Work in Finland for the Russians.

Work in Finland for the Russians.
How to find a job in Finland? See our selection of tips and useful links.
For Russians who live close to each other, working in Finland is not unattainable. The chances of finding a job here are much higher than it seems at first glance.
Collecting strawberries in the summer in Finland come from abroad many. But besides this, qualified specialists can find even more prestigious work.
Chances of a Russian person to get a job in Finland.
Those who speak Finnish or English can easily and quickly find work through the Internet. Photo: Riitta Suppery / Team Finland.
At present, when numerous baby boomers born in the 1940s reached the retirement age, the need for foreign labor in Finland has greatly increased.
Enterprises are already conducting a global search for personnel, reaching even Thailand and the Philippines. Accordingly, for Russians who live near, work in Finland is not unattainable, the chances are much higher than it seems at first glance.
In Finland, in particular, doctors, nurses and dentists, as well as accountants, sellers and cleaners are needed. A lot of free vacancies are also available for kindergarten teachers and for employees of the social security department. In addition, private entrepreneurs are needed in Finland.
The main condition for successful employment in Finland.
One of the most important conditions for obtaining a job in Finland is the possession of English (or Finnish, of course) language. Most Finns speak English, but few people understand Russian. Having a common language will help avoid misunderstandings and understand the rights and obligations of the employee and employer.
Those who speak Finnish or English can easily and quickly find work through the Internet. Many sites have the opportunity to fill out a job application form and send their resume online. Before submitting an application, you should carefully read the job ad. There are branches of Finnish recruiting companies in Russia.
Russians need a working visa.
The work can be found in different ways: some are searched traditionally in newspapers, and others – through the Internet. Photo: slightly everything / Flickr.
Citizens of non-EU countries who are coming to work in Finland need a work visa.
The condition for obtaining a work visa is the employer’s invitation. The application for a visa is issued in the Finnish consulate located in the country of permanent residence.
To conduct business activities, the entrepreneur must issue the appropriate permit, i.e. permission to stay entrepreneur.
Text: the editorial board of the site “This is Finland”, updated in August 2015.
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