Work in the USA.

Work in the USA.
Work in America requires the solution of many questions on the arrangement of life. The main problem for a new place of residence is the search for earnings. Regardless of the specialty, everyone needs a device plan.
One of the ways, tested by many immigrants, is cooperation with a consulting agency. He will provide support in carrying out all formalities. Abroad work is required legal, so that there is no trouble with the law.
“WellWork” company acquaints those who wish to find work in the USA with compatriots who have moved earlier, who have experienced the main problems in their experience. Specialists of the agency will close the solution of questions on the search for earnings, adjustment of everyday life.
After determining a new place of residence for work in America, you will have to reconsider the list of vacancies in 2017, close to your education and experience.
Contacting the agency will be able to set you up for possible device options for employment in the US. On qualified specialties there is a great need for IT professionals, builders, welders, workers. Work in the US can be seasonal in nature or carried out at the direct invitation of the head of the company.
If you do not have the listed professions, then for men there will be vacancies for mechanized cleaners in supermarkets, refuellers at gas stations, movers and drivers. For women, actual work abroad will be the work of hotel maids, waitresses, housekeepers, child care assistants and elderly people.
You can only move abroad after you have issued your visa. Help in overcoming your fears and clarifying what kind of visa is needed for relocation is a specialist of a consulting company. Without an accurately verified check, you will spend a lot of time and money on a package of documents, without which immigration will not take place.
After determining for yourself the duration of work in America, you can understand what kind of visa you need to issue. You can maximally adjust to the required procedures and tell how to behave in order to obtain an immigrant visa at the Embassy in Moscow are capable of people who have performed these actions repeatedly, taking into account changing conditions. Since 2017, there have been further clarifications. This type of visa will allow you to permanently live in the States.
Not an immigrant visa is obtained after an interview at a consulate or embassy. She is working for 3 years, changing her status to immigration is allowed through the employer.
The second option is work or doing business, it is done for a year or also for 3 years, when you are transferred to a branch or head office of an international company or you open your company. Having worked a year you can also change the status of the visa.
To properly fill out the documents you will need a good command of English. Without the help of specialists you will have to look for an additional interpreter.
Count how much you can earn.
Minimally pay in the US $ 7.25 per hour. Waiters can receive $ 2 per hour, but their earnings are composed of tips.
For physical work, hourly payment is accepted, approximately $ 12.
The search for an employer on their own can turn into an undesirable way for you, because of not knowing the specifics of the legislation and not having information about the owners of the company. Employment with a consulting company will find a leader who will issue you an invitation to work in America and will be responsible for accepting you into the staff and the stipulated salary.
For living in large cities for two will be enough to $ 4000 per month.
Rent a good studio costs 2500 $.
Medical insurance is not less than $ 95, some of them are paid by the employer.
For food, two are enough $ 700 on average.
Communal payments like electricity, gas, Internet are about $ 80.
Public transport, taxi 100 $.
Depending on the level of language proficiency and your education, you will be able to choose a more suitable profession in America after solving domestic issues.

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