you, we will not surrender to slavery. We even have our own website on the Internet. Come and see! And if you really decided, then send us the money and your details. In a month and a half you will leave Russia …
After this conversation, I immediately went to the company’s website on the Internet. Information in it turned out to be little, all the same, that I could read before in the announcement. But I found documents that really confirm the legality of the company – a certificate from the German Ministry of Finance, as well as a license for activities.
Naturally, I did not send money or my data anywhere. I did not have a desire to go to work in America. While everything suits me here, in my native Blagoveshchensk. I have an interesting job and a lot of opportunities for further development. It is not necessary to go abroad. Realize yourself and you can and at home. It is not without reason that the well-known proverb says: “Where you were born, it was useful there.”
Why are they fleeing the country?
In September 2011, the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VCIOM) conducted a survey on why Russians want to emigrate from the country and what actions they are taking to do this. It was attended by 1600 people in 138 settlements from 46 regions, territories and republics of Russia, reports www.sociograd.ru.
The main motive for moving to another country for those who would like to emigrate from Russia is an opportunity to improve the standard of living (42%). Respondents note that they want to live where there is more order (18%), prospects (15%), and also indicate that they like a certain country (12%). Least significant grounds for emigration – the desire for security (5%) and the desire to live close to relatives (7%).
Moving to another country because of sympathy for it is more often desired by 18-24-year-olds (19%). Among them, most of those who collect information about the country (26%), consult with acquaintances who have experience of moving (29%), study a foreign language (29%), and seek work abroad (16%). Among respondents of pre-retirement and retirement age, on the contrary, there are more than those who do not take any concrete actions to fulfill their desire to move (28-29%).
– In Priamurye, a similar survey was also conducted, – says Olga Magnitskaya, director of the Amur regional branch of the Public Opinion Foundation. – However, the sample for our region was very small, only 19 people. The survey was held in Blagoveshchensk, Belogorsk and Tambovka. As a result, only one person out of the total wished to move to permanent residence in another country. She was a girl of 23 years, a student. From the reasons for the move, she pointed out: “I do not like the climate”, “there is no work”, “there are no social guarantees”. Now she actively studies different foreign languages and collects information about countries.
I managed to contact the Internet with one of those women who went to work in the United States for the same advertisement that I found. Elena Sergeevna is 45 years old and now she has been working as a nanny in New York for four years.
“I have lived all my life in Zeya, worked as a teacher in school,” she wrote in her letter. – And then at one point decided to change my life. Accidentally learned that you can go to work as a nanny in America. I liked this idea, I really love children. And life in the States is much better than in Russia. I contacted a manager from a firm in Munich who was engaged in employment, and was soon in New York. There, I was immediately hired by a married couple of doctors. I had to watch their two-month-old son Alex. Four years have passed since that time. I live with the owners, they are very kind. They have a large two-storey house with a beautiful lawn. In it for me there is a room. I have very few duties: I prepare the child for food, play with him, walk, drive to the hospital. I’m moving around the city by car, which the owners bought me. And last year, together with Alex and his parents, I went to Disneyland. The salary is paid to me at the end of each week for 550 dollars. I have enough with interest! I am pleased with the way my life has developed in the States.
13:00 | March 27 | 2012.
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