With the Fuhrer, it seems, decided.

With the Fuhrer, it seems, decided.
Non-factional People’s Deputy of Ukraine, former commander of the regiment of the National Guard “Azov” Andrei Biletsky became the head of the newly created party “National Corps”, the correspondent of the publication “GORDON” reports.
For the appointment Biletsky voted 292 delegates who attended the first congress of the party in Kiev. He was elected head of the political force for four years.
Nazary Kravchenko and Nikolai Kravchenko will take the posts of the first deputy head and deputy head of the party, respectively.
Battalion of special purpose “Azov” was formed in May 2014 in Mariupol. Since November of the same year, the battalion entered the structure of the National Guard. Later the division was expanded to the regiment.
Biletsky reported on the intention to establish a new political force in September. On October 12 in “Azov” announced the creation of the party “National Corps”.
October 14, 2016.
Emblem of the Battalion “Azov”; with & quot; wolfsangel & quot;
& quot; Azov & quot; he inherited the & quot; from the extreme right-wing movement “Patriots of Ukraine”, headed by Biletsky.
Using & quot; wolfsangel & quot; served as a permanent reason for accusations of neo-Nazism against “Azov”.
And although the & quot; Azovites & quot; assured that the symbol has exclusively “Ukrainian meaning” and they said that it seems to come from the capital letters of the slogan “Idaeus Natsi”, apparently, when forming a political party from its use, they decided to abandon sin further.
Instead of & quot; wolfsangel & quot; on the emblems of the “National Corps” now flaunting trident surrounded by lightning.
However, Biletsky’s enemies can also see here an analogy with the Nazi Reich. Since the runic symbols of lightning were, as is known, the emblem of the SS.
Party symbol & quot; National corpus & quot;
Ukraine’s power status;
– the nuclear status of Ukraine;
-development of nuclear power;
-Creation of the Baltic-Black Sea Union;
-legalization of firearms;
– nationalization of strategic enterprises;
-Creating the Ukrainian Foreign Legion;
– the need to replace deprivation of liberty with socially useful works;
– the restoration of the death penalty.
The head of state is invited to provide the authority and responsibility of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and the head of government.
The National Corps also proposes to divide the army into a professional-contractual unit, which will fight at the front, and the Ukrainian Defense Army, which will be formed and act on a territorial basis.
> And who is he that is across all?
> Levenguk (SergeiB65) wrote in reply to the message:
>> And who is he that crosses everyone?
Of course, others can do a revolution, but now, most likely, he will be able to use its results!
> -development of nuclear power;
And what interests can Ukraine defend outside its territory? To fight with Russia? But this is the way to the grave. Attract foreigners to oppress the resistance of their own people? Go ahead!
This is how the concentration camps will be called? Community Service Center “Ukro-Auschwitz”;
Well this is normal both for the presidential republic and for the dictator.
Babla is not enough. Bablo makes a business, and business needs freedom!
The Nazis only know how to plunder.
> The root question is who pays for this banquet?
Those wishing for this topic will find themselves very quickly, believe me.
Nevertheless, party funding is attributed to members of the “Popular Front” Arsen Avakov and Nikolai Martynenko. There is no direct evidence for this. The second source of funding could be the Donetsk businessman Sergei Taruta. In favor of this says the basing of the regiment “Azov” in Mariupol – the last stronghold of the business empire of Taruta and Akhmetov.
There is also a version that one of the sources of income of the newly created party can be participation in the municipal policy of the Kiev region, related to the construction activities and the recycling of sand. Indirectly, this confirms the participation of “Azov” in the protests against the pouring of sand in the region.
These fellows lied to the EU.
> MESSEMBRIN (MESSEMBRIN) wrote in reply to the message:
>> The root question is who pays for this banquet?
> Those who are interested in this topic will find themselves very quickly, believe me.
Well, it’s good – the working of at least make, the majority for the whore of the balance zapnuyut!
> They are not going to organize a social revolution. So, it is important to understand whose business interests they are lobbying?
The task of any political force is to gain power to carry out and achieve its political goals. The objectives are set out in the program. What is the main task of the nationalist party – you can read in the history books for the last century.
> Odessit (Hohlolyah�h) wrote in reply to the message:
> Well, well, it’s good – the working of at least make, the majority for the whore of the balance to watch out!
That’s really absurd! Hto them will force to work? There you need a tank.

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