Work as a welder outside the Russian Federation.

Work as a welder outside the Russian Federation.
Grandfather, what did you do in 1944?
(in the pure German language of Comrade Putin)
It is joyful that there are still people in Russia who want to live and work according to the laws. Probably, the author of the question trampled the zone after 2000 :-). They got a little late, but as they say better late than never.
It is unfortunate that the author of the question did not say what country he was from, where he wanted to work, what language he knew. The fundamental difference between a person and a typical person from the CIS I will show at the end of the material.
International job ads – (a collection of links to work around the world)
I will tell about work in the EU, more precisely – how to get settled in the EU and work:
01995 I want to work and live in a country where laws are respected! In which direction to search and in what way? If the education is average, the profession is an electric gas welder, for the last eight years I have held a management position (my own firm). Work experience as a welder abroad 1997-2000. Knowledge of the language is minimal.
Managemen, the bureaucracy seized everything in the EU, and (almost) surrendered everything to the Communists in China – In all available ways, EU states put sticks in the wheels of any producers of honest goods and services. (Honest – based on the forgotten (active form – someone did to forget.) And the consumer value.) I know what I’m talking about, he was a private entrepreneur in the EU until the stroke did not send .
Even in the European Union became popular term – DEINDUSTRIALIZATION. In simple terms, this is when something becomes unprofitable. Milk was milked – into the river for money, the ship was lowered to water, welded – under water for money, and money – schA, we print! . And they publish, by the method of hidden inflation and quantitative easing to them. The ECB (European Central Bank). (I wrote about inflation, because I lived for 50 years under different social conditions.) Call them ECONOMIC – the language does not turn.)
But deindustrialization has its own bad side – the people want to eat, and they lock up the paunch with pseudo-bread (sorry, but that turd that was sold by the same EU, which is called BREAD, the language does not turn – I know what I’m writing about – homemade bread recipes. ) So much so that I spread KNOWLEDGE about the recipe for BREAD preparation without EU yeast plants, I still bake this bread and with pleasure EM.
So, I always want to eat, including people in the EU. And there is nothing to eat – little that is edible is grown-produced in the EU. KKK all to feed. can. (And the US feeds, and the EU, and Africa, and even the RF gets). I am referring not only to agriculture and food products, but also to the means of production.
But you can not put everything from China. Historically, the Chinese mass steel, bread industry, sorry for being straightforward, with a stretch is good only for cans and for models (for example, drills). A fittings are made in Ukraine, shovels – in the same place.
Iron, to use – need to be processed. Including welding. To weld the gates to closed production (de-industrialization in the EU!) In the end. Remember – but you always want to eat.
You want to be warm in the heat. Now in the EU and Turkey, the fashion for biofuel is firewood. And there are no cheap wood stoves-fireplaces made of iron. There are expensive ones from Sweden, from a reasonable thickness iron from Bulgaria (but a little expensive), from unreasonably thin iron from Turkey (but cheap, but burned out REALLY).
I’m about the sick. There are no heating boilers hot furnace gas – water (heat carrier of local water heating). Now we are ordering a welded device of two pipes, two branch pipes and one connecting pipe, but it is expensive. In detail everything is described in
But welders (RB) could such “heat collectors” of the EU and Turkey fill up! Everyone wants to bask in an economical way. As everyone wants to eat. Not all people from the Russian Federation are wealthy Putin’s managers, some see the role of the Russian Federation (in which I suspect Putin and K) six in the CCP. Some people from the Russian Federation know how to move their hands and head, and they are not on the way to Putin’s obscurantism and the much softer obscurantism of the EU.
State registration in Bulgaria of a legal entity or representation of a foreign company (Internet address –, release accessories for stoves, sell throughout the EU. By the way, you can take on this good cause a soft loan on the European program.
“That’s the whole problem.” Of course, the horror of the CCP-PRC remains, but this horror remains further than in the CIS. And the road will be mastered by the going.
A man from the CIS.
A person from the CIS – if directly – this Homo Soveticus of the times of the USSR with an insignificant moderation by Putin – he was allowed to earn money. (Almost according to M. Bulgakov.) But in the Homo Soveticus clan everything is not uniform: it is possible to single out RUSSIAN-type fascists, the cliche (the term of the ROC-Kremlin) of which is the superiority of the RUSSIAN people. Hence everything follows.
So, Homo Soveticus. The ultimate focus on material interests, the practical lack of knowledge about the World (except for some applied knowledge for CONCENTRATION – nature, subhumans, NUCLEAR REACTION, INFECTION OF HIGHLY DANGEROUS INFECTION, etc.), concealed admiration for the West, the iron curtain (the notion of Homeland, Zarubezh, Frontier-line, Enemy) – all this manifested itself to the Winter Olympics (!) In a piece of Russian subtropics, in Sochi (
Worse than that – the fascists – the losers of all and all the fascists who lost all and all the fascists, fascinated by the peoples of the Russian Federation, the fascists (let us remember the RUSSIAN word – Chechen). And the peoples of the CIS are falling under this. In fact, themselves. (voting in UN-2014 – see some statistics in the essence of economic sanctions on the Iranian scheme – save any money profitable.) The implementation of economic sanctions).
Worse, all this is happening from under the wing of China, which is more than 1/2 World.
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