Work in Holland for Russians is a standard phenomenon of the present.

Work in Holland for Russians is a standard phenomenon of the present.
So, perhaps once or twice having visited the Netherlands, having grown fond of this country and its inhabitants, you will have a question: & laquo; Is there work in Holland for Russians? & Raquo ;. Either for one reason or another, you will have to move here, and when you weigh everything & laquo; for & raquo; and & amp; l & amp; his move, be sure to ask how things are with the work in Holland for the Russians?
The answer to it is unequivocal: of course, as for Europeans, Americans or Algerians, there is work in the Netherlands. But what kind of work it will be depends on many components. First of all, for what reason do you start living in the Netherlands, and you needed work here. In the broad sense of these reasons, there are no more than three:
First: you emigrated to the Netherlands. Usually this happens either with those who have already lived in this country for a while, previously worked here or studied there, or with those who married, this of course applies to women who married a Dutchman.
Second: you yourself find a suitable vacancy, but the employer is in the Netherlands. A similar situation, for example, has recently been applied to highly educated specialists & laquo; speakers & raquo; in programming languages.
Third: in search of a better life, temporary or seasonal earnings, your choice fell on this country, in the Internet there are many proposals for hiring people in the Netherlands for working specialties.
In any case, the integration of today’s world has led us to the fact that the availability of jobs for foreigners in any country has become a natural necessity, and work in Holland for Russians has long become a standard phenomenon.
What is ready to offer a job in Amsterdam to Russian immigrants.
Work in Amsterdam, and for Russians in particular, there are always, there are many open vacancies, and the difference in salaries in the same international company, for example, between Amsterdam and Frankfurt can reach 300 euros. In Amsterdam, a high standard of living and a high level of wages, not only in comparison with Russia, but also in relation to other cities in the Netherlands and Europe in general.
Amsterdam & mdash; charming city: large, but cozy, old, but modern, and over-cosmopolitan. Take even the fact that when applying for a job it is enough to own only English, that is, it is not necessary to know the official language of the Netherlands.
This state of affairs regarding language is the third, fourth and fifth cause of the attractiveness of work in Amsterdam for Russians. Excellent knowledge of English gives a certain degree of freedom, the opportunity to communicate with colleagues at work, and with their neighbors in the house & mdash; a lot of people speak English perfectly. Emigrants from most countries at the beginning of their “life journey” & raquo; in Amsterdam communicate in English. Offices of many international companies, where communication takes place exclusively in English, are also in Amsterdam.
Why else should you work in Amsterdam: you will live in the capital, where there is clean air, because the traditional local transportation is & mdash; a bicycle, and factories are absent in principle, a mild climate, and the wind smells the smells of the North Sea. Plus, working in Amsterdam for Russian & mdash; work in a team where people are friendly towards foreigners.
Come to another country as a tourist, and come here to live & mdash; absolutely different things. What is Holland through the eyes of Russian tourists? It’s a neat country with & pooch & raquo; houses, endless multicolored fields, where mills of all shapes and sizes wave their blades tirelessly. Where there is a delicious cheese, everyone rides bicycles, and for some reason it is legal to buy marijuana.
And what is Holland through the eyes of those Russians who came here to live and work? This is a place where absolutely different people who speak a foreign language live. A country where other laws and regulations. And you’re here to rent an apartment, pay taxes, and, eventually, change to a bicycle. In general, even if you are from another country, but you will live just like your Dutch neighbors.
Although, one way or another, Holland through the eyes of Russians, no matter tourists or immigrants, looks beautiful, peaceful, as if & laquo; home & raquo; country where you want to return.
An unequivocal answer to the question, “how do Russians live in Holland”, no. Those, it is unimportant Russian or Spanish, who have adopted the Dutch rules, etiquette, behave simply and easily, live peacefully and comfortably, and the Dutch are perceived in & laquo; hooray & raquo ;! Those who do not change their views on life and things, impose their opinion and culture, can not take root long, someone leaves at all.
The geography of residence of the inhabitants of Russia in the Netherlands is very wide, but there is no Russian diaspora, if one does not consider Internet forums. In the major cities of Holland, Amsterdam or Rotterdam, among others, there are no so-called “Russian” rakos; quarters, so there is never a chance to see how Russians live in Holland. And the Turks, Italians and Russians live an ordinary life among the “hosts” & raquo; country, on the same streets and in the same houses, and in time their origin gives out, unless the accent.
Most vacancies in Holland for Russian highly educated specialists: programmers, engineers, mathematicians, became available under the kennismigranten program. This program to attract highly educated immigrants was introduced in 2004 and significantly simplified the procedure for recruiting personnel from abroad.
It is important to note that not every list of vacancies in the Netherlands for Russians that you have met on the Internet is trustworthy.
For those who work in the hotel or restaurant business, you can find work in numerous hotels, it all depends on your CV (resume). There are proposals for people of creative professions: photographers, cameramen or designers.
And, of course, the longest list of vacancies in the Netherlands for the Russian concerns working professions: plasterers, tilers, painters, drivers, masons and fitters, handymen. Women are invited as governesses, nannies, assistants to care for the house or to care for the sick, to work in the greenhouses for the collection and packaging of vegetables.
Do not forget that an ordinary Schengen visa to Holland does not grant you the right to work, you need to get a work visa.
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