Working immigration to Canada.

Working immigration to Canada.
There are many reasons for immigration. One of the most common is low pay and a low demand for a particular profession in the homeland. It is at this moment that a desire arises to move to another, more civilized country with a high level of economic development. Labor immigration to Canada is most popular. Thanks to the developed legislation, the process of moving is the most transparent, and information on the collection of necessary documents is more than enough.
The program is federal skilled worker.
A federal skilled worker program is a federal program for labor immigration of specialists. There is an approved list of professions that are required in Canada. These include both economic and technical specialties. Without appropriate knowledge, or the help of experienced specialists, the process of immigration can drag on for years.
Working immigration to Canada: the main problems.
The main problem lies in the discrepancy between education and work experience. As a rule, in our country seldom it is possible to be arranged on a specialty. But it is practically impossible to explain this problem to the immigration officer. He can not understand how a good economist could work as a salesman or a waiter.
Emigration to Canada by profession.
Before proceeding with the processing of immigration documents, it is necessary to find an employer by profession. To do this, you can use one of the Canadian job sites. Please note: professional skills and own qualifications will have to be confirmed through re-certification.
Immigration to Canada from Russia list of occupations for 2017-2018.
There is an approved list of professions that are in demand in Canada. We will not give it completely, but we will only consider the most popular positions.
Emigration to Canada programmer.
IT-sphere of Canada needs qualified specialists. When emigrating in this specialty, prepare to confirm your qualifications and work experience. Knowledge of English is a must.
Immigration to Canada is an attorney.
Knowledge of local legislation will be required for this specialty. It is best to choose a specific niche for work (for example, labor or family law) and to receive in-depth knowledge in this area.
Immigration to Canada by a driver.
As a rule, vacancies for truck drivers are available at this position. The driver will need a re-certification, and knowledge of the specifics of the rules of Canada’s traffic.
Immigration to Canada by a farmer.
This position provides for the purchase or organization of one’s own farm in one of the provinces. This position requires a significant amount of money, a certain level of qualifications and the corresponding education.
Immigration to Canada as an economist.
This position will require a good command of English or French, as well as higher education and work experience in the specialty.
Immigration to Canada by a nurse.
Health Canada needs medium-level medical personnel of high qualification. It is highly desirable to have a bachelor’s degree, good knowledge of the English language (emphasis should be placed on medical topics) and re-certification in this specialty.
Emigration to Canada doctor.
This position is one of the highest paid. The usual doctor – therapist is unlikely to be interested in the Canadian government. But if there is a high level of qualification or a rare specialization (anesthesiologist, children’s surgeon, dentistry), there is every chance of immigration. It is highly desirable for physicians to submit all documents on international advanced training courses, honorary diplomas and other documents that increase the chance of immigration.
Working immigration to Canada: what documents are needed.
– Certificate of language proficiency,
– diplomas, certificates and other documents on the education received,
– documents on work experience.
– documents on the composition of the family,
– Birth certificate of the child (if immigration with children is planned),
– documents on the availability of real estate and funds,
– certificate of medical examination,
– A certificate of payment of the fee.
This article is for informational purposes: it is almost impossible to list all the specifics of labor immigration to Canada. Each case should be considered individually and choose the most attractive and affordable option. That’s why we recommend using the services of our specialists.
Advantages of our company:
– the team includes international lawyers specializing in immigration to Canada,
– the company’s chief consultant is an honorary member of the Canadian Immigration Council,
– for each of the clients an individual immigration program is developed, taking into account the work experience and its qualification,
– we provide guarantees and detailed reports on the work performed.

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