Work in Germany for the Russians. Where can I find available vacancies?

Work in Germany for the Russians. Where can I find available vacancies?
Work in Germany for the Russian seems very attractive. And this is not surprising. After all, the working conditions there are much better, which is already talking about payment, which is often measured in euros. That’s why every year thousands of Russians are eager to go there to improve their financial situation.
But how to get a job in Germany for a Russian person? What are the working conditions there? And where is the best place to look for a suitable job?
The situation in the labor market in Germany.
Let the unemployment rate in Germany is quite low, yet it is. Therefore, one should not hope that this country will wait for working immigrants with wide-spread arms. If there is a choice between the European and the Russian, then the employer, most likely, will take the first.
And yet work in Germany for Russian citizens is. Especially for those who have a rare specialization or have a good track record. Such employees are highly appreciated, and this should be remembered.
Necessary qualities.
But before you go to find the right job, you should work on yourself. After all, in order to succeed in Germany, you need to have certain skills. So, what need to be remembered?
Knowledge of German & ndash; this is the primary criterion for selection. And although many people speak English in this country, German is the official language. The Germans do not tolerate negligence and lack of discipline. Therefore, your unbridled disposition should be left at home, otherwise there is a high probability that soon you will be sent back. Self improvement. Try to prove yourself from the best side, if you do it, then, most likely, your contract will last for an additional period.
If this is all clear, then we will go directly to how to do a job search in Germany. There are several good opportunities for Russian citizens to do this.
Work for students and people learning German.
Study in Germany is not too expensive, in addition, with the search for housing, students often do not have special problems. Upon its completion, any graduate has the legal right to remain here for practice. Thus, a person entering a German institute gets a good chance to settle in this country.
Also in Germany there is a program called Au-pair. Its essence lies in the fact that ordinary German families take to their guardianship the citizens of other countries. In return, they should help them in their household chores. For example, in cleaning, washing, repairing, caring for children and so on.
Who needs such a job in Germany? For Russians wishing to learn German and learn about the customs of this country, & ndash; this is the perfect chance. In addition, the German family provides housing and food for free. The only serious drawback is pay, because for such a job they pay no more than 200-300 euros per month.
Rare and demanded professions.
As mentioned above, German firms will happily take specialists with rare skills. It can be workers of the agricultural sector, scientists, inventors and economic analysts.
Also, there is always work in Germany for Russian doctors and nurses. However, it is necessary to pass a number of checks before it will turn out to get a job in the German clinic. This is due to the fact that in this country very carefully monitor the quality of medical services.
Also in Germany, an active set of IT professionals. Among all the others, programmers are most popular. There are even special government programs that facilitate the process of obtaining a work visa for people who have an IT specialist diploma.
What is a Blue card?
So, starting in 2012, work in Germany for Russian citizens has become even more accessible. The reason for this – the introduction of a new system that can monitor the employment process in the country. Its essence is as follows.
A specialist from another country for formal employment needs only sign a contract with a German firm. With that account, that its annual earnings will be not below the established minimum. For example, for programmers, doctors, teachers, it is 38 thousand euros per year. For regular workers & ndash; 48.5 thousand per year.
At the same time, the document is being processed by the German side, which greatly facilitates the life of the Russian worker. Upon completion of all paper matters, a specialist is given an individual card that allows working in the territory of the country.
Labor exchanges and intermediary firms.
You can search for available vacancies in Germany via the Internet. To do this, you only need to enter the official website of the labor exchange or scroll through the list of resources devoted to work in this country.
A good option is to enter into an agreement with an intermediary firm. Such organizations are engaged in the selection of personnel for various enterprises. At the same time their services are paid not by the employee himself, but by the organization that hired him. If the work does not suit the specialist, then the agency is looking for a new job. The main advantage of such transactions is their legality and transparency.

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