Work in Australia.

Work in Australia.
Earlier, Australia was a continent, where exiled or criminals were sent to exile from Britain. One third of its territory are deserts. But the days of “convicts” have long since passed. Young people are increasingly attracted to the conditions of immigration offered in Australia, as well as a number of other opportunities. Indeed, Australia is in great need of qualified personnel and workers “hands”.
The country has a huge number of job vacancies. Here there is a system for assessing potential immigrants taking into account the factors of language proficiency, work experience, qualifications. The country has good climatic conditions, relatively low prices for “life.” All this contributes to immigration.
Australia is interested that after a “trial” period of four years (according to the program of professional immigration), a specialist could stay to work in the country for life, provided that the country will need such specialists.
Inquired specialties in Australia.
The branches of the economy, where the maximum number of employees are required is industry and agriculture. Mining, metallurgy, construction, oil and gas production are industries in which a significant number of work vacancies are present. If you are under 45 years old and have 4-6 full years of experience in a profession that is in demand in Australia, you have a good chance of getting a job.
And later – to leave for a permanent residence. If your specialty corresponds to the Australian Qualifications List (AVC) and the occupation corresponds to the higher education you have received, you will almost certainly be eligible to participate in the immigration program.
One of the main obstacles in professional immigration is the level of knowledge of the English language. It should be quite high in order to work and live in this country without much difficulty.
Here it is necessary to take the test for knowledge of the English language IELTS at a level no lower than 7 points in each of its parts. In addition, the term for issuing an immigrant visa can last from a period of about one to two years.
Working visas to Australia.
In Australia there is such a thing as “temporary stay” or “temporary” visa. But it should be noted that not all visas, which are limited by the validity period, allow you to work legally in this country.
Wages in Australia.
The average salary in the country is just over 2 thousand US dollars a month without withholding taxes and fees or about $ 1500 a month after they are paid. This level is much lower than in the UK. From the point of view of labor migration, the UK for residents from former USSR countries looks much more attractive than Australia.
Despite the obvious economic inexpediency of labor migration, Australia can not be discounted at least as a part-time job or temporary work. For example, it’s easy to get a job on a farm to harvest. After all, in this case, you do not need to know English to get seasonal work. And it can be paid at a level equivalent to 2500 US dollars a month. It is because of the level of payment that the work of harvesting attracts students from different countries. Work as a cleaner can be paid up to $ 1500. Well, in order to work in Australia as a waiter or a cook, you will definitely need knowledge of English.
In each case, you need to weigh everything and individually determine for yourself whether you need to give consent to permanent or temporary employment in Australia and whether to leave your country for the sake of this difference in earnings? Perhaps you will be able to apply your strength, your mind and you will find yourself a worthy high-paying job in your country. But if you fail, then under certain conditions you can always try your hand at work and work in this sunny country.
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